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Yugi waited for a few moments for the other item holders to appear. He was about to try again when Shadii appeared followed shortly by everyone else.

"What do you want you Ra-damned-Phar… Yugi" Bakura said somewhat awkwardly.

"I need to ask you guys something." Yugi stated as calmly as he could, the item holders would follow Yami anywhere, some more grudgingly than others, it remained to be seen if they would even give Yugi the time of day.

"Might I inquire as to where the Pharaoh is?" Ishizu asked the question that seemed to be on all their minds, why had Yugi summoned them and not Yami.

"You guys are all probably wondering why I summoned all of you instead of Yami…"

/Yes, why indeed Aibou?/

//Yami, what are you doing awake? I thought you went to sleep.//

/I had, however when you tap into the power of our puzzle Aibou, I sense it immediately. Imagine my confusion to finding you summoning the item holders. Why Yugi?/

//Well, its just…//

/You might want to answer out loud, seeing as how I'm not the only one who wants to know./

"Well, you see Yami's been having really bad headaches recently, and I mean REALLY bad headaches, and I wanted to ask you guys if maybe you could help me figure out why…" Yugi started, however only to be cut off by Seto Kaiba.

"You have GOT to be kidding me Moto, I cancelled my meeting mid-session in order to answer your summons and you called me because the PHARAOH had a HEADACHE." Kaiba shouted at Yugi causing him to shrink back. Kaiba in a bad mood was not a good thing.

"Mind your tongue Kaiba." Yami snapped, he may not have known about Yugi planning to contact the item holders, nor been too happy about Yugi doing this without asking him first, but that did not give Kaiba or anyone else the right to talk to Yugi that way.

"Pharaoh." The item holders all said, as Shadii and Ishizu bowed and after a few moments' hesitation and Ishizu nonchalantly kicking him, Marik bowed as well.

"Now, before I give control back to my Hikari I want to say something. You will show Yugi the same respect you show me, I know that Yugi must have had a good reason for calling all of you here and I am just as curious about it as the rest of you as to what that is, but you are to allow him to explain exactly why he called you here without any interruptions, snide remarks," he paused to look at the Tomb Robber, "Or rude/mocking gestures. Is that understood?" Yami said authoritatively.

"Yes Pharaoh." Everyone replied.

Yami nodded before giving control back to his hikari.

"Now, as I was saying I had asked Yami about his headache and he said it was nothing to worry about, probably brought on by stress," at this Kaiba made a slight coughing noise, but nothing further, though Yugi could tell he was just waiting for his chance to comment.

"…but then I got thinking, as well as really concerned as the headaches were getting worse…"

/You could have told me if you were this concerned/

//I did, and you passed it off as nothing.//

"…how is it possible for Yami to even get a headache, he's a spirit and therefore he shouldn't get sick, so then I started to brainstorm what could have caused this…"

//other than Anubis seeking vengeance for you stabbing him when you were alive, then stopping his second bid for world domination a few years ago.//

/Very funny Aibou./

"…I thought that there were only two things that could really hurt Yami…"

/Are you seriously going to tell the Tomb Robber, Kaiba and Marik this?/

"…and that would be either something happening to me, or the shadows. And since nothing is wrong with me that possibility is thrown out, so there must be something going on with the shadows and I wanted to know if any of you have noticed anything?" Yugi finished.

"Like what?" Marik asked.

"Umm, well I'm not really sure…Shadii, have you noticed any disturbances with the shadows themselves?" Yugi asked hesitantly.

"Not really, though they did seem slightly agitated when I tapped into them, but that could be for any number of reasons." Shadii explained, though his brow was furrowed indicating that he was going over what Yugi had proposed in his mind.

Yugi looked a bit put out, believing that he had just wasted everyone's time.

"Yugi, your Yami isn't the only one that's been having headaches…Bakura's been having them too, just apparently not as bad. I didn't think anything of it until you said something." Ryou said with a slight smile.

"It's probably just a coincidence." Yugi mumbled dejectedly.

"I disagree," Shadii said, "if both the Pharaoh and Bakura are suffering from headaches they shouldn't be able to get, and the shadows themselves are slightly agitated they must be connected somehow, we just need to figure out how."

At this point Yami switched with Yugi. "Alright, then lets have Shadii and Ishizu look into the matter and anything they find is to be brought to my attention immediately.

"Yes Pharaoh." The item holders chorused.

"Is there anything else you need or can we leave now. I do have a company to run." Kaiba said in a bored tone.

"No, there is nothing else I need. We will be having an item holders meeting at the end of the week, so Kaiba make sure your schedule is clear." Yami said with a smirk.

"Yes Pharaoh." The item holders said as they prepared to leave.

"Oh, and one more thing before I forget, I need one of you to duel against me this Friday…any volunteers?" Yami said.

Kaiba, Bakura and Marik all immediately volunteered and then proceeded to argue about who it was that most deserved to duel the Pharaoh, after about five minutes of senseless bickering there was a knock on the door.

Yami went and opened the door to see Potter, Weasley, and Granger there ready for their detention to start.

"Kaiba, you're always the one who duels the Pharaoh. Why can't you let someone else have a turn?" Marik said.

"No, I'm dueling the Pharaoh and I will continue to duel him until I beat him." Kaiba snapped.

"So, that means you'll still be dueling him when you're twice my age. Give it up Kaiba you'll never beat him so why don't you let someone duel him who actually stands a chance." Bakura said with a sneer.

"Why you stupid Tomb Robber, I'll show you…"Kaiba started.

"Enough! You three settle this on your own time. I have things I need to do tonight other than listen to you three bicker." Yami snapped, causing Kaiba, Bakura and Marik to cease their argument though not their glaring, oh if looks could kill.

"Now, I'll see you all at then end of the week." Yami said.

The item holders bowed and vanished. Harry, Ron and Hermione all gaped and thought the same thing how on earth could someone apparate inside Hogwarts?

After the item holders where gone, Yami turned his attention to the three students standing in his doorway.

"Well, come in and lets get this over with." Yami said with a sigh, today had been a very long, very tiring day for both him and Yugi.

"Well, sorry if we're inconveniencing you with a detention you assigned us." Ron said, Yami's attitude was grating on his last nerve. However, Ron's sarcasm happened to be the metaphorical straw that broke the camel's back. Yami opened his mouth ready to lay into Ron.

//Yami! Don't take out your bad temper on Ron. Its not his fault that your in a bad mood, so think about what you want to say and try to say it somewhat CIVILALLY to Ron, and he might be more willing to work with you.//

/(sigh) Fine, Hikari, I'll try to be civil with him…but, I can't make any promises, and I think I've just come up with the perfect idea for their detention tonight./

//Yami, what are you talking about…I thought that we had agreed that they were going to be copying lines for us…you know writing out the assignments that the students are going to be translating, save us the trouble.//

/(smirks) that was the original plan before Mr. Weasley came in with an attitude problem. No, I've got something much better in mind. Something that will really make them think twice about breaking into someone elses office./

//Yami it was one time, I'm sure that they won't do it again…you can't be that hard on them for a one time offense.//

/(laughs) One time offence. Aibou, think about it…as quickly at these three decided to break into a professor's office, the lack of concern for getting caught, that suggests that they have done this before with other professor's offices but they just haven't gotten caught before, and if that is indeed the case then I say we make this a detention that they will remember…that'll make them think twice about trespassing again./

//Fine Yami, you win…just don't…//

/Relax Hikari, they won't be physically harmed or trapped in the shadow realm if that is what you are concerned with…I'll just use the puzzle's magic to create an illusion that they'll just have to get through, and relax they'll be out of here by midnight./

//(sighs) fine Yami you win…do what you want.//

/As much as I appreciate you consensus Aibou you are still not out of hot water with me. Once this illusion is in full swing you and I will be having a LONG chat about tapping into the power of the puzzle without discussing it with me first./

//Yami I'm so…//

/Later Hikari, we'll discuss this later./ And with that Yami closed his link with Yugi and turned his attention back to the golden trio.

"Now, as for your detentions, I was originally planning on having you make copies for my classes, but the more I thought about it that would be pointless, seeing as how with the exception of Miss Granger, none of you could with any amount of accuracy make the copies for me, so I would have ended up redoing it anyway, so I don't see the point. However, I have managed to come up with a more suitable punishment for you three, one that will effectively teach you your lesson in terms of how serious of a crime trespassing is, and also make certain that you will think twice before doing so again." Yami said.

"Whatever, lets just get this over with, what are you going to make us do?" Harry said, with the rather bored air of someone who has spent a great deal of time in detention and was rather bored with the whole ordeal.

"You'll have to figure it out for yourself when you get there…but, I'll tell you this, you'll be learning this lesson the old way and only once you've understood the seriousness of your crime will you come back." Yami said.

"What do you mean Professor?" Hermione asked. However, Yami did not answer her, but instead closed his eyes and the room was enveloped with a bright light, and once the light had cleared Harry, Ron and Hermione were lying unconscious on the ground.

"What illusion did you put them in Yami?" Yugi asked in spirit form beside Yami once Yami had opened his eyes.

Yami grinned. "Those three are in a model of ancient Egypt, they were arrested for trespassing and were brought before me for judgment, and they were sentenced to hard labor…and they were even more surprised to find out that they couldn't use magic to help them at all…that they have to do this the old fashion way. I left once the guards had hauled them out. They will, as far as they know, live through a hard labor sentence, whatever that would entail. They will feel the physical strain, the exhaustion, the hunger, the pain all of it. It may be happening within their minds, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't think it's real, for as far as they know it is." Yami explained.

Yugi smiled, "I couldn't think of a more appropriate punishment for them." Yugi said.

Yami turned and locked eyes with Yugi. "Flattery will get you no where Yugi, you are still in trouble with me."

"Look, Yami, I am sorry about that I just…" Yugi began

"I know your sorry Yugi, but you have to understand that you can't be doing that kind of thing, you have no idea how dangerous that really is for you. You could have been pulled into the shadow realm…or been caught at the very least by a magical backlash that could have caused you severe injury. Yugi, I make these rules for a reason, its not that I don't trust you, I just don't want you to get hurt." Yami said.

Yugi looked at Yami for a moment before he lowered his head, truthfully he had known that there was a genuine reason for why he wasn't allowed to tap into the shadow realm himself, why Yami had always done it…or been right there should Yugi ever have tried. 'I've really blown it this time…Yami won't trust me enough to lie down and take a nap ever again.' "I'm really, really sorry Yami…I just didn't think, I just wanted to help. It won't happen again." Yugi mumbled.

Yami sighed, "Just as long as you never ever do it again then we're fine." Yami said.

Yugi looked up and smiled, "Don't worry Yami, I won't go behind your back again."

Yami nodded, and before settling down behind his desk to begin working on writing out the assignments that would be needed for the next day. He continued until Harry, Ron and Hermione sat up at five til midnight. All three of them looking around slightly confused.

"I take it the three of you have learned your lesson. If that's the case, then go on back to your dorms." Yami said without so much as glancing up from his work.

"How did you do that Professor?" Hermione asked, for as far as she knew taking someone back in time like that was supposed to be impossible…at least taking them to another place and time, especially in such a controlled manner. Because if you mess with time you shouldn't be able to control it like that.

"Do what exactly Miss Granger? Run my detentions? I'll use a muggle excuse for you, a magician doesn't reveal his secrets. Now, if you all excuse me, I've got some work that I need to be doing, so off to bed all of you." Yami said.

Harry and Ron both looked like they wanted to say something, but Hermione just dragged them out of the office.

//Say, Yami why don't you take a break and get some sleep...you look exhausted, besides we have a class at 8 tomorrow, which we need to be awake for.//

/Fine Yugi, just let me finish up this last one./

Once Yami had finished the paper he got up and stretched. "Alright Hikari, let's call it a night." Yami said before he relinquished control to Yugi. Yugi nodded in agreement before changing into his pajamas and crawling into bed. He couldn't believe how tired he was, and what was worse it was only the end of day one...four more days to go.

/Please, don't remind me Aibou./

//Your dreading it as much as I am Pharaoh./

/If you say so, well good-night Aibou./

//Night Yami.//