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Chapter 1: Stolen

Scritch, scritch.

Jumping lightly, a shadowy figure raced across the carpet making no noise whatsoever and leaving no trace of their existence behind. Dashing around in the shadows, the person ducked down next to a door, cleverly unlocking it and tipping it open. Going inside, the young man pause and took in his surroundings carefully.

Sasuke Uchiha was one of the best art thieves around, and the best of his age group. He was just sixteen and had already stolen hundreds of paintings, never once getting caught. His martial arts training as well as kendo had helped him to perfect balance and control, while he had already possessed an analytical mind necessary to break in and get out without being caught. He was the perfect teenage criminal for any job and he loved it.

Creeping into the large and decorated bedroom, Sasuke quickly moved as fast as he could. He had learned early on that fast but careful was the way to go. Marking everything around him into his impressive mind, he hid in the shadow of the room, listening to the near silence of the night.

Someone seems to be asleep in here, he thought amused, smirking.

Sasuke had patrolled the house for two weeks, learning as much as he could about the occupants of the house as well of the schedule and quirks of them. Smirking, he surmised that it must be one Hinata Hyuuga, the one that happened to live in this very room.

Flipping his long ebony bangs out of his equally dark eyes, Sasuke slowly moved forward into the beam of light from the part of the window the gold curtain did not cover. He smirked down at the deep sleeper.

Hinata was, as far as he could tell, the average nerd. She wore black-framed glasses that covered her beloved Hyuuga eyes, and kept her long violet hair pulled back into messy ponytails. Sasuke mused that she might look better if she didn't wear baggy clothes but he pushed the thought aside. He wasn't there to care about some nerd. He was there to steal the painting that resided on the wall of her room.

Stepping back, he surveyed the coveted art hanging in the middle of the otherwise blank wall. It was a watercolor of a lake, with weeping willows trailing their branches over the top of the banks and of a bridge. A small signature was in the bottom right corner and Sasuke could barely make out the initials H.H. written in bunched together writing.

However this guy is, he must really want this painting giving me a time limit of only two weeks to steal it, Sasuke thought, remembering that he hadn't yet met his actual boss. The man's flunkies had given him the layout of the house as well as the other information he had requested, but his real employer remained a mystery. It doesn't look all that important to me.

Hinata started to stir, shifting over to her right side. Sasuke couldn't make out her face, hidden as it was beneath her red heavy comforter. Realizing she might wake up, Sasuke swiftly started moving, taking the painting and tucking it under his arm. He was running out of time.

White-eyes opened and caught the thief in the act.

Hinata found that she was going to faint at any minute. And she would really welcome it right about now.

Gaping, she had awoken to find a mysterious man in her room, the prized painting in his hands. She could make out the tightly fighting black pants and tank top paired with the running sneakers and the choker that the thief had on. His face was too far away for her to see clearly when she was still just waking up.

Wiping the blanket off, she stepped out of her warm and cozy bed, planting her feet unsteadily onto the ground. Blinking up at the much taller assailant, she crossed her arms over her ample chest and tried not to back down when she said in an sleep filled tone, "What do you think you are doing with that?"

Sasuke couldn't help it; he had frozen. It was the first time he had ever been seen in action, and the shock of it being this one particular girl had thrown him even more. The fact that she was dressed in only a thin cotton nightgown with a ribbon under her massive chest and the fact that she had no glasses on and her hair down had nothing to do with him stopping right?

"I said, "What do you think you are doing with that,"" she repeated, coming closer. She stopped when he moved back.

Wait a minute, Sasuke thought, clutching the prized possession in his grasp, She thinks I'm some servant of her father!

Hinata may be a nerd, but her father was one of the wealthiest men in all of Japan. Originally from France, he had met and fallen in love with a Japanese woman, who painted the very artwork in the famed thief's hands. When he moved to Japan with his wife he had been able to rise in power in the world of business, securing his small family more money than they could imagine.

"Miss Hinata, I am merely rearranging the painting," Sasuke said politely, wanting to smack himself. Who in their right mind would arrange paintings in some other person's room at two in the morning?

Hinata seemed to be thinking the same thing. "Why would you do that at two in the morning?" she asked curiously, flipping through mental pictures of the staff that her father had employed. She still couldn't quite make out his face, so she couldn't tell if she knew him or not.

Sasuke sweated underneath his chocker. "Your father has plans for it to be photographed, early in the morning, so he wanted it to look its best right now. I did not mean to disturb you Miss Hinata," Sasuke said, bowing over the frame.

No kidding I didn't mean to disturb her, now she is one great big liability, Sasuke thought, mentally smacking himself in the head.

Hinata uncrossed her arms. "Oh," she said, leaning down to retrieve her long forgotten robe, exposing more of herself to him then she knew. "Can you tell him next time to please inform me?" She smiled brightly at him. "That painting was the last one Mother ever did in France and it's my favorite. I don't know what I would do without it."

You're going to find out soon. Sasuke could feel himself watch her. Her body sure didn't look like a nerd's right now.Nor did she look like the timid fourteen year old he had pegged her as. He almost felt sorry for stealing from her and tricking her.

Sasuke bowed again, still putting the act on for her. "Of course Miss Hinata," he said slowly, watching her watch him.

She smiled again at him. "Thank you so much," she replied, rubbing her small hands together for warmth. Her blanket was practically calling for her to dive under it.

"Not a problem Miss Hinata," Sasuke said, getting sick of saying her name over and over again. He wanted out of there now.

Tilting her head to the side, Hinata said, "Well? Aren't you going to move it?"

Sasuke grimaced as he turned around to place the painting on the soft floor. He could hear her feet padding closer to him and he almost gulped. If she caught site of his face, he was done for.

Reacting quickly, Sasuke wrapped one of his hands against her mouth, muffling anything she could say. He moved the other one around her waist and threaded it through her arms, bringing it to block her eyesight. She tried to squeal and she stepped back, but he shuffled out of her way and then pushed himself against her, keeping her in place with his own body.

"If you don't want to die I suggest you stay in one spot without making a noise," he hissed hotly into her ear, making her still.

"Look, I don't want to hurt you, but I will if I have to," he said truthfully, trying to focus on anything but her body against his. He was a teenage boy after all. "Now, I'm going to let go of you and you are going to let me go, otherwise I will hurt you."

Hinata nodded, her unruly hair brushing teasingly against his arm.

Sasuke nudged her along to the painting and then released his hold on her eyes. She blinked when he dragged her and the painting to the door, her still confused and more than a little frightened. Swiftly Sasuke pushed he to the ground, threw the door open and bolted down the dim hall. Before Hinata knew it, she was running after him, years of running after her faster cousin letting her keep up with him.

Turning a corner, she saw him again. Stopping, she opened her mouth wide.

Hinata screamed.

Sasuke nearly dropped his prize in anguish. He hated it when people screamed and now this girl was really pushing her luck. He turned back and before he knew what he was doing, he bent down, grabbed her cheeks and silenced her with a kiss.

Dammit, this is not going good. This wasn't supposed to happen; he worried, still pressing his cold lips against her wet ones. Hinata frozen in shock felt herself slowly lose consciousness. Thieves she could handle but her first kiss stolen and her mother's painting taken by a handsome criminal was all she could take in one night. She fell limp into his arms.

Great. Now I have a witness who also blew my cover and knows my face. Lovely, just lovely.

Sasuke could heart hear the faint sounds of people coming his way. Quickly he set the Hyuuga on the floor, making her comfortable and then snatching the source of all his problems into his arms, trotting to the window he had entered. Slipping down the drain, he landed cat like on his feet and headed into the forest that surrounded the Hyuuga mansion. Hiding behind a tree, Sasuke leaned against the rough bark, panting.

This can't be happening. Not only did I screw the mission up, I also kissed the Hyuuga girl! Sasuke listened intently for any guards. None. Itachi is going to get pissed at me and so is Leader. I can't do things like this if I wish to stay free.

Sasuke hastily left his comfort zone and dashed through the trees, protecting the canvas with his own body. It's too bad really, he caught himself thinking, she sure has a damn good body and soft lips.

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