Bowser, King of the Koopa, ruled his land of lava and rock with an iron claw. His subjects, the monsters throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, bowed to his power. The great wingless dragon's strength and power was all that he truly had, for surely his people didn't worship him for his charisma or lack thereof. He sneered just as he had to believe for the first time that Mario, his nemesis, would always outsmart him.

The King of the Koopa rose from his enormous throne, towering almost eight feet in height and weighing in nearly six hundred pounds of pure muscles. His scaly green flesh gleamed in the firelight with the large patch of tan on his chest, that of the underbelly of his spiked shell. As the dragon walked to his window overlooking the Mushroom Kingdom Castle, the room and perhaps the entire Keep shook from his sheer bulk.

Today, the Mushroom Kingdom was celebrating their fifth year liberation from the tyrannical terror of Smithy and his gang of machines. This day was also the day that reminded Bowser and all of his subjects that, they too, were liberated from Smithy. Though Mario led the Koopa Troop to victory, not a one of Bowser's subjects doubted that their king was an essential role, perhaps equals to the plumber hero. Ever since Bowser reclaimed his castle, it was a long time to rebuild the damage the Machine King left behind. It was a time to focus within Bowser's own kingdom and to not extend his claw to the future conquest to the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom.

For that, he was grateful. Secretly, he enjoyed the travels with Mario and his royal rival Peach Toadstool and more importantly, the victories that followed in those adventures. Anytime he let his ambitions get the better of him, he kidnapped the princess, who would easily be rescued by the great plumber. Each time he tried to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom, he failed and he failed and he failed. It's been five years since his last victory and without causing mischief in his neighboring kingdom in that time; it's been five years without a single defeat.

The dragon desired more victories. But his line of thinking has led him in a different way then he was use too. Fearful of his decision, Bowser brushed through his thick, red hair with one of his grand claws. What he thought went against his nature but his mind was set.

"Magi-koopa Kamak, get over here!" Bowser boomed, shaking the foundation to the newly rebuilt castle.

It was only a moment before the wizard koopa flew into the very window King Koopa was gazing out of. The caretaker and advisor to the king, Kamak was at his sire's call, flying into the throne room on his broom. Cloaked in blue, the koopa wizard was dwarfed to his king with his barely four foot frame. Smithy, curse his name, used some sort of device that had him turn against his lord and master. Though when he was freed from Smithy's control, the guilt Kamak felt was overpowering. He helped the Koopa Troop with a magical box that held unlimited gold coins but it was insignificant to his betrayal. The wizard would follow and help his king for all of his days, to make up for his failure.

"Yes King Koopa," the wizard smirked with a bow.

"I need you to do an errand for me," Bowser said, getting straight to the point.

"Whatever it may be, I shall do it unquestionably."

"Good. Kamak I need you to go the Mushroom Kingdom," the king paused to see the expression on his advisor's face. As accustomed for a koopa, the wizard grinned, expecting to cause trouble in the neighboring kingdom. But Bowser face remained stonewall, which confused the wizard that knew the king so well.

"And tell Princess Toadstool to send an ambassador to me. I wish to discuss a treaty," Bowser slowed his words so there would be no mistaken. "To discuss… perhaps… a peace."

Kamak reeled, taking more steps back than anyone normally would. He didn't know what to think about that, especially coming from his king. Maybe he was not well or maybe Bowser's time with Mario rubbed off on him. It didn't matter, for the wizard took flight on his broom always obeying his king without question.

Bowser was satisfied that he would score another victory. It was an unusual feeling that he felt, so alien in nature but something he knew was there ever since he joined with the Koopa Troop. A sense of duty and what was right for his people and not for just himself. It was that duty demanding that he would cease the endless feud between the two great kingdoms or at least try. Of course there would be revulsion within his people and distrust with the subjects of the Mushroom Kingdom. That bridge, he was more than willing to burn down with his magnificent breath when he got to it.

An instant flash of prismatic colors bathed onto the Koopa King. It was just a second but Bowser knew something was wrong. He tried to scream but it came as a weak whimper and when he moved to run to his double doors, he could only fall to his knees. However, the King of the Koopa continued to fall within himself, in a swirl of rainbow colors. Then, nothingness.