Chapter 12: A Twist in The Normal

"Come on. The meeting is this way."

Hinata followed along behind the Uchiha's, carefully picking her way along the crowded halls. Sasuke was dragging her, his hand wrapped tightly along her wrist, to make sure that she didn't wonder off or get lost. Itachi stalked ahead, throwing menacing glares and heated gazes at the both of them.

"I get that. I'm not stupid you know," Sasuke replied, running his free hand through his choppy locks. His shoulders were tense and he was frowning at Itachi's back.

"Could have fooled me," Hinata mumbled.

Sasuke glared while Itachi nodded at her, and attempted to hide his ever growing smile.

"What is this all about?" she mused. So far, she had gone through a gruesome awakening, and a horrible experience in the bathroom. She wasn't in a good mood, and the fact that she had to go and meet with her uncle did not put her in a happier mood.

Itachi flung his dark ponytail over his shoulder. "Your uncle has a surprise for you," he informed her, stopping in front of a large, ornate door. He smirked as he flung open the door wide. "I'm sure you won't like it very much."

Hinata growled in the back of her throat, but maintained her composure. She wasn't going to mess up and attack him like she had earlier. If she could play her cards right, she figured she could jump him and incapacitate him. If she managed that, she might be able to get away.


Hinata's head whipped up, and her jaw dropped down. Beside her, she felt Itachi and Sasuke both smother her, keeping her close so she wouldn't bolt to meet-


Neji twisted his hair in his fingertips, agitated. His uncle watched him slump forward in his chair passively.

"Your father kidnapped her. Are you going to let him keep her or not?" Hiashi asked. Neji could tell that he wasn't trying to be a leader. He was just a father who wanted his daughter back. His eyes, coveted for their all seeing power, couldn't help him now to find his daughter. They were outlined with a solid black from sleepless nights. His clothes were rumpled, and his breath reeked. Losing someone was always painful, but not knowing what happened made it the wound harsher.

"I want her back," Neji said softly, shaking his head from side to side. Hinata, he thought longingly.

"Will you go to meet with Hizashi?"


"No! Don't go!"

The two males turned, noticing Hanabi. She had burst in the door wildly, her arms flailing as she launched herself at Neji. He caught her, careful not to let her fall.

Neji didn't know what to do. Hanabi was sobbing into his shoulder, her small body trembling with the force of her tears. She clutched at his jacket, and wouldn't let go no matter what soothing words he whispered into her ear. She was a smart girl. She knew that he was lying through his teeth when he said that she would never miss him, that he would be coming back real soon.

"First mother, then big sister and now you. Why do you all have to leave me?" she whimpered into his chest.

Neji stroked her back in slow, calming circles. Hiashi watched.

"Don't worry. I will bring your sister back," Neji said firmly, finally managing to move Hanabi off of his lap. "I won't let anything bad happen to her anymore."

Hanabi wiped at a tear making its salty path down her face. "Really?" she asked hopefully, standing up next to her father.


Hanabi hugged him, hard and fast. It wasn't the same as Hinata's, but it had nearly the same effect.

You're coming back home Hinata.


Fugaku wasn't easily lead on or manipulated. He was the one that was the leader, the manipulator. Years of crime had made the tough shell around him even harder.

And it all crumbled when he caught sight of Mikoto.

He was ordered to capture her. The client was a dweeby forty year old millionaire. He was obsessively in love with Mikoto and wanted her all to himself. Though repulsed with the man, Fugaku took the mission.

The mission should have been fairly routine; get in, knock the girl out, and then leave and deliver her to the man so that he could get paid. Simple right?

Not quite.

When he tried to creep into her room, Mikoto screamed bloody murder. Turns out, she was a tad paranoid. Seems her fears were proven right. Then, when he tried to shush her, she bit him so hard, it left scars on his hands.

"Let me go, let me go, leave me alone!" she had yelled out, as he lifted her up, non too gently. He had already disabled her bodyguards.

"Not a chance in hell," Fugaku had grunted, shifting her so that her chin tucked onto his shoulder. For some reason, seeing her eyes sparkle made him weak...

He knocked her out as gently as he could. It took only four hours to reach his employer...but he didn't make it within the time limit.

Fugaku held onto Mikoto.

And he would be damned if he let her go.


"It's been a long time hasn't it Hinata?"

Hinata, close to tears, nodded absently, stunned. Itachi's grip on her upper arms tightened and he pulled her closer. He could feel her muscles bunch up, ready to spring. Sasuke, on the other side, tightened his grip as well, and brought her closer to him so that he had a better grip.

"What-" Hinata mumbled. She didn't take notice of the many men huddled in the shadowy corners, but had eyes only for the main guest in the center of the room.

"I'm here, Hinata. Don't ever doubt that. I'm not leaving you again. Not if I can ever help that, got it Hina?"

Hinata, shell shocked as she was, nodded. "I get it...mother."


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