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It was a hot summer day in the Valley of the Kings. However, the young tri-colored archaeologist with amethyst colored eyes didn't notice, because he was in an underground sanctuary trying to translate some ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics the "hard way". Yugi was actually trying to decide what he should translate correctly and what he should botch with the literal translations that books would give.

"Hey Yugi, are you alive down there?" yelled a redheaded friend and colleague of his, Bill Weasley.

"Yeah I'm alive Bill, just trying to finish translating this tablet." Yugi yelled back without even bothering to look up from his work. Translating after all took quite a lot of concentration.

"You know Yugi; I could finish this tablet for you so you could take a break." Bill casually suggested.

"It's alright Bill, I'll be done here in probably 30 to 45 minutes." Yugi told his friend with a smile.

"Well, if you're sure." Bill said getting up slowly. Yugi had taken on the task of translating everything that had hieroglyphics on it. Not that Bill minded, he may have been good at ancient runes when he attended Hogwarts, but that didn't mean he wanted to spend hours in the dark translating hieroglyphics by torchlight. He may have been a wizard but magic or not the task was still very time consuming.

Yugi waved to his friend as he left the tunnel. Then he turned back to the tablet and finally caved in, he didn't have the patience to do this the "hard way" anymore.

/Pharaoh / Yugi mentally called.

// Yes Yugi. Do you need something?// The Pharaoh, Yami casually responded. Yugi didn't sound like he was in danger or anything so he didn't have to worry.

/Yeah Pharaoh, a break. Can you take over so I can get some rest?/ Yugi asked.

//If you wanted a break then why didn't you let your friend, Bill finish the translations, I heard him offer.// The Pharaoh said with a chuckle.

/You know that we can't let anyone find out what is written on these tablets. If they do not only will they find out too much about you, but also about the Shadow Games./ Yugi explained only to hear his other half laughing.

//I know Yugi, trust me I know. I was only joking. You sounded so stressed out so I was just trying to get you to relax. If it will make you happy I'll finish the translations. Shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes.// Yami said with a sigh.

/thank you so much Yami/ Yugi said with a huge smile on his face.

//Your welcome Aibou// Yami answered as he took control.

Yami glanced up at the tablet with his crimson eyes and quickly read the whole tablet. This tablet in particular was describing one of many shadow spells. It was quite complicated and Yami couldn't help but wonder why Shadii hadn't had it destroyed. He glanced down at Yugi's notes on the tablet and when he read it he couldn't help but laugh.

/What's so funny Pharaoh?/ Yugi mentally asked.

//Your translation, its absolutely horrendous not a single word of this is correct.// The Pharaoh said with a laugh.

/I know, I wasn't trying to translate the spell correctly. I was trying to make up a translation that doesn't mention one word about what is actually written there./ Yugi said defiantly.

//So, you want me to finish writing your story. Right Yugi?/ The Pharaoh said with a sigh.

/Yup. Do you think you can handle it, or it making up a believable story about ancient Egypt too hard for you?/ Yugi asked.

The Pharaoh didn't bother to answer.

/Is it too much of a challenge Yami? Because if it is I can take over./ Yugi continued, he knew this would convince the Pharaoh to finish the "translations."

//Fine Yugi, I'll finish your story, but after I'm done I want to see if you can really translate any of this correctly or not.// The Pharaoh responded with a laugh.

Yugi just sighed and grumbled some inaudible comment.

Alright, so according to Yugi these monsters depicted on the tablet are figurative representations of various troubles that Egypt was facing and these images over here depict an unknown pharaoh (me) defeating fixing these problems. In other words mythology like the Greeks used to describe their history he's applying to this. Quite an interesting idea, completely ludicrous but interesting all the same. The Pharaoh thought as he finished writing a few more sentences to complete the "translation."

//Alright Yugi, I'm finished with this.// The Pharaoh called.

/Thanks Pharaoh, oh and by the way that Tablet is describing a complicated and powerful shadow spell you cast at some point during your reign./ Yugi said with a laugh.

//I know what it says Aibou, believe it or not I can actually read hieroglyphics// The Pharaoh said with a laugh as he switched with Yugi.

/I know that Pharaoh, you just don't think that I can read them too./ Yugi replied.

// I know you can't just read them. I know that you have to look up what most of the symbols mean or you ask me what they mean if you don't want to look them up. However, for tablets like this one even without being able to translate the text you still knew what it was really about, and you also knew that other people here can't know what's written here.// The Pharaoh replied.

/Then how do you explain that I knew it was a spell?/ Yugi asked.

//You heard me read the whole tablet Yugi. I could sense you listening to me while I was reading it.// The Pharaoh answered.

"Hey Yugi, did you finish up with that tablet?" Bill asked when he saw Yugi walk out into the sun. Yugi was surprised to see that it was actually just before sunset. He had actually been down there translating all day.

"Yeah I finished with it Bill." Yugi replied as he sat down beside him.

"Anything of interest?" Bill asked.

"Not really, just another mythological depiction of turmoil in Egypt and a description of how the Pharaoh solved the problem." Yugi said with a yawn.

"Oh, and here I thought that we were supposed to find information of the legendary shadow magic that a nameless Pharaoh was said to have had. Well, apparently we have the wrong nameless Pharaoh." Bill said with a laugh, which earned him several glares from his fellow wizards.

//Yugi, how does your friend know about that?// Yami asked, growing very suspicious.

/ I don't know Pharaoh, but I'll ask./ Yugi replied.

"Umm, Bill where did you hear all that stuff about Shadow Magic and a great nameless Pharaoh?" Yugi asked quite casually.

"Just your average ancient fairytale." Bill replied, "then again who doesn't chase after fairytales?"

Yugi couldn't help but laugh, after all Bills answer reminded him so much of Seto Kaiba.

"Well, it's getting pretty late Bill; I think I'll be turning in now." Yugi said with yet another yawn.

"Alright Yugi, see you tomorrow." Bill said cheerily as his friend went to bed.

Bill watched to see his friend disappear into the tent. After he was gone Bill picked up a handful of floo powder and cast it into the fire. "Number 12 Grimmauld place." Bill said before sticking his head into the fire.

"Professor Dumbledore, I'm just letting you know that we haven't found anything about that Shadow Power You-Know-Who is after." Bill said to an elderly gentleman with a white beard that went to down to his waist, white hair that was the same length , with periwinkle blue eyes and half moon spectacles.

"Are you certain that its not there Bill? Because You-Know-Who seems convinced that it is there." Dumbledore said.

"Yugi has translated the tablets and according to him all they do is describe various good times and bad times that Egypt faced during the reign of a Pharaoh that we haven't identified yet." Bill answered swiftly.

"Are you sure that Yugi is translating these tablets correctly Bill?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"Professor, Yugi is a world renowned expert on Egyptology. He is ten times faster than me or any other wizard at translating Hieroglyphics. If Yugi says that these tablets don't mention the Shadow magic You-Know-Who wants then they don't mention it." Bill said somewhat annoyed, just because Yugi was a muggle doesn't mean that he is any worse than a wizard at translating ancient languages.

"Alright Bill, we trust your judgment. Just continue to be on the lookout. You-Know-Who wants that power and will stop at nothing to find it." Dumbledore replied.

"I understand Professor." Bill said as he pulled his head out of the fire.

Later that night Yugi and Bill awoke to people screaming. They both jumped out of bed and exited the tent.

//Aibou, I have a very bad feeling about this let me take over.// Yami said.

Yugi just nodded and allowed the Pharaoh to take control. When the Pharaoh sensed danger or had a bad feeling about something he was very rarely wrong.

"Bill it's the Death Eaters, they've come to get those tablets." One of the other wizards shouted.

Yami however, wasn't paying attention to the conversation Bill was having with the other wizard. He was to busy examining his dig site. It was on fire people were running for cover. People in black robes with skeleton masks were hitting people with green light (the same green as the seal of Orikelcos) and they would drop to the ground and not move again.

/Pharaoh what's going on?/ Yugi asked.

//I don't know Yugi, but its not good.// The Pharaoh replied.

Yami saw some of the people in black heading towards the ruins. No they can't see what is there. The Pharaoh thought as he took off towards the ruins. He managed to get there before the Death Eaters because they were getting drawn into Wizard duels on their way to the ruins.

//Yugi, I need to seal this room off, no one can be allowed come in here. You know that as well as I do, alright and I need to do it before those people in black manage to get here.// Yami told Yugi quickly as he made his way into the underground chamber.

/Alright Pharaoh, but be careful./ Yugi said as the Pharaoh ran down the steps.

"Power of the Shadows, I call upon thee. Seal this room in your impenetrable darkness. In the name of the ruler of the Shadows, Pharaoh Atem." Yami spoke in ancient Egyptian, however just has he finished the spell he turned to see three men in black robes with skeleton masks had just made it down the stairs. Fortunately the room just behind Yami was now completely cloaked in the shadows and no one would be able to get into that room.

"We don't have time to deal with this pathetic mortal AVADA KEDVARA" Shouted one of the men in black.

Yami watched as the jet of green light headed towards him, and he froze for a split second, as the millennium puzzle began to glow, and a circle of bright light surrounded him, stopping the mans spell. However, this shield drained a lot of Yami's energy and because of the strength of the spell that was being blocked Yami felt a great deal of pain.

Needless to say the three Death Eaters were shocked. However, being unable to learn from their mistakes another one of them decided to give the killing curse a shot. However, this time Yami wasn't frozen with fear, he grabbed his deck and activated his favorite trap card, Mirror Force. The spell rebounded and hit the three Death Eaters in the chest, they dropped to the ground, dead.

Bill and two other wizards were making their way down the stairs when they saw the three death eaters fall dead. Bill looked and saw Yugi standing there looking quite confused about what was going on.

"Yugi, are you alright? What happened down here?" Bill asked quite calmly his wand still drawn. Yugi looked like he was having a hard time breathing, like he had just been punched in the stomach.

"Those men, shot a green light at me, and I defended myself." Yami said as he pushed past the three men and went up the stairs. Yami had noticed that Bill and the other two had the same stick things that the men who had been attacking everyone had, and he didn't trust it.

//Yugi, I need to get in contact with Shadii, Ishizu, Kaiba, Marik, and Bakura to let them know what's going on. This shouldn't have happened and now we need to take measures to ensure that this doesn't happen again.// Yami said.

Bill ran up behind Yami and grabbed his arm before Yami could even react. "I'm sorry my friend, I'll explain later, but first and foremost I need to get you out of here." Bill said as he apparated.

Yami felt like he was being dragged through a straw by his arm. It definitely wasn't a pleasant experience, but before Yami could even begin to guess what was happening it was over. And the next thing Yami knew he was standing outside a house that looked like it was going to fall over.

/Yami, what happened? Where are we?/ Yugi asked.

//I don't know Aibou, I don't know. I'll stay in control until we figure out what in the name of Ra is going on.// Yami said.

"Yugi, follow me. We need to get inside." Bill said, grabbing a hold of Yami's arm, however, this time Yami wasn't going to allow himself to be dragged anywhere.

"I'm not going anywhere with you Bill. Not until you tell me what in the world is going on here." Yami said.

"I'll tell you everything once we're inside. You see, it's not safe out here. I had to get you out of Egypt or you would be killed, this was the only way I could do it. I promise I'll explain everything once we're inside, this is my parents' house." Bill explained.

//Well, Aibou what do you think we should do?// Yami asked.

/I think we can trust Bill Yami, besides you need to lie down that spell you cast back in the room to seal it, activating the puzzle to protect us from that crazy light, and using mirror force has you so drained of energy you can barely stand Yami. Right now you are going to have to trust Bill. I don't think he would ever hurt us Yami./ Yugi said.

"Fine, I'll follow you. But when we get inside I want answers." Yami said as he followed Bill up the pathway that led to the house.

Bill walked up the front door and it was locked. He pulled out his wand and muttered "Alohomora". He heard the lock click and then the door swung open. Yami was watching every move Bill made, he didn't trust him. He could sense that something was going on and after seeing what those people in black did with those sticks, he wasn't going to be taking any chances with someone else using one.

Bill led the way into the house and into the den. "Yugi, I need you to wait here for a minute I need to get in contact with a few people. They need to know what happened today. After I get in touch with them, then I will answer any and all of your questions." Bill said as quickly exited the room closing the door behind him.

//Alright Yugi, I am going to try and get in contact with Shadii, he needs to know what happened at the dig site. If those people in black are after the secrets to the shadow magic, like I think they are then Shadii and the others need to be on guard and they need to take measures to get rid of that stuff, before those people in black manage to get their hands on it.//Yami said.

Yugi was able to hear the concern in Yami's voice. Yami didn't no what was going on, but he did know that they were in danger and he wasn't one to sit back and let things happen. So, knowing all of this Yugi merely nodded, letting Yami know that he understood and was okay with Yami tapping into the shadow realm to get in touch with Shadii.

/Just don't overdo it Yami, your weak enough as it is./ Yugi cautioned. /The last thing we need right now is you blacking out from exhaustion./

//I'll be just fine Aibou.// Yami answered as he began to concentrate on tapping into his puzzle and contacting the owner of the millennium key. Since all of the millennium items revolved around the millennium puzzle Yami is able to contact the other item holders if he concentrated on that link hard enough.

"Shadii I need to speak with you, it's urgent." Yami called out through the link between the millennium items.

In a matter of moments, a man in a white robe and a turban with an golden ankh on a rope appeared in the Weasley's den.

"What is it you need, my Pharaoh?" Shadii asked with a bow.

"I need to tell you that there was an attack at the dig site by some strange people in black robes. I don't know exactly what is going on, but those people are trying to acquire the power of the shadow realm. I sealed away the room that was at the dig site before they were able to access it, but I need you to make sure the other areas are secured as well as the other item holders warned." The Pharaoh quickly explained to Shadii.

"I will do that, my Pharaoh." Shadii said with yet another bow, "are you alright my king?" Shadii asked looking up at Yami. Yami had turned pale and was swaying on his feet it seemed to be taking all of his concentration to remain standing.

"I'm fine Shadii, just go and do what it is I asked. I will contact you and the others when I have more information." Yami said, his physical weakness beginning to show through his voice.

"Very well, my Pharaoh. I will return once the deed is done. While I am gone I suggest you get some rest. It seems as though you have stretched your shadow powers to their limit." Shadii said as he disappeared.

/Yami, you do need to get some rest. Why don't you take a break and let me take over for a while./ Yugi asked.

// I'm just fine Yugi. You are not coming out until I know what is going on. I am not going to risk you getting hurt. I'll be fine in a few minutes.// Yami said as he sank down into one of the chairs in the room.

While Yami was having his conversation with Shadii, Bill was contacting the Order of the Phoenix. He would have brought Yugi there, but seeing as how Bill wasn't the secret keeper he couldn't take Yugi to headquarters. So, he would just have to get in touch with the Order from here.

"Number 12 Grimmauld Place, London." Bill said as he stuck his head into the fire.

"Bill, what are you doing contacting us now? You already reported in tonight." Remus asked when he saw Bill's head appear in the fire.

"I need to talk the Professor Dumbledore. There's been a problem." Bill told Remus quite quickly.

"What is the problem Bill?" Professor Dumbledore said as he approached the fire.

"The Death Eaters attacked the Dig site. Right now I am at the Burrow with Yugi Moto. I would have brought him straight to the Order, but I can't because of the Fidlius charm on the building." Bill told Dumbledore.

"Why would you have brought that muggle archaeologist here?" Asked Serverus Snape from the table next to the fire place.

"Because Professor, I get the feeling the Yugi knows something about what You-Know-Who wants. I don't know how he did it, but not only was he able to survive a killing curse, but he was able to rebound another one to kill the Death Eaters that were attacking him." Bill explained quickly.

"Where is Yugi now Bill?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"He's in the den. Right now I think he is really confused about what is going on. I promised him that after I got in contact with some people I would explain everything to him." Bill answered.

"Very well, Bill. I would also like to speak with Mr. Moto. So I will arrive at the Burrow in a few minutes, then the two of us can figure out everything that is going on." Professor Dumbledore said as he got up.

"Thank you Professor." Bill said as he pulled his head out of the fire place.

In a matter of moments Professor Dumbledore was walking into the Burrow.

"Alright Bill, let's go and explain this situation to your friend." Professor Dumbledore said with a smile as he followed Bill into the den.

They walked into the den to see Yugi sitting in one of the chairs with his eyes closed. However as soon as they entered the room, Yugi's eyes popped open, apparently he was a very light sleeper.

"Who are you?" Yami asked indicated to Professor Dumbledore. "And what in the world is going on here Bill. You said that you would give me some answers, well I want answers and I want them now." Yami said, in the same tone of voice he had used when he had given orders as Pharaoh.

"Yugi, this if Professor Albus Dumbledore. He and I are going to explain to you everything that is going on." Bill said as he sat down in a chair opposite Yugi.

Yami eyed Bill and Professor Dumbledore suspiciously. "Well, let's hear your explanation then." Yami said it wasn't a suggestion but an order.

"Well, Yugi I'm a wizard." Bill said quite quickly, waiting for Yugi to give him a look of shock, confusion, fear anything. But Yugi continued to stare straight at Bill, his expression unchanged.

"Well, that still doesn't explain what is going on Bill. You promised me you would give me answers and my patience in running thin." Yami snapped when Bill had decided to pause in order to let the message sink in. Yami and Yugi both were quite familiar with magic so finding out someone was a wizard wasn't exactly anything that would frighten either of them.

Bill was shocked, he didn't expect Yugi to take his secret nearly as well as he did.

"Alright since apparently you aren't going to volunteer the information, how about I ask you some questions and you answer them." Yami said, his frustration beginning to show through into his voice.

Bill and Dumbledore nodded, after all what more could they do.

"First of all who were those people in black who attacked the dig site? I am willing to guess that they are wizards as well, but WHO are they and WHAT is it they want?" Yami asked.

"You are correct that those individuals in black were indeed Wizards, they are evil, dark wizards who serve the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. They are called Death Eaters and they were there hoping to find something that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wants." Bill explained as Dumbledore continued to watch the young man.

"So, let me see if I understand you Bill. You are saying that this He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named guy sent Death Eater to my Dig site to steal the secret the power the shadows am I right?" Yami said. If I am wrong, which I doubt then I just won't tell them what the power of the shadows is. I'll call it an ancient fairytale like Bill did earlier. Yami thought as he watched Bill's draw drop.

"How did you know that he was after the power of the shadows? You don't even know what they are." Bill said in shock.

"Oh, Bill I get the impression that your friend knows a lot more about the power that Voldemort wants then he has told you." Dumbledore said. "Am I right Mr. Moto?" Dumbledore asked.

"I know about the power of the shadows, yes. I know more about it then anyone else. However, I am NOT going to tell you about it." Yami said.

"You have been purposely mistranslating the tablets at the sites you have been working on haven't you? In order to keep people from finding out about the powers of the shadows. Am I right Mr. Moto?" Dumbledore asked again.

"Yes, I have been mistranslating the tablets. Believe me making up a believable false translation is harder than just doing an accurate one. However, if the tablets don't mention the shadows, then I translate them perfectly." Yami responded.

"Yugi, I have a question. Did you use the power of the shadows to stop the Death Eaters?" Bill asked suddenly finding his voice again.

"Why do you care how I stopped the Death Eaters?" Yami said sharply.

"Bill isn't it obvious, Yugi not only knows everything about the power of the shadows, but he can wield it as well. That is how he stopped the Death Eaters." Dumbledore responded.

Yami was about to respond when suddenly Shadii returned.

"My Pharaoh, I have alerted the other item holders. They have said that they will take the necessary precautions. Also, the tomb keepers are hiding away all traces of the tablets that describe the powers of the shadows, you, and the power of the pharaoh." Shadii said in ancient Egyptian. Under normal circumstances he would speak to them in Japanese, but by the look on the Pharaoh's face when Shadii showed up, if he wanted to tell him something it would have to be in a language the others couldn't understand. And Shadii knew that Bill spoke Japanese.

"Thank you Shadii, you have done well. I have found out that the people who attacked the dig site are called Death Eaters and they are working for someone called Voldemort." The Pharaoh replied.

"My Pharaoh, you don't look well at all. You need to get some rest. You look like you are on the verge of collapse." Shadii said clearly concerned for the Pharaoh.

"I will rest late Shadii. For now I need to be certain that everything is safe, until I am certain of that I will not allow Yugi to take control." The Pharaoh replied.

"Would you like me to remain here in order to ensure your safety as well as Yugi's. I can tell that right now you don't have to energy to defend yourself in any way. Summoning a Kuriboh will cause you to collapse. I don't mean to be disrespectful my Pharaoh, but in the condition you are in right now you can't protect Yugi." Shadii exclaimed, he needed to convince to pharaoh to get some rest.

"I am just fine Shadii." The Pharaoh replied evenly. "However, if it will put you at ease then you can stay." The Pharaoh said after a few seconds pause, during which time Yugi had said that it would be a good idea to take Shadii up on his offer.

"Excuse me, but who are you and how did you get in here?" Bill suddenly asked.

"My name is Shadii." Shadii answered, but from the look the Pharaoh gave him, he wasn't to say anything else.

"Well," said Dumbledore getting suddenly to his feet. "I think we need to keep your friend in a safe place for a while Bill. It will only be a matter of time until the Dark Lord finds out that your friend can yield the shadow powers that he so desperately wants. I think that Mr. Moto should come to Hogwarts." Dumbledore finished with a smile.

"Hogwarts! You want me to go where?" Yami said.

"Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" Dumbledore answered with yet another smile. "However, you are too old to enter as a student, so I think it would be wise to have you there as a professor." Dumbledore finished.

"A professor, no I'm not. You can't" The Pharaoh mumbled.

"I will not take no for an answer. Your safety is more important than what you want to do. You will come to Hogwarts and you will be the new Ancient Runes Professor." Dumbledore finished.

"If I might, sir, if Yugi doesn't want to go to Hogwarts, then he will not go." Shadii said rather politely but the point was there. Shadii wasn't going to allow this guy with the white beard to force the Pharaoh to do anything.

"Well, Shadii I assure I have your friend's best interest at heart. I am doing this to keep him safe. You do want your friend to be safe don't you?" Dumbledore said.

"I am more than capable of insuring Yugi's safety, I can assure you." Shadii said.

"Right now none of you have any idea what you're up against. I however no exactly what is after your friend and I am in the best position to protect him." Dumbledore answered.

"You will be able to come and visit your friend and I assure you he will probably be in regular contact with you." Dumbledore added when Shadii hadn't replied.

/Pharaoh, I think it might be a good idea. At least for a little while. Just until the coast is clear. / Yugi told the pharaoh while Shadii and Dumbledore argued.

//Do you really think you can trust them Yugi? I don't like this situation, but if you want us to go to Hogwarts, then we'll go. // Yami answered flatly.

"Fine, we'll go but as soon as the threat is gone, I am going back home. Is that understood." Yami told Dumbledore.

"Perfect we'll leave in 30 minutes. Term will start in about 3 weeks, so that will give you 3 weeks to familiarize yourself with the castle and get your lessons planned out." Dumbledore said with a smile.

"Whatever." The pharaoh replied, then he blacked out.

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