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WARNING! Some scenes are not appropriate for children, but for Yaoi Fan Peeps?... Go for it!

It was dark when Gaara came to. Alarmed, he pushed up off the cold floor to sit up, but immediately regretted it. Gaara groaned and held his head until the throbbing subsided.

In the weak light he could see the grey concrete walls that surrounded him, nothing remotely familiar to the cabin and probably no where near to it. He heard a clanging as he shifted and an unfamiliar weight dragged on his ankle. Pulling up the singed hem of his pants, he tugged his ankle closer to see what was around it in the darkness.

Around his ankle was a shackle with a chain that he was sure connected to one of the walls. Touching his throat, he felt a heavy collar; it was bulky and felt rubber like, with a small metal box on the side. Trying to find the unfastening mechanism to it proved useless.

There was none.

Growling in frustration, Gaara twisted his bare torso around to get a better look at his surroundings.

Fury burned through Gaara as vivid memories flooded his mind. Orochimaru's men had blasted their way into the cabin before he and Naruto had had a chance to continue their 'excursion' any further. The impact explosion had knocked Gaara out.

Gaara looked around his prison frantically.

Where was Naruto?

The lights flickered on displaying the bars that were a few feet away from him. Footsteps echoed in the empty hall beyond them.

"Ah, I see someone is awake…" He had heard that voice before, but couldn't seem to place it at that moment. The footsteps got nearer and he could now see a man's shadow.

After a moment Gaara snarled, recognizing the silver-haired guy that had first attacked his home.

"Oh, so you do remember me? I'm touched! The name's Kabuto and welcome," the man swept his arms out in a dramatic gesture to the plain walls around them, "to my home."

"Where is Naruto?" Gaara growled out.

Kabuto adjusted his glasses, giving Gaara a smirk. "He is in good hands."

Gaara lunged at the man, but the jailer stood still as the chain jerked him to a stop.

"Now, now, you will see him soon enough." The smile the man was giving Gaara made the red head even more furious, but not enough to miss the sensation of something pricking at his neck.

Gaara jerked and clawed at the collar but it proved useless.

"Something to make you a bit more manageable, I suppose." Kabuto's smile was audible.

Gaara's body began to feel like lead and his arms collapsed. He tried to fight it, but whatever poison was in the collar was too strong. A door banged open and several heavy footsteps approached along with something that dragged along the floor.

In his fuzzed up mind, he could smell blood and Naruto.

"Ah, finally! The guest of honor has arrived!" Sure enough, two big muscled men walked into view, holding up a half-conscious naked Naruto.

Gaara growled and tried his hardest to move, but all he managed was a feeble twitch of his arm.

Kabuto motioned the henchman to throw Naruto in the cell. And they did, none to gently.

"I'll be back later, enjoy your time. Ta." Kabuto waved and left without another word, the two other men following silently.

Gaara's fury dissipated and worry took hold as he noticed Naruto wasn't moving.

"Naruto?" He could feel the poison leaving his system and Gaara slowly crawled to the blonde. From what the pale boy could see from the back, Naruto appeared to have the same collar as himself.

"Naruto?" Gaara panicked, trying to get some reaction from his lover.

"….ra." The voice was so faint he could barely hear it.

His body still sluggish, Gaara stubbornly rolled onto his back, grappling and tugging Naruto to lie atop him. He gasped for a moment, feeling the chill of the floor bite through his tattered pants and the bare skin of his back. The least Gaara could do right now was to get Naruto off the concrete and provide some warmth.

Craning his neck to look along Naruto's battered body, Gaara could see that the blonde's tail was badly damaged. Bloody patches marked where hanks of fur had been torn out; it looked extremely painful. Even more so were the multiple cuts and bruises that marked the blonde's back. Just seeing the blonde in this condition made Gaara furious.

"I am sorry…" Naruto whispered and tried to look up at Gaara, but stopped, whimpering from the pain radiating through him. The pale boy moved a gentle hand through Naruto's hair, scratching his ears gently. The blonde carefully leaned into Gaara's hand relishing the small comfort.

"It's not your fault. We just need to concentrate on getting out of here." Naruto's head was resting, exhausted, on Gaara's shoulder, his eyes barely staying open. The red-head wrapped his arms around the blonde, offering all the warmth he could.

"Sleep, I'll keep watch for now." And Naruto dozed off in the comfort of Gaara's arms.


Naruto groaned. His body felt like shit. Chained to the wall, limbs stretched wide, his entire weight hung from the bindings on his wrists and his shoulders felt like they were tearing apart. He shifted and winced as his nose scraped against the wall and his muscles protested.

"At last, finally awake."

At the sound of the smooth voice, Naruto froze even as his pulse began to pound. Kabuto, that man loved torture more than anything, Naruto had learned that first hand long ago.

"Your boyfriend here gave me quite a fight, I had to drug him with the twice the recommended dose." Kabuto clucked his tongue in disapproval. Naruto craned his neck to peer over his own shoulder in time to see the sadist select a whip and lazily play it across the floor. But from the corner of his eye he could also see Gaara unconscious, his chin to his chest, in the same position as Naruto.

"Now Naruto… since I can't use the dogs on you, I have had to find another way to play with you." Kabuto reached out and ran a cold finger down Naruto's spine ever so slowly, drawing up shivers from Naruto.

"I guess, I could tease while we wait for your red-head to wake up." The finger traveled down past Naruto's butt cheeks. The blonde never felt more repulsed by another's touch.

The whip struck hard. Naruto held his breath willing himself not to scream. He couldn't give the man the satisfaction. Several lashes later, Naruto felt blood running down his back.

"What an exquisite picture you make Naruto." Kabuto's voice whispered through the roaring in Naruto's ears even as chains rattled and clanged further away.

"Leave him alone, bastard!" Gaara's outrage cut through the haze and Naruto struggled to assure his lover, but his torturer spoke first.

Kabuto laughed, "I think not. It's been a while since I had some fun." Adjusting his glasses, he changed the aim of his strikes. The sadist drove the whip harder than before, angling them so they struck down Naruto's thighs as well.

Naruto had lost count of how many lashes he had gotten. His teeth had long ago bitten through his bottom lip causing a thin trail of warmth to run down his chin. He let his chin touch his chest, his tears mixing with the blood.

Naruto didn't know how long he could on for. With the collar around his neck, he wasn't healing as he should have. Something was in his system, weakening him. His vision was already turning dark.

Somewhere beyond the smell of blood, Naruto could hear Gaara struggling against his own restraints and screaming profanities at the man.

"That's disappointing," Kabuto approached, sliding his whip across Naruto's bloody backside, "You didn't even scream."

Kabuto dug his finger into one of wounds and Naruto hissed. The finger pressed harder as it went lower on his body, stalling just above his butt crack. Then with a light touch, Kabuto traced curving patterns on his flesh, teasing him.

"Too bad I can't have you. Lord Orochimaru wants you for himself," Kabuto sighed in disappointment. "He did say I could play with you though, but, alas, all my tools are in my lab" Gaara snarled and jerked at the chains, but Kabuto paid no attention and continued to play his 'game.'

"You have such soft skin…" Kabuto ran his finger along the curves of Naruto's ass, spreading the blood like paint. Naruto tried uselessly to lean away from Kabuto's touch, but it just amused the silver-haired man.

"What a wonderful canvas you make…." Naruto shivered as Kabuto ran his tongue along one of the wounds. One hand glided down to his hips and eased itself down the crevice leading down to Naruto's anus. But then the hand lifted, the touch disappearing from his skin. Naruto breath quickened, dreading what the bespectacled man was planning to do.

The sticky hand returned, rounding to the inside of his thighs, creeping upwards to his groin.

"You have no idea how long I have waited for this." Naruto could hear the excitement in the voice, terror making his heart speed up even more. He barely registered Gaara screaming in the background. The blood-coated hand explored Naruto's groin, stopping to fondle his sack, before giving them a slight tug and then trailing up to his anus.

Naruto's eyes widened and he gasped. No one had ever touched him there. His virginity was not going to be taken here in this dank dungeon and he certainly didn't want this disgusting male to be fingering what was reserved only for his mate!

By now the finger was gliding in little circles around his hole, even daring a teasing stroke as if preparing to plunge in. Naruto squirmed, disgusted at himself for the arousal the ministrations evoked. If he could, he would have torn that hand off a long time ago.

"Too bad..." The hand kept in place, unmoving. "Orders were I could play with you, as long as I didn't touch you there.But, I am tempted to disobey just this once." Kabuto moved toward Naruto's semi-erect penis.

Suddenly there was a guttural roar, the deafening sound of metal screeching, and those horrible hands released him. There was a yell and Naruto heard the thick sound of tearing flesh. Out of his sight, Kabuto was soon calling for the hellhounds.

Naruto dared to look behind him and what he saw was utter chaos. Gaara had ripped the chains off the wall and had gone after Kabuto with a vengeance. The maimed man had a hand clamped to his throat, an attempt to stem the gush of blood, as he backed away from the red-head.

-00 -

Gaara felt hot satisfaction as he watched the man on front of him cough and struggle to breathe. But, he couldn't celebrate just yet. Gaara needed this bastard dead, for daring to touch what was his. This silver-haired man needed to die and he needed to get Naruto out of this place.

" You are proving… to be quite… difficult." Despite the ripped throat, Kabuto blew out a high-pitched whistle before succumbing to a bout of wet tearing coughs. The putrid smell of hellhounds flooded the room before the first slavering canine bounded through the doorway.

The beasts didn't hesitate to attack. One of the foul things latched onto his arm, sharp broken teeth easily slicing through bare skin. Gaara growled and slammed the thing's face against the wall, smashing in the back of its skull. Pain lanced up his arm as it died, its jaw spasming before finally dropping away. The red-head quickly flexed his fingers to test his injury, turning to face the rest. This pack was huge and more of them kept coming at him in waves. Gaara snarled in challenge and waded in, tearing through the creatures with wild abandon. Their dark blood soon decorated the walls and ran in rivulets across the floor.

Eviscerating a hound, Gaara gulped in air as he tossed the twitching carcass aside. The hellhound's death shriek caused him to smile, but the sudden silence that followed rattled his nerves. Gaara whipped around to check on Naruto but only bloody stains and empty chains remained. Kabuto was no where in sight.

Gaara howled in anger. The bastard had taken Naruto away! Screaming out in frustration, he charged through the remaining hellhounds with renewed vigor, ripping off heads and reveling as their rotting intestines flowed out.

Finally the last beast slumped, broken, against a wall and Gaara staggered to the door. He had no time; his mate was in danger. The thrill of the fight faded to an itchy buzz of uneasiness.

Gaara reached up to his neck and used his newly formed black claws to shred the collar to pieces. Once free, he tried to scent the air for Naruto, but the stench of the surrounding corpses completely permeated the area.

Then a scream pierced though the air. And then another. And again.

Naruto!Gaara ran down the halls, guided by the awful sound of his lover's pain until he couldn't hear its echoes. But now there was a faint trace of Naruto's scent and Gaara moved on, all hesitancy gone from his movements.

Another ragged scream cut the air, making Gaara sprint through the hallways. He was so close, he could almost hear the sobbing breaths in between the screams.

Gaara hurled himself at the door where Naruto's scent was the strongest. The wooden slats burst inwards as Gaara busted through with his new found strength. Splinters of oak flew as his golden eyes searched for his mate and spotted the blonde strapped to a table, crying. Fresh blood covered Naruto's face, streaming across his tanned cheeks and soaking into his soft hair.

Naruto's hands were bound above his head, a knife through one hand. Another blade stood quivering in the blonde's left thigh. Standing over Naruto was pale man with purple facial markings and yellow slitted eyes, much like a snake's. This man had to be Orochimaru.

Gaara snarled at this new enemy, ready to strike.

"You are such a nuisance." The snake man narrowed his beady eyes at Gaara. "Kabuto, get rid of him."

In an instant, a huge syringe was plunged into Gaara's chest. "That was for my throat, you filth." The silver-haired sadist smirked from across the room.

Snarling, Gaara wrenched the needle out and threw it back at its owner, point first. Kabuto's head snapped back as the projectile took him between the brows and blank black eyes stared at Gaara before the body slumped in death.

Gaara himself collapsed to his knees, every sense screaming at the encroaching cold that spread throughout his body. He tried to draw in a breath, but his lungs were unresponsive and leaden. Gaara couldn't even grab at his chest, his arms hung listlessly at his sides, numb and useless.

"You killed my servant, but no matter. You're as good as dead." The sibilant voice echoed softly through the room. The pale man watched, uncaring, as Gaara fell to the ground.



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