The Bad Touch by MasterAkira

Chapter 1

Fuji and Oishi

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The Bad Touch

Like all Bad Touches, Eiji's firsts started out a Good Touch. It started as an innocent brush and a caress or two, between best friends who just happened to be another boy. Who knew a kiss and an embrace would lead to a life of sinfully carnal pleasures? Fuji knew. He was the mastermind behind his, and his friends', sex appeal. Eiji should have known.

But he didn't. Eiji invited the tensai over for studying and all night movie sleepovers. They whispered secrets deep into the night, giggling under the covers. Truth or dare was fun and it was how everything started. Their exploration began as their third year at Seishun Gakuen did.

"Eiji-kun, truth or dare?" Fuji sat cross-legged on the bed, leaning against the wall at its head.

"Ah, Fuji! Truth I guess, it doesn't matter! You're the best at this game!" Kikumaru threw his arms up to the heavens and let gravity pull his body backwards onto his back. He tilted his head back, looking up to glance at electric blue eyes under brown bangs.

Fuji leaned forward, towering over his friend. "Ne, Eiji, don't say that. So, hm," he paused to stroke his chin, "if you had to kiss anyone on the team, who would it be?" Fuji's eyes shut and he laughed at Eiji's delicately furrowed brow.

Eiji glared up and poked the middle of a covered forehead with his pointer finger. "You baka." His glare softened, and he started to chuckle at the suddenly open blue eyes.

"You're the baka." Fuji cut Eiji off with his lips, smothering the redhead gently. The upside-down kiss was soft; Fuji coaxed Eiji's lips to work against his, and then pried into the mouth to tangle their tongues. Fuji stroked deceivingly soft hair and the boy under him moaned.

"Fuji-kun…" Eiji lay, still on his back, panting, as Fuji's mouth released him. Said tensai's fingers outlined his now pink and warmed lips as he crawled to rest next to the other boy.

"Eiji, that was your first kiss, ne?" Fuji's breath tickled over his ear and down his neck.

"Hai, Fuji. Give me another, please?" Slim arms came up to wrap around Fuji's neck, bringing those wondrous lips back to his own.

That was how Eiji's First Bad Touch happened. The Second, Third, Fourth, and so on also went to Fuji. They experimented. Everything but full-out sex. It was their way of relaxing, draining the tension of a long day of tennis and school. It was a fun way to end study sessions (that Fuji hadn't needed in the first place).

"Nya! Fuji, I think I understand now! Thank you!" Eiji put away his English textbook, Fuji had just finished explaining about some odd clause (what the hell was wrong with that language?) and they lounged on the tensai's bed.

"Of course Eiji-chan. Think nothing of it." The brunette opened his eyes to gaze at Eiji. He made a show of wetting his lips with a pink tongue darting out to lick at pinker lips.

Eiji swallowed hard. He knew what those clear blue eyes meant. Fuji always opened his eyes when they were fooling around. His lust was never hidden by soft lids. Fuji started crawling towards him, very feline, and Eiji managed a small smile. Fuji's aggressiveness really turned him on. He lowered himself backwards, in the center of the bed. He put his arms around the other's neck, pulling their mouths together. "Fuji-"

"Shhhhh. Just be quiet." Fuji crushed their lips together, softness moving against each other, tongues entangling, and breath being stolen. It felt too good to reject. One of Fuji's hands stroked Eiji's face, hair, and down his neck. The other slid up along his stomach, under a cotton tee, stroking and rubbing. Eiji moaned into the hot, moist kiss as Fuji deftly unbuttoned his jeans and then the others with a talented hand. The kiss broke so shirts could be clumsily lifted (Eiji) and striped sexily (Fuji) and pants were shed. They took a moment to gaze at each other, so similar in build and shape. Willowy muscled lithe creatures. Both were narrow in the shoulders and even thinner at the hips. Fuji grabbed those slim hips, pulling them to his own, grinding, as his lips captured Eiji's once more.

Eiji pulled back, holding a smirking Fuji off of himself by the scruff of the neck. Topaz blue eyes bore into much darker ones. "Fuji. Nya, I'm serious! Please tell me," he blushed, even naked against Fuji, "are you a virgin?"

The tensai laughed. He raised one eyebrow, but sobered as he watched Eiji's expression. "No, I thought you knew…"

"I thought so." Eiji's blush deepened. "Who?"

"Kunimitsu." Fuji let his head drop, bangs covering his eyes.

"Oh." Eiji started to giggle. "He's cute once you get past the cold glinty-glasses glare! I mean, who doesn't love our strict captain?" Fuji could hear the sarcasm. "Nya Fuji, he's sooo kawaii!"

He was playfully swatted at. "Be nice, you just don't know him!"

"All he does is make us run laps!"

"He is an Adonis Eiji, My demigod." Fuji looked at the redhead. "Now, do you wish to talk about Tezuka or continue?" A slender hand had made its way into Eiji's boxers, grasping his hard length and stroking. His head fell back with a gasp.

"Hoi, Fuji, hoi, this." He could barely stand to speak. Fuji played him like a true master.

"Good." Soft lips ran across tanned skin before moving south, leaving large red marks on the very edge of Eiji's collarbone, where they were almost certain to show peaking from his regulars shirt. The fully zipped jacket would hopefully hide them.

"Ahhhhh! Fuji- ah, that feels good!" Eiji twined his fingers in silky brown hair and Fuji kissed his way down a flat, defined stomach. One hand twisted pointed nipples almost too hard as the other uncapped a tube a lube and coated three fingers. Eiji begged for something- anything, just more. He could barely stand it.

Fuji silently pushed down their offending underwear, freeing them both. Eiji made him so hard. All the thrashing, begging, and moaning was appealing to the tensai. "Ne, you can be on top Eiji-kun." His dark eyes sparkled as he rolled them so their bodies were perfectly aligned, Eiji's weight centered on his own, slim legs parting to drape along the outside of his own. Eiji looked dazed and Fuji sucked a bruised lip into his mouth to nibble on. His slick fingers ran along Eiji's back until they reached their destination and the first was plunged into Eiji. He was so very tight around that slim finger. Hips moved against each other as the younger boy tried to get more inside of him.

"Ah! Mo-more!" Eiji rubbed harder against Fuji's solid body and hard arousal beneath him. He was indulged when two more fingers joined the first. "Fuji!" It was just enough to send his crashing into completion, his mind lost as Fuji came with him, a soft cry all he allowed himself to utter.

His first sex experiences might have been with Fuji, but Eiji knew exactly who he wanted to give his virginity to. Fuji was only second to Oishi. Eiji was determined the later was a soul mate of sorts; they worked perfectly together, as one. He loved the motherly vice captain, and he knew Oishi loved him back, in a way they could not explain.

They studied together, and spent large amounts of time with only each other's company. Eiji did not like to be alone, so what ever time he wasn't in school, at practice, or with Fuji, he spent with Oishi. The other third year didn't mind. He adored the red head, doting on him. He knew all about what Eiji did with Fuji, or any one for that matter, his doubles partner kept nothing from him.

The first time they kissed was at a party of some friend, most of the night long forgotten. A whole gaggle of teens had been playing spin-the-bottle. Oishi's spin had landed on Eiji, and some girl had insisted they be locked in a closet for their kiss. As soon as they were alone Oishi assured Eiji that the whole thing was silly, they didn't have to do anything if he did not wish to.

"Iie, Oishi," Kikumaru blushed deeply, "I'd like to kiss you." His hand flew to his mouth. "I-I-I mean if you don't mind! Nya, Oishi, forget I said anything!" Eiji could have killed himself in embarrassment, but Oishi wrapped two strong arms around him and brought his face close to Eiji's.

"Eiji-kun, kiss me, please." They kissed until the door was pulled open by a curious Inui and then shut by a smirking Fuji.

"Ne, Inui, leave them alone. There's no useful tennis data in there." They could hear the tensai's amusement in his lilted tone. Eiji buried his face in Oishi's broad chest and they snuck home when the coast was clear.

They would kiss after finishing their homework or when Eiji would initiate it. Oishi didn't want to make the adorable acrobatic player feel uncomfortable or like he had been pushed into doing something unwanted. Eiji wanted more, but never pushed Oishi. He knew he was the only boy the dark eyed man liked; he dated so many pretty girls and kissed only Eiji. The redhead felt lucky as it was to be the only male on his partner's radar.

A few days after his questioning of Fuji, he decided to breech the subject. They sat together on Oishi's bed, Eiji on Oishi's lap, lightly trailing kisses along the raven haired boy's throat. Oishi's eyes were closed, enjoying the sensation of the lips on his neck, his hands on Eiji's waist, thumbs rubbing circles on exposed skin.

"Ne, Oishi," his face burned up as he nuzzled the smooth neck, "I-I want to have sex with you. I mean, -if you want to! I-" He stopped as a large hand stroked the back of his hair.

Oishi's chest rose and fell as he chuckled. "Of course I want to Eiji. Why wouldn't I?" He smiled as big blue eyes looked at him in awe.

"I don't know, maybe 'cause I'm a boy, or you like someone else, or-" Tears threatened to spill as Eiji sniffled.

"Don't be silly. I like you as a boy." He chuckled again, a little louder. "You'd make a terrible girl."

Eiji smiled and laughed quietly. "Nya, I think you're right." Oishi placed a kiss to his forehead and lips.

"Can we-?"

"Now?" Eiji giggled and slid to the bed next to them. "Sure Shuichiro. If I had known you'd be this egger, I would have asked earlier."

Oishi smiled and pushed the smaller boy backwards. "But the sexual tension will make it all the better." He smiled and Eiji shivered, closing his eyes and reaching out for the man he wanted.

Their first time was slow and deliciously sweet. Oishi took all the time in the world mapping out Eiji's body, making him more than ready, only to start when they were past being over aroused. It had been sweet and loving. Eiji treasured that Oishi had taken such good care of him. It made their bond stronger, even more special.

Between Fuji and Oishi, Eiji reached many new points in his sexuality and his emotional state. They took care of him and he lit up their lives. He was neither's boyfriend, nor a lover. He was just a very close friend to both. He Loved them, sure, but he wasn't in Love with them. No, Eiji was in Love with-

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