A supernova boomed with enough suction to rend the building from its foundation. At one point, it seemed impossible to gain further output, yet increase it did. It was all Sam could do to hold on to his own position. His sweaty fingers grabbed at the counter edge, latching until he could feel a splinter imbed in his thumb. His fingers ached, numb and tender, with the effort of balling his fist so tight around the counter. Finally, he tossed away his sling, using even the injured arm for leverage and ignoring the pain. Finding a bit of a foothold, he miserably attempted to aim for the rope on Dean's ankle, finding the target moved too much to guarantee a sure thing shot. Last thing Dean needed was a few bullet holes ventilating him.

"ARGGGH…Get it OFF!"

Hearing his brother's pleas, he battled a few steps into the dizzy tornado until his efforts were thanked with a hard smack and scooting across the floor. When he heard the large crack, finding his brother dangling at odd angle, he forced himself back up. "DAMMIT!" His eyes just began to digest Dean's swollen, bulging leg.

Before the eldest Winchester processed what happened, his head gushed with heat and a strangled cry of agony pealed out of this throat. His shivered in pain, with a cold sweat broken out across his body. He gasped as another excruciating wave of torture hollowed down to his marrow. For a moment, he paralyzed by physical pain and intense chaos. Finally, consumed by raw agony, he passed out.

Sam's heart lumped, jumped from his chest, and planned an escape route out his throat. Had he not swallowed, it might have succeeded. He dug his fingers in a claw, scooting on the floor to get close enough to Dean, rather than waiting for battle to end. He didn't have long to wait as forces collided and splattered in an explosion. Driven to cover his eyes from the sheer brightness, he couldn't see rope unraveling or Dean's gentle drift to the floor.

The swirling toys one by one began to waft down, making a neat pile on top of him. Then all was still. If it was over or not, Sam was already moving, not even taking in the status of his surroundings.

Nadiya perplexed. "Where's Dean!?" Her lower lip shook, and her lids burned with unshed tears.

Sam made his way through the remains of a large battle. Frantically he dug and burrowed, tossing toys aside. Moments later, he pulled out the upper portion of an unconscious Dean, who had a large lump throbbing on his head.

Sam's gut twisted into a thousand terrible knots in the icy hands of fear, twisting long fingers in his innards. "Dean, can you hear me?"

Out of blinding sensation, a warm and familiar voice awoke him. Dean shifted between Sam and Nadiya, flopping his head as if unaware of his situation. After a droplet of tears fell on his face, he snapped awake, fixing on the water and desperation falling from Nadiya's eyes and heated vapors of Sam's frantic breathing. His eyes were wide, yet impossibly distant. Sam couldn't hold back a gasp, and noticed Dean's head jerk up in surprise.

Dean shuttered, flicking his eyes. "What's..."

"Don't try to move."

"Tell that to the room." His mouth was dry and his voice cracked, but he rasped out his response.

"I'm serious." She furrowed her brow in sympathy. "Your leg- it..." She froze for a moment at his words, but then shook her head sharply from side to side.


"Lay still." The words rolling off Sam's tongue felt foreign and wrong.

"What happened?"

"Let me up."

"You're hurt." She screamed. "I'm sorry!"

"For what?" Confused and bewildered, Dean wondered if things had gone off the deep end.

"Don't move."

"Why not?" Dean kicked out, flinging more toys off his lower half. He panted, reached up wiping his sweaty brow.

"You're leg----" Sam grabbed at it, turning it in odd manners and finds no injury. Even the glass that cut done is gone with no sign of injury. "That was a direct hit. " The blood still stained Dean's shirt.

"Get off me. What are you babbling about?"

"You were hurt- I saw--- Don't you."

"Dude, all I can remember is being shoved in someone's idea of a supersized washing machine."

"Legba! Nadiya smiled. "He- he…."

Without interpretation, Sam knew what Nadiya meant and it was only now that he noticed the store, while disheveled, was whole- toys remade, glass repaired, Dean healed. The store restored and made whole. Then Sam noticed the pain in his arm was absent too. "Damn, first time something helped up."

"He is a god after all!" She put an arm under Dean, helping him to sit halfway, only to have him collapse sickened in her arm. "Pure magic," she smiled.

"Ughh..." pushing up more on his elbow and glaring "Call Disney! I think I've made them a new ride.""

"Oh yeah." Sam chuckled in relief more than anything.

"The spin and hurl!"

"You are a bit green."

"See?" she told him. "I told you it would work!" They looked at each other again and smiled, thankful Dean was just woozy.

"Watch him for a minute."

"Where are you going?" Dean demanded.

"To check this out. Just stay still." With intentions of a thorough inspection, Sam pondered how his brother had been miraculous healed and everything repaired. He wasn't ready to let down his guard just yet until he had a final sweep of things.

Meanwhile, Dean was content to get his head settled, but unable to resist a show of his charm. "I wondered when I would get in your arms."

"You could have tried the direct approach. You've been so subtle. And just my arms… hmmmm… pity you're imagination couldn't-"

"Hey, give me a minute. My head's still on the rinse cycle. Though, I remember seeing my leg now… and it wasn't good."

He latched on to her trying to get his bearing, which she seemed to be more than happy to provide. "Legba helped you. He is very generous to those that are the same."

"I don't feel very lucky at the moment"

"Let's see how lucky you are." When her lips locked on his, any arguments to the contrary washed away. Even after Sam coughed and gave an all clear, he took his sweet time in letting the kiss go.

As soon as it did, Sam chuckled as they helped Dean shakily stand. "Let's get you out of here and in the air."

"I'm good. I can walk on my own thanks. You positive it's over?"

"Fork in done."

"Good." Dean then stuffed at least two Teletubbies under his arm, flashing a satisfied smile as he crammed in a Barney for good measure. "Then it's time for target practice!"

"Sorry." Sam gave her a glance.

"What for?"

"He can be like that…if-"

"Are you kidding, I may join him in offing a few myself."

"Ha!" Dean beamed, and lobbed unsteadily, balancing on the doorway.

"Just put them down."

"Told you Sam's a pooper. Hey, I just realized, we just called a trickster and nothing bad happened to us."

"We'll that's a first."

"Man, we kick ass." While he turned a moment to put the toys back, a million tiny sparkly beads encrusted and adorned across the ass of his jeans, splashing and declaring the word Sassy for the world to see.

"Uh… Dean." Nadiya started.

"No. No, just let this battle go." Sam snorted loudly, trying desperately to keep it in. "I'm not telling him." He whispered and Nadiya snickered along. "Yeah. Guess, he didn't live up to your expectations."


She walked over to Dean, an obvious sly smile on her lips. Just when she got over to him, her hand unleashed a loud smack to his rear. He flinched, moving right into her incoming brief kiss. "Sassy, don't be a stranger."

"Uh... uh… sure?"

"Did I miss something?"

"Not a thing." She offered.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Dean eyelids narrow to slits as he waited for an answer. "What's so funny?"


"Sam? Nadiya?"

"Yes, Sassy?" Sam beamed.

#####THE END#####