Friends And Lovers

She didn't actually say 'Come on in, the water's fine,' but it didn't really matter. When a girl as smoking hot – pun not intended – as Rose Wilson, the Ravager, invited you to go skinny-dipping…

Well, if you were a red-blooded heterosexual male like Eddie was, you went. Even running around without a shirt on all the time hadn't really lessened his body-shyness, however, so he was thankful once again that it was impossible for anyone to tell he was blushing.

Of course, once he slipped into the water – almost literally slipping; damn talons had no traction on tile – he wasn't as shy. Mostly because his all-together was covered by the water, but also because Rose was grinning, her one eye wide with surprise. Her grin turned to a smirk and she paddled over to him. Eddie didn't know if it was just her innate gracefulness or his lust-clouded mind, but she seemed to move through the water with the same ease as her swords cut through the air.

Then she touched him, and Eddie stopped thinking. With the little bit of his mind that wasn't blithering mental idiocies, he focused on not heating up and causing the water to boil. Despite Rose's jokes, she didn't know how right she was about his fear that he'd do just that.

"You just going to stand there?" Rose asked, a playful glint in her eye.

"Are you?" Eddie asked, and felt proud that his voice, while strangled-sounding, hadn't cracked.

Her hand trailed down from his shoulder over his chest, coming to a stop just a few short inches below his bellybutton. If she moved any lower…

"May-be," Rose drawled, sounding far too coy to be his straight-speaking Ravager.

But then, she wasn't his anything. He kinda wanted her to be, but even he could see Rose had baggage. Every time things got emotional, she bailed. He mentioned family, and she stripped off and got him to skinny-dip.

Eddie was pretty sure sex didn't solve anything, let alone everything, but if Rose wanted to play it that way…well, he was a red-blooded heterosexual male. And he was her friend, which hopefully would keep things…okay.

"Then maybe I will, too," Eddie said, and reached down to grab her slim yet callused hand, holding it tight in his own rough red one.

Rose started, hand clenching reactively against his, then she calmed.

And a real, true, non-minx smile spread across her face.

Eddie had just two seconds of returning it before she pushed herself away from him, swimming backward and splashing him with her feet. "Race you to the other side!" she called back gaily as she sped towards the other end of the pool.

Eddie spluttered, wiped the water off his face, saw how far ahead of him she was, and frowned. "Hey, no fair!" he called, before diving in after her.

Maybe she wasn't his girl…but she was his friend. And it looked like he was hers, too.