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Memories, they fall apart, whenever you're inside my head
Take my tears, they say a lot, since you're the one who put them there
When I needed you the most you were, nowhere to be found
But, I still hung on, just hoping for, my love to come around

-Tila Tequila song, Paralyze.

The nurse finally came out from the emergency room. Kiba, Shino, Hinata, and Tenten stood up from the seats they were impatiently sitting on. There were a series of unfortunate events going on. A gang was terrorizing their school, the people are going mad, and their friend has been severely injured due to defending the school's prom queen. What will happen to all of them, but most importantly, what will happen to Rock Lee?

"He's going to be alright," the nurse said. "However, he broke his wrist and has many wounds that will probably heal for awhile." She pointed to a faraway door. "You may go visit him."

They were relieved and started running towards the room. They saw their friend, bandaged up and staying alive. He was resting his eyes. The four friends just stood there and saw Rock Lee sleeping peacefully.

Unfortunately, that peacefulness didn't last long.

"Wake up sleeping beauty!" Kiba yelled and came jumping onto his bed.

He instantly woke up. "AGHHHH!"

"Glad to see you too."

"Lee-kun!" Tenten came and hugged him tightly. He made whimpering noises, indicating she's hurting him. "Sorry!" She let him go and gave a nervous chuckle.

Hinata grabbed his unbroken wrist and smiled slyly at him. Rock Lee smiled back.

"Nice to see all of you!" he said, stretching his arms. "Did I miss anything?"

"Aside from all the chaos around the school and Sakura practically crying her eyes out for you, not really," Shino retorted quietly.

Rock Lee's smile became a little wider. His face was blushing from the thought of Sakura actually caring.

"Yeah, well, don't start getting a big head from that!" They all laughed from the comment Kiba made.

A thought reoccurred to Hinata that she wanted to mention to Rock Lee. "D-Did you know who a-attacked you, Lee?"

Everyone became quiet after that and faced him, wanting to know the answer. He solemnly shook his head.

"I don't know who he is," he explained. "but I know he had red hair and greenish-blue eyes... I never saw him before... he was kinda creepy-looking."

"What was he doing to S-Sakura?"

"He was trying to..." he became speechless.

The group caught onto his silence. Rock Lee always committed himself to protecting people, even the ones he doesn't even know!

"You're a good guy," Tenten stated. "Always doing the right thing, ya know? I hope whoever the hell the freaking bastard is, who fought with you, should just drop dead."

Hinata knew who he was talking about! She even had the feeling the strange boy was the one who took a shot at Rock Lee.

A churning sensation came into the pit of her stomach. She didn't feel so good when she thought about him now...

Why was he just standing there, doing nothing at her while he waited to do something to Sakura Haruno? She maybe pretty and all--- but Hinata wasn't bad-looking either.

Oh God, what am I thinking!? Hinata thought. I should be happy I wasn't attractive enough for him to do anything to me! I'm so pathetic! Let alone, I'm keeping my mouth shut about ever seeing him!

"Hinata-chan, are you okay?" Kiba asked. "You don't look so good..."

"I-I'm fine," Hinata replied quickly. "A lot is in m-my mind lately..."

"You need to go home?" Rock Lee asked.

She only shook her head. She didn't want to be selfish and leave Rock Lee.

"It's alright Hinata! I'll be okay!" Can everyone read her mind all of a sudden?

"Okay..." she hastily walked out of the room, then hospital, and ran towards home.

What a long day this has been! Too many things were happening at the same time. It was just too stressing and frustrating! And it was the beginning of it all...

Hinata stopped in her path. She just couldn't walk home like this! Home was too far away. The neighborhood is too untrustworthy and the people were too sinister.

But she had no ride to take her back home. She might as well get there quicker by running as fast as she can. And that's exactly what she did.

Her feet started picking up the pace. She passed a few streets. Maybe it wasn't so bad at all.

A sudden honking noise distracted her. She covered her hears and turned around. The car was a dark blue, but she couldn't tell what car it was, since she wasn't really an expert on vehicles.

The car started honking again, which got into her nerves.

"What!?" she mouthed to the driver. The car window started pulling down and out came a black-haired spiky boy.

"Need a ride?" Sasuke asked, being the driver. He grinned overconfidently, while slowly cruising to gaze his level at Hinata's.

No!!!"N-No thanks," she said nervously.

He gave her a glare. "What's wrong with you?" It's like he could see right through her.

"Nothing, I'm per-perfectly f-fine!" Yeah right. I'm tired, I'm scared, and all I want is to go home so leave me the hell alone!

"No you're not. By the way, didn't I already tell you to be careful in these kind of parts?" He clicked his tongue. "Tch. Women never listen these days. Pathetic."

Pathetic!?She wanted to punch him. The only thing she did was bawl her fists and like a spoiled brat not getting what she wanted, stormed off, leaving Uchiha there in his car.

"Where are you going?" He drove his car a little bit to face Hinata. "See, this is exactly what I'm talking about."

"I'll be okay!" Hinata reassured.

Sasuke tilted his head. "You didn't stutter."

Her face blushed. "I kn-know."

Suddenly, his car stopped. He stepped out while Hinata stood there anxiously. He walked towards her.

His body stood only one inch between them. Sasuke had to look down a little to see Hinata's face while she looked up to see his. It looked as if he was about to kiss her.

"Come with me," he whispered in her ear. She flinched.

The tension between them heated.

Hinata gulped from Sasuke being so demanding... and dominant.


"No excuses." He went back inside of his car. Hinata just stood there. "What are you waiting for?" He obnoxiously honked again.

She gave a yelp and came into his car in a matter of seconds.

"That wasn't so hard now, was it?" he teased and started driving.


No matter how many times Hinata turned to face Sasuke, his expression was always intense and somehow depressing. Whenever he turned to see anyone, he would have that look that declared them ignorant or to leave him be. He always had that appearance towards her whenever they saw each other and never really said a word. It was a bit uncomfortable when she had someone to look at her like that. Sometimes, in the blink of an eye, you can actually see him change moods. But that would be impossible to catch.

Cheer up emo, Hinata thought. Your misery has just begun!

"That was crazy," Sasuke muttered, interrupting her thoughts.

"What w-was?" she asked.

"What happened in school."

"Oh!" She nodded her head.

"I didn't see you there..."

"I w-was at the h-hospital."


"My f-friend Rock Lee was beaten up by the p-people who s-sneaked inside our school."

"Ouch. Is he alright?"


"Good to hear, good to hear..." Sasuke's voice then trailed off.

Since their conversation died, Hinata looked out the window, bored out of her mind.

"Does he know who attacked him?" he blankly asked.

"N-No, but he does know how he looks l-like," she replied.

"I see."

More silence, followed by an apathetic sigh from Sasuke.

"Don't you ever talk?"

Not to you. "I-I don't know what to s-say most of the time..."

"Didn't I already tell you what you can say to me?"

Hinata encountered the moment. "H-How are you?"

"Bored. As always."

"I'm trying..."

"I know you are." Sarcasm, much? "But don't you think you can try a little harder?"

"It's h-hard."

"What do you mean it's hard? It's easy to talk!"

She shrugged her shoulders. She was more of a listener than a talker.

"Don't be so stupid. Just talk. About anything."

"Umm..." she thought for a moment. "Who do you h-hang out with?"

"Why do you want to know that?"

"Y-You said we can talk about anything..."

"Well, you already know I hang out with Naruto," he gave a tortuous smile at her. "And Sakura."


He stopped the car all of a sudden.

"This is where you get out," Sasuke mumbled.

She opened the car door and ran towards her house.

"You're welcome!" Sasuke cried out and drove away.

"T-Thank you!" she cried back, but he already left.

Hinata then went inside her house. Hanabi came running at her with a worried look on her face.

"What happened!?" she asked loudly. "I heard people got jumped in your school!"

"Y-Yeah..." Hinata face another direction. "Where did you hear that?"

"From my friend's sister who goes to the exact same school! Where were you?"

"At the hospital."

Hanabi signaled sheer terror. "You got jumped?!"

"No, but Lee-kun did."

"Oh no! Is he okay?"

Hinata nodded her head. "He'll be fine."

Hanabi sighed with relief. "That's good to hear!"

"Did dad ask w-where I was?"

She shook her head.

Hinata became sad. "Why?" Hanabi asked.

"Just wondering. Thanks," Hinata said and went into her room.

Nothing was gonna be the see anymore. School, security, safety... some things were going to change because of those horrible people that terrorized her school. It was going to be in the news, the paper--- basically everywhere that had media! Well, maybe not everywhere, but close.

She thought about the redheaded boy that came into her school. He--- and others--- were doing damage. But why didn't he jump her when he got the chance? Maybe their plan didn't start yet... maybe they were only waiting.

Hinata could've came up to him and asked if he was new. He's probably lie in order to hide his alias and then she would ask if he was lost. He might either say yes or no. Or he could've done something different from what she expected.

But imagine if she did talk to him--- would that change anything?


The next day, the BOE announced there was no school. What do you do when there is no school? You can stay home and rot, hang out with friends, go places, etc...

Hinata decided to visit Rock Lee from the hospital. Will she walk or take a ride from another known stranger? Walking will be best instead.

As soon she finished eating the stacks of pancakes, she dressed into blue, denim jeans, a loose turquoise blouse that showed some cleavage, and gray sneakers on. She went out to her destination. If only she had a car to take her there... after all, she already had her driver's permit but her father was too busy to even lend her a secondhand used car.

She wondered if any of her friends had cars... well only Kiba and Tenten did. That's about it. Maybe I should call them up. Luckily, she had her cellphone with her wherever she went.

She first dialed Tenten's number. The answer machine came up. Next was Kiba.

"Hello?" he said.

"Hey Kiba-kun!" she retorted.

"Hey Hinata-chan! What up?"

"J-Just going to visit Lee-kun at the hospital... w-wanna come with me?"

"Sure okay! Do you want me to pick you up?"

"Y-Yes please."

"Alright, later!" He hung up the phone and so did she.

Hinata sat on the porch and waited patiently for her friend to come over. A few minutes passed... she only saw the surroundings around her. Some people passed by that she knew from school, but never really talked to.

And then she saw him again. The redheaded boy.

He instantly looked at her, but Hinata glanced away and pretended not to notice.

What was he going to do right now? Was he going to confront her?

Some time flew by, and she went back to looking at him. He was still there. Stop looking at me.

Without any warning, he started walking towards her. The stranger was two feet away from her.

Please don't talk to me, please don't talk to me...

"Hello there," he said in a smooth voice. No! "You look familiar. Have we met before?"

"I d-don't think s-so..." Why did the baddies have to be so darn sexy?

He gave a slow nod. "I'm Gaara... what's your name?"



"From Konoha town?"

"Oh right! So... you go to school there?"

Hinata was afraid to answer that. "Y-Y-Yeah..."

He gave the same evil grin he did before. "Right," he said and started leaving. "It was nice meeting you... Hinata-heme..."

She blushed very much at the suffix. Pretty soon, he disappeared without a trace.

Does he know who she is now?

Just then, a small red car came into her view. "Hey Hinata-chan!" Kiba cried.

She waved and came inside the car. "H-Hello Kiba."

He examined her. "What's wrong Hinata? You look red."

"A-Ano... it's the sun..."

Kiba shrugged his shoulders and started the car. "Road trip!!!" he shouted in Hinata's ear. He was going to leave her partially deaf.

After that, he drove on to the streets and away to Konoha hospital. There was barely any talking between them two, since Hinata's mind was thinking of Gaara's "charming" ways and Kiba was hoping she would make the first move.

The silence was finally broken when Kiba could not take it anymore. "Do you know what they're gonna do to the school?"

Hinata shook her head.

"They're probably gonna tore it down," he snickered.

Kiba. Always the abstract thinker. "Why would they t-tear down the school?"

"Cause it's all destroyed anyways."

"Not s-so much..."

"Wanna bet on it?"

"I don't know... let's just w-wait and see..."

"Alright," Kiba turned his head. "But just you wait. One minute, it'll be all clean and stuff, and the next, BAM! It will crumble down."

Hinata gulped. Even though she never liked school, she still didn't want it to be gone.

Kiba took a glimpse at her reaction. Haha, he thought. He always loved scaring Hinata.

"Now you look pale," he stated.

"I-I always looked pale," she said.

He flashed his toothy smile. Hinata smiled back at him.


About 12:07 pm, they were at the hospital. Hinata bought a vase of lotus flowers for Rock Lee. He always said they were his favorite flower. Or something like that.

Suddenly, when they came to his room, they both abruptly opened the door and yelled "Surprise!" to Rock Lee.

His eyes widen with surprise. "Oy!" he greeted. "I didn't expect you guys to come..."

"Yeah, well we did!" Kiba retorted.

He chuckled. "It's been so lonely here..."

Hinata went to him and gave him a friendly hug. "That's why we were th-thinking of you silly! Here," she put the vase of flowers on the nightstand next to him, "these are for you."

He looked like he was about to cry. "Thanks Hinata-chan!" he sniffled.

She giggled. "You're welcome Lee-kun."

He froze. "Wait--- aren't you people suppose to go to school?"

"Yeah..." Kiba said. "But I finally convinced Hinata we should cut!"

"Bad girl!"

"What!? No-no!" Hinata waved her arms. "We have no school today!"

"Sweet," Rock Lee said.

They began talking for awhile, until Hinata had to excuse herself to the bathroom. They proceeded and she left to go.

She didn't really need to use it. She just wanted to tour around the hospital. There wasn't much to look at. Just doctors, nurses, surgeons, and sick patients. Some of the patients were students from Konoha High.How many people did get jumped?

Something caught her sight. Sakura Haruno was there, with a vase of a white daisy, trying to look for someone. She stopped and saw Hinata.

"You friends with Rock Lee?" she questioned.

Hinata nodded anxiously.

"Where is his room?"

"Go s-straight and m-make a turn until you see room 506."

"Okay." She headed towards the room. "Oh by the way, would you stop hanging around with Sasuke-kun? Cause, he ain't yours. He's mine."

What!? I'm not even hanging out with him! He's hanging out with me! Hinata wanted to scream. Was it this frustrating to be with the Uchiha? It's like he had this territory marked around him from all these other girls. Couldn't they see beyond his good looks that he's a vicious monster? Guess not. She decided to save the trouble and just leave. She'll call Rock Lee later, since he had a phone next to him and she knew the number by heart. Things were obviously not gonna get better.


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