DBCA-Out of the kindness of my heart I have decided to tie up some lose ends. As well as adding another pair...But, that's not the point!

Skitz- Whatever. Just don't spend too much time on this I'm missing my soaps.

DBCA- You don't take baths-

Skitz- Not like that! Nevermind, Disclaimer!

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"Saa, everything went according to plan," spoke a mysterious voice from the shadows.

"It sure did…" said another.

"Fshuuu, Ah."

An evil snicker echoed throughout the darkness.

"He never even had a clue."

"Yudan sezu ni ikkou"

"Tezuka," called the first voice, "You needn't be so worried."

"Of course I'm worried it was your plan after all," he replied.

"Nya! True we could have scarred O-chibi!"

"That's true after Mamushi gave him his present he went to a mental hospital!"

The first voice seemed to ponder this.

"Was he any better afterwards?"

"No," answered another, "he looked worse than when I put candy canes on him."

The first one frowned.

"Anything else to report?"

"Well, I saw some loud kid dragging Chibisuke into a store…I think they kissed…"

Everyone went deathly silent.

Icy blue eyes snapped open, "Who did what with my Ryo-chan!"

The entire room shivered. Poor, poor Kentaro, the price of taking something from Fuji is high. Alas, this is a tale for a different time. 'Tis Christmas let's not concern ourselves with depressing thoughts…

At the Echizen house hold!

Today was weird, and I think I just gave my first kiss to a guy…Oh well it's not going to hurt anyone (If only he knew…)Except maybe baka Oyaji, but who cares about him?

"Oi seishounen you have a package!"

Speak of the devil.

Ryoma trudged down stairs, "Who's it from?"

The former pro didn't lock up from his 'magazine', "That Rikkai captain. Hmmm he's pretty hot if only he was a girl…"

Ryoma coughed the conversation had gotten way too awkward for his taste.

Why would Yukimura-san give me something unless…Oh-no.

He tore open the box. Inside were thirteen bath salts and a note that read:

Ne, I heard about Fuji's plan and didn't want to be left out. So, here you go Ryo-baby!

This time Ryoma didn't freak out. He calmly picked up a pen and wrote, "Do not awaken until X-Mas" on his arm. Then he fainted. Finally he was free from the presents and all the insanity his birthday brought. Little Fuji-plum fairies danced in his head.

On the twelfth day of Christmas a seme gave to me…

Twelve charms a glinting…

Eleven bandanas a flying…

Ten burgers a cooking…

Nine phones a ringing…

Eight canes a sticking

Seven laps a running...

Six mistletoes a tapping…

Five golden rackets!

Four grip tapes…

Three tennis matches…

Two tennis balls…

And a Ponta in an Orange Tree!!

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