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Now Ryoga hadn't meant to miss so many years; he really hadn't. And so, he set out how to redeem himself, but he couldn't figure out how for the life of him. Heck he even went window shopping! He simply could not find a birthday present for Ryoma.

'Well Christmas too,' he thought dejectedly.

Just when he felt like giving up he came up with a great plan.

A tennis match!

But no he thought to himself that would be too normal. He needed to think outside of the box. Yes, think outside the box filled with tennis like goods. So other than tennis what would Chibisuke like?

Well…Karupin…ponta…oranges maybe?

He couldn't do anything about Karupin but ponta and oranges he could do!

So that's how Ryoma awoke to such a strange sight…a ponta in an orange tree. Not exactly what he wanted to see at 6:00 in the morning.

And every fiber of his being wanted to crawl into bed and die as he read the card:

"Happy birthday, Merry Christmas Chibisuke!"

God he hated his birthday.

On the first day of Christmas a seme gave to me... a Ponta in an Orange Tree

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