Because of you, I am afraid.

-Kelly Clarkson, song "Because of You."

It was at the best of times, and it was the worst of them. I saw my cousin, Neji, die at a very young age of fourteen, which was two years ago. We were enjoying an afternoon walk, and he was giving me very important advice on standing out because I was such a shy person around everyone. It was until that day that my life would change. Forever.

November 5th to be exact. When that day always came around, I immediately became very depressed. Neji was not only a cousin to me, but a very kind brother to me. I was so close to him and I could tell him, well basically everything! Even my crush with Naruto Uzumaki.

Anyways, we were strolling and conversing and I'll never forget that advice he gave to me. He told me, "Be the strong girl you always were. You never showed you were it, but deep down inside, I know you are." When we were about to go home, we both heard a loud BANG! We panicked and we started running for our lives. Fortunately, we found an alley to hide in, but the loud BANG kept coming closer and closer...

Neji told me to stay silent in the alley and as scared as I was, I did what he had told me to do. No one saw me because of how dark the alley's shadows had hidden me. However, Neji was too late to hide with me and... they... had found him.

I heard the loud BANG again from a gunshot and saw the shadow of someone collapsing. I gasped, but quickly covered my mouth as I saw my beloved cousin falling to the ground, shimmering blood pouring out from his body. I trembled and couldn't stay quiet, but what really frightened me was when I saw the murderer. He hadn't noticed me yet, but I had enough of a glimpse to describe him to anyone...

He had black, spiky hair with long bangs that covered his pale face. He had intense, onyx eyes that showed dullness and yet, anger. I recognized instantly who he was. Sasuke Uchiha.

He goes to my high school. Almost every girl is in love with him. But me, that is. I didn't really feel anything towards him, but until that day, I hated everything about him. I don't care how ridiculously handsome he is. He is poison to me.

When he left, I came running towards the dead body of my cousin and cried my eyes out. He looked peaceful and yet... sad at the same time. Till that day, I promised I'd get stronger. For Neji.


The bell rang. It was the first class of the first period of the first day in school. Hinata was opening her locker and getting the books that she needed. After she was done, someone slammed it shut for her. It was her best girl friend, Tenten. Her light brown hair was in the usual two buns.

"Oy! Hinata-chan!" Tenten exclaimed.

Hinata smiled a bit. "H-Hello Ten! H-How was your s-summer?"

Tenten shrugged. "It was alright." They both were headed to their class. "Went to the beach, to the carnival, basically everywhere. What about you? Haven't heard much from you at all, except from Kiba." She winked at Hinata. "I think he likes you!"

Hinata blushed her usual redness. "Nah... I d-don't think he likes a girl l-like me..."

Tenten rolled her chocolate eyes. "It's pretty obvious." At the same time she said that, Hinata glanced at the guy of her dreams. Naruto Uzumaki. He was talking to Sakura Haruno, who wasn't really paying attention to him. How she liked the way his blond hair was messy, and his blue lively eyes stayed happy. She waved at Naruto and to her liking, he waved back.

"Ah, I see," Tenten muttered to Hinata.

She blushed even more and without keeping her eyes off of Naruto, she accidentally bumped into a person. She fell dramatically and all her books were on the ground, while the person was still standing up.

"I-I'm v-very sorry!" she apologized while grabbing the books on the floor. After picking them all up, she stood to see the figure and gasped shockingly. It was the face of her cousin's killer. It was Sasuke Uchiha.

She fainted when she was the sight of him. Sasuke arched an eyebrow when he saw her collapse like that.

"Oh my God, Hinata!" Tenten yelled and tried to wake her up. All eyes were on them.

"Hinata-chan!?" Naruto called out. He too, went to see if she was okay.

To everyone's surprised, Sasuke picked up the unconscious girl. "I'll take her to the nurse," he announced.

No one argued. They only watched him, carrying Hinata bridal -style, and heading towards the nurse's office.

"Lucky," a girl whispered.

"I think she did that on purpose," another girl whispered.

"I wish that was me!"

"What a fake."

"Sasuke-kun! Carry me next!"

Sasuke groaned about the things he heard. He hated when the girls had kept attempting to flirt with him. It was just so...irritating.

Anyways, he was at the nurse at a matter of only two minutes, since Hinata wasn't really heavy to cover.

The nurse looked at him confusingly. "She fainted," he explained to her.

"Just take her to that room and lie her down there," the nurse directed.

He did as told and opened the door to the room.


Sasuke watched the sleeping Hinata. She was lying on the soft bed while he was sitting besides her. His eyes kept glancing at her chest, hoping something would pop up.

Nope, nothing. It could probably be because of the baggy blue sweatshirt she's wearing. If only she could take that off...

His eyes then fell on her short, blackish hair. It reminded him of that kind of Rihanna hairstyle she had on at the VMA's. The length of her chin-line, but only two strands that were longer than the hair itself. Cute, he thought. Her bangs were covering her eyes a little. He swept them off a bit.

Hinata winced at his cold touch and slowly opened her pale, white eyes, meeting Uchiha's black ones. For a second, they were staring at each other.

After the short encounter, she squealed like a dolphin. Sasuke covered his ears when hearing this noise. "Agh! Do you have to be so loud about it!?"

She hyperventilated at the sight of him. "W-W-Where am I!?" She looked around and saw no one else.

"At the nurse," he replied sternly. "You fainted. Doesn't that ring a bell?"

She didn't have anything to say. She was taking short breaths while panicking like crazy.

"What'sa matter? Cat got your tongue?" Even though he looked sexy with his devilish smirk, it still didn't change Hinata's way of thinking about him.

Finally, she uttered a sentence. "W-What t-time is it?"

"It's first period already," he answered.

She gasped. Sasuke chuckled.

"I-I have to go." And like that, Hinata quickly got up from the small bed she was sleeping on and went out of the door. Sasuke followed her.

She saw the nurse sorting out papers at her desk. "Feeling better Miss Hyuuga?" she questioned. Hyuuga? Where did Sasuke hear that before?

Hinata nodded and opened another door, which lead her to the hallway. Sasuke walked out besides her.

"You look familiar," he murmured against the back of her neck. Chills went down her spine as he said this.

Please don't recognize me, please don't recognize me, Hinata prayed. "I-I'm usually a-a-a-around..."

He shrugged. This time, she walked faster and faster and tried to avoid the creep. Sasuke managed to catch up however. "I know who you are!" Uh oh. Shit.

"You're that quiet person that hangs around with Kiba and Shino! And that tomboy, and Rock Lee..." What a relief! At least this proves he didn't see her at the witness of that treacherous day...

Hinata nodded reassuringly and kept walking until she saw her class. Sasuke gave a small grin. "I guess I'll see you around." He then walked away to his own class.

Thank God he left! He was so... intimidating. And no-to-mention... painful to look at...

She opened the door to her class. The class stared back at her and so did the teacher, Miss Anko.

"Ah, miss..." She couldn't remember her name.

"Hinata H-Hyuuga..." Hinata finished her sentence.

"Yes, Miss Hyuuga," Miss Anko began. "Would you care to explain to us why were you late for our class?"

Hinata gave a loud gulp. "W-Well, you see, I-I was at the n-n-nurse..."

Miss Anko raised her eyebrow. She could sense the fear in Hinata's tone. It made her give a mean smile. "What did you do? Trip on a pencil?"

There was an outburst of laughter. Hinata felt another wave of unconsciousness sweep over her again...

"Silence!!!!" The teacher yelled. Everyone had immediately shut up. "Miss Hyuuga, I will not tolerate tardiness or disruption of my lesson! You will stay after school and write twenty times on why you should not be late or be a disturbance to my classroom. Let this be considered a warning and it will not happen again, understood?"

Hinata nodded her head slowly. She felt like crying right now.

"Good now take a seat and write down what I'm writing on the board..." Is first period over yet?


"Hinata! Hinata! Are you alright?" Kiba cried out while running over to Hinata. He was in the same class as she was, and had witness the embarrassment. He gave her a passionate hug. She hugged him back with open arms. She needed this.

"Yeah, I'm a-alright," Hinata muttered through deep sighs.

Kiba gave a sympathetic look. "Teacher's a bitch." This made Hinata smile a little. Kiba always found out the right words to say.

They both walked towards their next class. "How was your summer?' Kiba asked.

"It w-was okay," Hinata replied.

"Where did you go? I haven't seen you all summer."

"I-I was traveling." And it sucked.

"Oh." They met up with Shino and Rock Lee.

"Hey Hinata! Hey Kiba!" Rock Lee said excitingly. Shino only waved.

"H-Hello Lee-kun. Shino-kun," Hinata retorted.

"Sup?" Kiba asked.

"Nothing much really," he replied. "School's boring so far. Whatever happened to the happy youth we all use to have?" There, Rock Lee goes again about his philosophy of youth.

Kiba rolled his eyes to Hinata, who giggled a little.

"School sucks," Kiba said. "I'm gonna cut third period. Anyone wanna join?" No one answered. Kiba was always the rebellious one. "No one? Hinata-chan? Rock Lee? Shino?"

"You're crazy," Shino muttered. He finally said something!

"W-W-Where's Tenten?" Hinata changed the subject.

"She's probably jumping people," Kiba said. They all laughed at this comment. Even Shino grinned at it. "Oh by the way, why were you at the nurse Hinata-chan?"

"B-Because I fainted..." Kiba seemed confused.

"Why did you faint?"

"She probably saw Naruto," Rock Lee answered. Once again, Kiba rolled his dark brown eyes at this.

"N-No..." Hinata looked at some other direction.

"It wasn't him," Shino said. "It was Uchiha." They were all silent. "I saw her faint in front of him..."

"So, you have a thing for the bastard, eh?" Kiba began to glare.

"N-No! I-I don't like h-him! In fact, I-I hate him!" More than you ever know.

Kiba's ticked-off expression now became an ear-to-ear smile. "Doesn't everyone?"

"Except most of the pretty ladies here," Rock Lee stated.

"They're ditzes." They all began walking to their classes and as soon as Rock Lee and Hinata went to their class, Kiba and Shino walked to theirs, but not before exchanging goodbyes.

"Later," Kiba said while walking with Shino.

Hinata and Rock Lee waved and went inside their classroom. Maybe second period will be better than first...

... Or not...

"No," Hinata whispered as she saw that one specific person she had thoughts of killing in a slow, agonizing death. Sasuke Uchiha.

End of Chapter.

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