The Bad Touch

Chapter 10 or Whatever Atobe Wants, Atobe Gets

By Master Akira

Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis or Weiss Kreuz.

Warnings: A bunch. Rough sex, Mansex, language, threesome, double penetration, rimming, fingering, oral, etcetera. Plot(?)

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About this chapter: They are growing up, maturing. At least that's my excuse for OOCness. Ugh…it's too long! (I think…) Please review!


"You are mine." Sanada panted as he thrust his hips forward. "Mine. No matter how many flowers he sends." Eiji's face was stained with tear tracks once more. "Mine. Mine. Mine." Each word was punctuated by another hard thrust. "Say it. Mine."

"Yours, Sana! Yours!" Eiji scrunched his eyes closed, gripping the headboard above him. "Sanada!" Eiji came in a white arch, splattering over his stomach and face. Sanada continued to pound into him, growling as he finally came.

"Do not see him." Sanada was up almost instantly, going into his private bathroom to find something to wipe them down with. "Please Eiji." His actions cleaning Eiji up were much gentler than his earlier actions.

"Stop Sanada. I have to find a way to stop this." Eiji struggled to sit up, groaning as pain shot up his spine. Rough sex was fine, painful sex was not. "I have to, and you can't be the one to decide." He closed his eyes, wishing he felt well enough to stand. Instead, he turned away and willed himself to sleep. He knew he couldn't say no to Atobe for much longer, and he did not want to hurt Sanada.


Eiji spent the night after the party at home, shocking his parents. He had told them he was sleeping over at Fuji's and that he would be back before lunch the next day. He had Sanada and Yukimura drop him off at his house, he was too tired to stay over with his boyfriend. They'd met again later that week, he promised.

Eiji went to bed after brushing his teeth, although not even that cheered him up. He didn't know what to do. He thought about Atobe, their kiss, and about how much he liked Sanada; he felt the tears come afresh. He fell asleep with his wet eyes pressed against his pillow, a heavy throbbing in his head only making matters worse.

The next morning he stayed in bed, only moving to call Fuji and cancel the practice they had planned for that afternoon. He moped in bed and finished his homework, going as far as doing some he knew would needed for the middle of the week. He was so confused, and he didn't want to see anyone. It was bad enough that he had early practice the next morning. Tezuka would hunt him down if he didn't show up. He went to bed early—after brushing his teeth twice, which he finally enjoyed. His sisters came and woke him up in time for practice and he arrived at the clubhouse minutes before he was supposed to be on the courts.

"Ne, Eiji-kun, there's something here for you." Fuji's grin was never a good sign. The fact he actually looked pleased was even scarier.

"Kikumaru-kun, I am going to have to ask you to remove them all from the clubhouse." Yamato smiled at the redhead. His fukubuchou had informed him of the happenings of the weekend. Actually, Fuji had told him while Tezuka stood there, his arms crossed, scowling.

"Hai buchou, I'll do it right away." With a stiff bow, Eiji turned to his best friend. "Nya, what is it?"

"Come and see." The tensai chuckled and Eiji couldn't help but shiver.

"Oh my god." Eiji could not believe what he was seeing. The moment he stepped inside the clubhouse he was assaulted with the scent of roses and then it hit him. All across the club room, sitting on every surface, were countless vases of roses. Each glass vase contained twenty-three red roses, and one violet bloom. It was amazing and charming. "Hoi, don't tell me, Atobe." His hands came up to his face but it wasn't going away.

"Hai. When I arrived to unlock the door three delivery men carried these in for you." Tezuka came up behind them, in his uniform. "They have made changing difficult."

"He's…" Eiji didn't know what to say. This was too much, but it was so sweet. He bent down to read a card attached to one of the flowers. It had the flower shop's name on it, and Atobe's message. "Koneko no Sumu Ie. Eiji-kun, come back. Ore-sama loves you. Call me, Atobe." Tears once more threatened to spill.

"Oishi-kun, Fuji-kun, will you please help Kikumaru-kun move these? You may be excused from practice today." Their captain smiled at them, his jacket around his shoulders. He could barely stand to see some of his best players so torn up. He would have excused Tezuka as well, but he needed his fukubuchou by his side.

"Thanks buchou." Eiji sat on the only free bench, no longer able to stand by himself. What was Atobe thinking? All those months of misery couldn't be fixed with one kiss and a bunch of flowers. "Nya, Fujiko, what am I going to do with all of these?"

"I'm not sure. Do you want to keep them?" The redhead shook his head. "Hm, well, we could give them to the nursing home down the street, they might like them."

That perked the redhead up. "Hoi, that's a great idea!" He stood, feeling a bit better. "Let's do that." First he pulled all of the cards off and took all of the purple roses out, putting them in one vase and redistributing the red roses that had been in that vase. For some reason he couldn't stand to give those away. He'd bring them home after school. The nursing home was happy to take the flowers, they sent down a car to pick them up after Fuji called to ask if it would be okay. By the time they had sent them off it was time for class. Eiji paid attention during lessons, his mind wandering off to the royal colored flowers waiting for him only once or twice. He played during practice, buchou wanted to watch the renowned golden pair play against Seigaku's third year doubles team. They won easily. Yamato said he wanted them to play in the next match. Content, Eiji went home and showered, brushing his teeth and getting into bed. He was just about to turn off his light when his phone started vibrating on his bedside table.

Oshitari's name flashed and Eiji picked up the cell phone. "Moshi moshi."

"Ejii?" He knew that deep voice.


"Did you like the flowers?" A low chuckle came from the other end.

"Hoi, but I can't accept anymore. Tell him Yuushi, please." Eiji rubbed at his eyes, fighting off tears.

"He needs you to be the one to tell him."

"They were too much. My buchou was really unhappy about them." Eiji yawned. "I have to go."

"Call him. We've never seen him like this before. He isn't lying to you. He loves you and all he has done since you left is mope." Oshitari sounded serious.

"I don't know what to do Yuushi, around him I just…"

"Just try, please Eiji-kun, for all of our sakes." Oshitari hung up and Eiji fell into a restless sleep. He really wanted another warm body lying next to him.


After morning practice Eiji went to his homeroom only to find a single bouquet of red and a singular purple roses. "How did he get them in here?" Oishi put a hand on his partner's shoulder.

"He's Atobe." Fuji put his books on his own desk.

"I don't know what to do." Eiji sat down, his head on his folded arms, watching the motionless flowers. They were beautiful and perfect, resembling the man he loved. "I wanna go home." His head banged on the desk as he moved his arms away.

"You just got here. Just think about it. Missing school is only going to make things worse." Oishi ruffled his hair. "Go put them in your locker and then forget about them. Practice is going to be fun. Buchou said we could show our formations to the others today."

"Hoi, you're right." Eiji slowly got to his feet, but as he made his way to the door a horde of girls came in.

"Ah! Kikumaru-kun who are the flowers for?"

A squeal made him wince. "Hai, they're so pretty! Who, tell us!" Eiji was backed against the desk.

"They are for me nya." He blushed and looked down at the roses between his clenching hands. "But I have enough so that everyone can have one too." He met their expecting faces, seeing the joy at that suggestion. "Here." He plucked one red bud and handed it to one of his classmates. Soon all the girls had them. None of the boys other than Fuji had wanted one. All Eiji was left with was the singular purple rose. Lessons started and he kept it with him, twirling the fragile blossom in between his fingers. It reminded him so much of Atobe.

"Ah, Eiji-chan, you're missing math." Fuji poked at Eiji's back.

"Hoi, hoi. Thanks Fujiko." Eiji closed his eyes for a moment and placing a kiss on the bloom, pulling the petals from the stem in one tug and cupped them in his hands. "Good bye, Atobe." He whispered as he extended his arm and let the lavender petals flutter to the ground through the open window.

"Kikumaru-kun, pay attention!"

"Hoi, hoi, sorry sensei." Eiji bowed his head, his chest aching as the rose stem fell to the floor from his loose grasp. He watched the petals land on the ground stories below and he sighed, trying to focus on his schoolwork.


Eiji picked up the phone, speed-dialing Fuji, first on his list. The tensai answered, a smile in his voice. Eiji heard Tezuka's gruff voice in the background, muttering something unintelligible. "Moshi moshi Eiji."

He laughed. "Nya, is this a bad time Fujiko?"

"No, why would you say that?" Fuji giggled.

"I can hear Tezuka."

"Don't worry Ei-chan, Mitsu does not mind." He giggled again. Eiji feared for his fukubuchou. "What did you want?"

"He did it again. There were six dozen roses in my room when I got home. He left a message this time that he wants to see me. There was a plushie-neko. It's really cute, nya." He sounded depressed, holding the aforementioned item as he held his cell between his shoulder and ear. It really was adorable, and he clung to it. "I don't wanna throw it out, or the roses…but I don't think I can see him. I've been avoiding Sanada, but I miss him. I can't hold out against Atobe." It had been two weeks since the flowers had started coming. He got at least two dozen everyday, at practice, school, or his house.

"See Sanada, remind yourself of how much you like him. He could always beat Atobe up." Fuji sounded suspiciously happy about that.

"Shusuke, please." Tezuka's voice was deep and desperate. Eiji could barely make out the words. He could only imagine what his best friend was doing to the frigid teen.

"Thanks Fujiko." He closed his eyes. "Gomen Tezuka-fukubuchou!" He yelled, hoping Tezuka would hear it, and hung up. He looked at his phone and took a deep breath. He dialed a different number.

"Hello Eiji-kun." A tingle went up the redhead's spine at the sound of that voice.

"Hi Sanada. I…I just wanted to see if you were busy tonight. I wanted to know if you wanted to come over." He felt really bad about avoiding him.

"I would love to. Now?" Sanada did not sound angry at all.

"If you want. I really want to see you."

"Meet me tonight then. In an hour." Eiji listened to his boyfriend suggest a love hotel in between their homes. "Okay, I'll see you there." Eiji hung up first and put on clothes. He wore sexy low-riding jeans he knew Sanada liked and a shirt that showed a bit too much skin. It was dark out and he scribbled a note to his parents before leaving. He knew it would take a good part of an hour to make to the hotel by bus.

When he got there Sanada was waiting for him. They went up to a room that Sanada picked, the walls and furniture done in black and white with a large round bed in the center, covered in dark red sheets and pillows. It would have been romantic if Eiji hadn't felt so terrible.

"I love you, do you know that?" Sanada's dark eyes bored holes into Eiji as he let the taller teen embrace him.

"Hoi. I love you too." Eiji managed to smile. The more he thought about it, the more it was true. He did love Sanada, but not in the same burning way he loved Atobe.

"I know what's been happening." Sanada smiled when he heard Eiji's confession, but all trace of that had vanished. His stoic face made Eiji want to squirm away.

"I didn't ask for them! I don't even want them!" Tears welled up in sapphire eyes.

Sanada bent over, his lips dangerously close to Eiji's ear. "Then why do you smell like roses?" The boy eeked when Sanada crushed their mouths together. "I hate the thought of you with his roses." The tall teen used his position to send them tumbling onto the soft surface of the bed. Eiji was crushed under him, mouth covered by the other's. The kiss was over bearing and Eiji submitted to him. He wanted Sanada to do this to him, to take control for him. Then he'd never need to decide. "I'm going to take you. Mine."

"Yours, I can be yours, nya." Eiji pulled off his shirt, lifting his hips so Sanada could slip down his pants and underwear. He was completely naked and his boyfriend towered over him, fully dressed. Eiji scrambled to his knees and unzipped Sanada's pants, freeing a large erection. He licked the whole thing once, from base to tip. "I want you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me hard."

Sanada pulled shallow breaths in through his nose, and he exhaled when Eiji said that. A primal claiming, a violent coupling. "Yes." He grabbed lube from the bedside table and poured some on his hands. He slathered it along himself, wiping the excess on Eiji's thighs. The boy didn't need to be stretched. He lined them up, hefting thin legs over his shoulders. In one smooth movement he was fully seated in his love's tight embrace.

"Sana!" Eiji screamed, tears leaking from deep blue eyes. It hurt, it really did. He nodded and the raven haired boy pulled out slowly and eased back in. He hoped there was no blood. Sanada set a pace faster than they usually started out with. He was concerned. "Sanada, slow down, ne, you're hurting me."

"You've been thinking about him, I know it. He wants you back and you're all too willing to go back." The pain was evident in Sanada's voice.

"No, no, you're wrong Sana, wrong!" The thrusts took control of his whole body. "I love you; I can't leave you for Atobe!" Eiji felt himself crying again, a combination of their painful, rough sex and the ache in his heart.

"Exactly. He lost, you now belong to me."

"Sanada, anything, just never leave me, please never!" Eiji screamed, his arms wrapping around broad shoulders.

"You are mine." Sanada panted as he thrust his hips forward. "Mine. No matter how many flowers he sends." Eiji's face was stained with tear tracks once more. "Mine. Mine. Mine." Each word was punctuated by another hard thrust. "Say it. Mine."

"Yours, Sana! Yours!" Eiji scrunched his eyes closed, gripping the headboard above him. "Sanada!" Eiji came in a white arch, splattering over his stomach and face. Sanada continued to pound into him, growling as he finally came.

"Do not see him." Sanada was up almost instantly, going into the private bathroom to find something to wipe them down with. "Please Eiji." His gentle cleaning of Eiji was much calmer than his earlier actions.

"Stop Sanada. I have to find a way to stop this." Eiji struggled to sit up, groaning as pain shot up his spine. Rough sex was fine, painful sex was not. "I have to, and you can't be the one to decide." He closed his eyes, wishing he felt well enough to stand. Instead, he turned away and willed himself to sleep. He knew he couldn't say no to Atobe for much longer, and he did not want to hurt Sanada.

"I'm sorry. For everything." Sanada's whisper was the last thing he heard before drifting to sleep.


"We have a problem."

"Why hello to you too Sanada." The captain of Hyoutei smiled as he heard the familiar voice over the speakers on his cell phone.

Sanada sneered at the amusement. "Atobe, this is not the time."

"I agree with you. You happen to have something that belongs to ore-sama."

"He is not an object."

Atobe sobered and his tone darkened. "Do you love him? I do."

"I love him more than I have ever loved anyone before."

The joy was back in his voice. "Then there is only one thing to do. You will bring him to see ore-sama. Together we will work this out. Ore-sama has a plan."

"You'd better hope this works."

"Oh, it will, ore-sama is very sure of it."


Eiji left practice a little bit early, briskly walking down a busy street, keeping his eyes open for his prize. Finally he found it, a flower shop with a crowd of giggling girls outside. A housewife left the roomy inside, leaving Eiji alone with the shopkeepers. "Welcome." A gangly blonde man looked up from the magazine he was reading behind the register. "Oh my. Ayan~, you never told us you had another sibling!" He laughed, the room filling with the light sound.

"I do not." A redhead, with hair the same scarlet as Eiji. "May I help you?" He was brusque, and Eiji swallowed past the nervousness in his throat.

"I wanted a rose, nya." Blushing, Eiji's eyes fell to the floor.

"Aw, Aya, you've scared the poor thing." The blonde moved out from behind the counter, coming to put a hand on Eiji's shoulder. "What color?" His fetching smile gave Eiji the courage to ask.

"Purple. One of Atobe's roses." The two looked taken back. "Hoi, purple. This is the shop that kept delivering Atobe's bouquets? Uh, well, they were for me. But now I need one for him. Tomorrow's Valentine's Day."

"You? He has a little thing like you and all that dough? Lucky bastard." The blonde chuckled.

"Yohji! Don't talk to the customers like that!" The angry redhead turned to Eiji. "I am sorry but you cannot have one of those roses."

"Aya. Yes you can." Before Eiji could react his arm was grabbed and Yohji pulled him into the back of the shop, into a room with coolers for flowers and a table covered in Valentine's Day flower arrangements. Two more workers sat, putting together the beautiful pieces.

"Omi-kun, grab me one of those special purple roses." Yohji slung an arm around Eiji's shoulders. "That makes you Eiji-kun, doesn't it? That's who all the notes were addressed to."

"You're Eiji-kun?" The blue eyes of the male who'd gone to fetch the roses widened. "I thought you'd be older…" he blushed. Omi was the same age as Eiji and he had never been in any relationship that called for so many flowers.

"Anything else?

"Hoi, I, uh, need something orange. Like a rose, but different…nya, I don't know…" Eiji blushed. Here he was buying two flowers for different boys, one of which he kept telling himself he never wanted to see again.

"An orchid?" The other man turned, his eyes following every line on Eiji's body.

"Hoi!" Eiji nodded, that was perfect! The brunette who had suggested it fetched one and both flowers were passed to Yohji.

"Come on, I'll ring you up." The blonde led him out and Eiji was walked to the door. "Here you go, take them. Just promise me if you're free when you turn eighteen you'll come back and look me up." The man winked and Eiji flushed crimson.

"Thank you so much, nya. I promise, if I'm free." The door was opened and he turned back before he left.

"Good luck gorgeous!"

"Thank you again!"

The door slammed shut and the flower-shop workers were left alone. "Lech." The redhead sweeping up the store glared at the blonde. What happened to the eighteen rule?!


"Eiji-kun, I'm sorry, please, let me make it up to you." Sanada stood on the doorstep of Eiji's house. He had waited for the redhead to get home from practice and Eiji brushed past him, not inviting him in. "It's Valentine's Day. Please Eiji. I love you." Sanada tried to look remorseful but he had too much on his mind he hoped this worked.

Eiji sighed. "Nya, alright, come on in. I made you chocolates, but I wasn't going to give them to you." Entering, Sanada took off his shoes and followed the teen into a clean kitchen. On the middle counter two boxes of chocolates lay, waiting. Eiji thrust the orange box with an orange orchid tied to the top in his hand. A purple one remained, tied with a rose. "I'm sorry too." His chest had ached constantly for the last week, since he left Sanada in the hotel room seven days ago.

"Not like I am." The raven haired male pulled his boyfriend close to his chest, hugging him and burying his nose in the soft locks. "I love you and I cannot stand to be separated from you on such horrible terms." He felt thin arms wrap around his middle. "I have a surprise for you, if you'll let me show it to you."

"Hoi Sana, I want to see it." Eiji rested his head against the hard panes of Sanada's chest. "I don't want to break up, let's make this right."

"I think my surprise can." Sanada kissed his forehead and tilted his face up to claim his lips gently. "But I need you to trust me."

"I do." Eiji tried to engage the kiss again.

"Then put this on." Sanada pulled back and pressed a black cloth into Eiji's hands.

"A blindfold?" Eiji crinkled his nose. Atobe had used one on him once, but he didn't like it all that much…

"Please Eiji, if you trust me." Sanada looked sad, helping tie the cloth when Eiji consented silently. He pressed a few buttons on his cell phone and took Eiji's hand. "We just have to go outside."

"Okay." Eiji stood, waiting to be led when suddenly his legs were swept out from under him. "Ahh!" Sanada picked him up bridal-style and marched out the front door, chuckling at his reaction. "Nya, that was mean Sana! Next time warn me!" Eiji clamped onto Sanada, giggling as he felt the sun on his face and shoulders. Sanada shuffled him around and finally they were in a car, and they were going somewhere. He was on his boyfriend's lap, distracted by more kisses. He had no idea how long passed before the car stopped and Sanada picked him up again. He was carried a ways, even up a flight or two of stairs (he wasn't sure, but they felt jarring enough), until he was dumped on something soft—a bed. "Sana! Are we there?" He giggled when long fingers tangled in his hair and pulled the cloth off.

"Hai, now just don't say anything yet." Sanada's face came into view, sober looking, and Eiji blinked twice to get everything to focus in his suddenly bright world.

Then he realized what he was seeing. The purple draped four poster bed, the light purple walls, and the shining mahogany furniture. The teen standing so close to them, his trademark smirk nowhere to be seen. "Ato-" Eiji slid off the bed, backing away from the third person in the room. "Sanada?" He felt his heart trying to climb out of his throat at the sight.

"Wait Eiji." Sanada grabbed his wrist and pulled him close, keeping him from fleeing.

"I just wanted to speak with you. Please Eiji." Atobe sat on a chair facing the bed and Sanada forced Eiji to sit on the bed, on his lap. "I've been miserable without you. Indulge me, please. Sanada and I have been discussing this." The heir pushed his bangs back; his hair was getting too long.

"Sanada? What's happening?" Eiji turned his teary blue eyes on his boyfriend.

"We both love you Eiji. So much that neither of us can back down. Do you understand?" The redhead shook his head.

"We have come to a compromise. A different sort of relationship." Atobe stood, paced in a circle once around the chair and then approached the bed. "A ménage à trois, a household of three."

"Sanada?" Eiji tried to see what his boyfriend's face would tell him about the truth behind this.

"I agree. We both love you and neither of us finds the other…undesirable. We have been…involved in the past." Sanada kissed Eiji's neck and slowly loosened his grip.

"Eiji—I have been miserable without you." Atobe slowly stood and approached them. "Do you love us as well? If you do, this is the most perfect arrangement for us." Atobe smiled, opening his arms wide.

"Oh, nya, I do." Eiji moved away from his boyfriend and entered the embrace. "I missed you." He couldn't help but burst into tears. This was more perfect then he could ever imagine.

"Eiji, you have no idea how pleased I am." Atobe pulled him close and crushed their lips together, fiercely trying to express his love in the.

"Nor me." Sanada moved behind Eiji, and wrapped his arms around the pair. His hand gently stroked soft red hair, pulling Eiji's face towards his. He kissed parted lips, trying to express his love without words.

Eiji relaxed, his tears ceasing and his body becoming lax between the two stronger bodies on either side of him. If anyone could make this work the two of them could. Atobe, his true love, and Sanada, his sanctuary and protector. "Nya, I'm tired." Eiji laid his face against the soft silk of Atobe's shirt when Sanada broke their kiss.

"You cannot be tired on the night of our reunion." Atobe laughed quietly, his fingers tracing the soft panes of Eiji's elfin face. "Sanada and I have much to share with you." He stepped back slightly, so he could lift Eiji and put him on the bed.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Eiji made this for you. He never intended on giving it." Sanada reached into the small overnight bag he had brought, pulling out the purple-wrapped box that had been left on the counter of Eiji's kitchen.

"You took them?" Blue eyes widened. They weren't good enough for Atobe! They were far from the high quality he was accustomed to.

Atobe smiled as he took the present, unwrapping it, tucking the rose in his lapel, and opening the box. The placed one of the candies on his tongue, slowly letting it melt. "Yum, Eiji, they are delicious." He put them down before climbing on the bed and crawling over Eiji's prone form. Their new kiss was rich with the smooth chocolate flavor, sticky and sweet.

Sanada stood were he was left, watching silently. Eiji forgot about him as his mouth was ravished. Atobe started on his clothing, tugging at his shirt until Eiji took it off and popping the button on his pants in haste to get them off. He then frantically worked on his own clothing, in a desperate need to feel naked skin rubbing together. It'd been much too long. Every chance he peppered Eiji's face with kisses. "I will never leave you. I love you." Atobe abruptly pulled back, sitting on his heels. He turned to the tallest of them. "Let me go first."

"Hai." Sanada nodded.

It took a dazed Eiji a moment to register what was going on. "What?"

"Shhh, its okay. It might take us a bit to figure out how this is going to work." Sanada sat on the bed, near Eiji, and pushed bangs away from where they had covered bright eyes. "I'll just watch for now."

Atobe nodded and turned back to Eiji. "Fuck me." Eiji smiled as he held open arms out to the brunette. "I missed you so much." He flashed a glance at his boyfriend. "I love you, Sana, but, oh Ato-" Eiji teared up again, and Atobe lay in those welcoming arms.

"We understand." Atobe kissed him again and Sanada grunted in agreement. The heir rolled them over so Eiji was on top. He dragged his hands over silky, cream colored skin. "Pass me a chocolate, Genichirou." Atobe held out one hand, the other rubbing Eiji's small puckered hole. "Trust me Eiji, you will enjoy this." He took the chocolate Sanada had handed him and slipped it past the first ring of tight muscles. Eiji moaned and bucked against Atobe, rubbing their arousals together.

"Ah, it's cold! Oh, nya, I think its melting!" Eiji writhed, the feeling stranger then anything he had felt before. Atobe followed it up with two fingers, stretching the orifice. "More Ato! More, it feels so good!"

"I'm going to fuck you now." Eiji groaned as Atobe lifted him up and settled him on his lap, facing him. "Kiss me." Eiji did as he was told and Atobe lined himself up, plunging into his lover's tight ass. Eiji screamed against the mouth covering his. He hadn't remembered how perfect Atobe was for him. They were both sitting up, and Sanada came up behind them.

"I'm not going to be left out on Valentine's Day." The raven haired man pushed on Atobe's shoulders until the other fell forward, crushing Eiji to the bed beneath the two larger teens. His fingers danced across a bare lower back until he found his prize. Two slicked fingers, Atobe never ceased to be amazed by how Sanada always seemed prepared, circled the tight hole before one was plunged in.

"Fuck, Genichirou!" Atobe bucked forward and Eiji cried out even louder. "I thought you were going to wait!" The brunette tried to regain his balance, but it was hard with a red head squirming under him and a raven haired male pushing into him from behind.

No one saw as a blush, not from arousal, but in fact embarrassment, spread up his neck and heated his face. "You were…and I…" he sounded uncharacteristically unsure, "I wanted you." He was back to his firm tone before either of his lovers could focus on it.

"Faster!" Eiji was getting impatient.

"Anything." Atobe moved his hips, rocking harder back and forth until Sanada took the clue. Sanada mustered a force that took all of their breaths away until they were lying in a pile of contention.

"I think this could work." Atobe smirked as he rolled onto his stomach. He flung an arm over Eiji's middle and looked across the redhead at Sanada.

"Yes, I think it could."

"Do we have any chocolates left?" Eiji's eyes were closed and he was happy enough to be purring. All he wanted now was a bit of candy.

Atobe burst out laughing, smothering the teen with kisses. "I think I could find some."

Sanada pushed up onto his elbows. "I'll keep him occupied while you go look." He smiled, nudging Eiji with his shoulder.

"Nya, I'm the luckiest boy in the whole world!" His chest felt like it was going to burst with happiness.


Here he was with the two hottest creatures in the club pressing against him. Eiji couldn't believe only months ago he was dying inside because of them. This ménage à trois was absolutely perfect. He had someone to see all the time, as did his lovers if he was unavailable. They spent every weekend together, and phones were always left on. Atobe called him before bed if they were not together already and Sanada often joined in on the call, or them. He had never been so content. Atobe and Sanada were getting along wonderfully, more like lovers than rivals.

The dance floor was too loud and Eiji almost missed Sanada whispering in his ear from behind that they should go and get drinks. Atobe didn't want to. He told them to go, he's catch up. The redhead happily obliged, the diva loved to dance and he would never begrudge him that. Sanada found them a table and ordered drinks, smiling when Eiji snuggled into his side. "I got in."

"Nya, really? That's great! We'll all be together! Ah, I'm so happy." Eiji giggled, in face pressed to the soft silk of his lover's shirt. It had been a birthday present from Atobe.

"Me too. Seiichi will be attending as well." Sanada nodded as a waiter delivered their drinks. Atobe joined them.

"Kanpai!" Eiji sloshed the glasses together. "Keigo, Geni's coming too!" He laughed as he took a sip. "We'll all be together for university!"

"Indeed." Atobe smirked. He already knew. "Kanpai." He made eye contact with the Rikkai Dai player. "Let's go celebrate at home." He raised one eyebrow and Sanada nodded.

"Aw! I wanted to dance some more." Eiji whined and pouted. Atobe leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"We'll do your favorite."

"Hoi! Let's go!" Eiji was on his feet and halfway out the door before Atobe and Sanada caught up. When they reached the mansion Eiji raced to Atobe's bedroom, shedding clothes as he went.

"Impatient aren't we?" Atobe chuckled and started undressing after he closed the door and locked it behind them.

"Hoi. Can't you tell?" Eiji giggled and shook his ass, hopping up onto the bed and dancing to the music in his head, his fingers brushing the canopy above him. "C'mon! I wanna play!"

"Come here Eiji." Sanada sat on the bed, and Eiji came to him, plopping down with a bounce or two. The catlike male crawled over to the tall tennis player, straddling his lap. "What do you want to play?" His smile teased.

"I want," Eiji giggled, "you to play 'take Eiji.' The twist is you're both going to play—at the same time." He ground his hips down, breathily moaning.

"I think that sounds like a grand idea." Atobe joined them on the bed, moving behind the redhead. "So, Genichirou, are you going to play fair?"

"Why should I when you won't?" Sanada tightened his arms around the trim waist in his lap. "Eiji, do you want us to play fair?"

"No." Eiji was nuzzling Atobe as his neck was peppered with nips and kisses. He loved the dark hickies the diva always left.

"Good." Sanada fell backwards, taking Eiji with him. He was ready to get to the main part. "Its more fun this way."

"You're right Genichirou." Atobe licked a slick path along the bare behind presented to him. "I love you Eiji."

"Nngh! Atobe!" Eiji screamed when he felt a moist tongue press into him. He buried his face in Sanada's chest and took gasping breaths.

"Don't tease him Keigo. Just make sure he's really well stretched." The raven haired male rubbed soft circles on Eiji's back until he could no longer take the lithe creature rubbing against his stomach any more. He reached a hand down, his fingers slipping in past Atobe's tongue.

"Ah—Genichirou." Atobe lifted his head finally, his gazed eyes riveted on those strong digits. He licked his lips and fiddled in the top drawer of the nightstand, pulling out his favorite chocolate flavored lube.

"More!" Eiji cried, pulling back from the smooth skin he had pressed against. Atobe's slicked fingers joined Sanada's and he felt like he was going to burst. "How many?" He panted, not being able to tell himself, it felt like more and more kept going in.

"Eight total." Atobe laid kisses on the little dimples of Eiji's back. "You should see it my precious little angel." The kisses turned into nips. "Agh, Genichirou, I can't take it any more." He withdrew his fingers in one swift moment, forcing Sanada's out with them.

"Please, do it now." Eiji whined, arching his hips, trying to get something to fill the emptiness he was feeling.

"Keigo." Sanada's strained voice told the diva everything he needed to know. One manicured hand grabbed the Rikkai Dai player's throbbing erection and helped guide it into the waiting hole. Both of the bed's other occupants moaned as Sanada eased in. Once he was fully seated Sanada started rocking his hips, drawing even more sounds of pleasure from himself and Eiji.

"Ready?" Atobe wasn't really asking. He stilled Eiji's hips with bruising force, lining his own cock up along side Sanada's and pushed in. The fit was tighter than he expected. "Ah, god! Eiji!" It took more than one pause before he was fully seated. It was unbelievable. He could feel Eiji clenching and unclenching around them, Sanada pulsing against him. It was the perfect representation of their relationship, the two taller boys held together and bound by Eiji and his love.

"Move!" Eiji had been holding still, barely breathing for what felt like eons. "I love you, but if you don't start—ahhh!" His complaints were silenced by Atobe pulling back and slamming back in. Sanada thrust upwards, just as Atobe moved out again. Their counter movements grew in pace until they were barely holding on.

"Faster!" Eiji's wish was granted until he could take it no longer, coming between his and Sanada's chest without being touched. The double pressure on his prostate was overwhelming. "Keigo! Geni!" He convulsed, his orgasm prolonged by the feeling of his lovers filling him with their hot seed.

Atobe groaned out Eiji's name as he tensed and then fell forward, slumping against the two forms below him. Sanada grunted and rolled to the side, forcing Eiji and Atobe off his chest and their softening erections slipped from the redhead. "I love you, Eiji. And you too Genichirou." Atobe snuggled closer to them, throwing his arm over the other two.

"Yes." Sanada could already feel sleep over coming him.

"This is perfect, nya." Eiji's body thrummed with happiness and he couldn't imagine a place he'd rather be. It really was the perfect solution.


They knew their perfect, happy world could never last. While it did it was bliss. The fact that it lasted through all of high school and college was better than anyone could have anticipated. It had to come to an end some time and it seemed life was going to make the choice for them.

They spent four glorious years in college together, sharing a room, sharing love. It was only after they graduated that they had to say good bye. Sanada's family needed him to run the dojo. He was to be the next master. Atobe's father placed him as the head of their American firm. Eiji chose to go with him. It was the end of their happy ménage a trois.


End Note: It's finished. Longest thing ever. (Not really.) I cannot figure out why it's so long. There's not even that much sex! The whole point of this chapter was to make it so neither Eiji nor I had to choose between Atobe and Sanada. (Wimping out on my part). I really like random phone calls...

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