Naruto Fanfic – "Ino's Secret Kissing Jutsu"

Written December 2007 by Astra M.

Author's Note: While I've been beating my brains out over "Bittersweet Sixteen," I've been resorting to revisiting old material for stress relief. So I began working on this 'extra' as purely gratuitous fun. It's really more of an overly long one-shot than a true multific story, but I had to break it up (sometimes awkwardly) for readability.

This takes place after the events in "Butt Out!" but it is not necessary to have read that story first. The rating is T. And the term 'kissing jutsu' is duly credited to Persepolis130 and her wonderfully silly fanfic "Operation: Genin Dance."

Part One - Mission Objectives

This is so tedious, thought Ino as she peered through the dense foliage that hid her. She broke her vigil to glance over at the dark haired young man who was crouching silently next to her, his attention wholly absorbed on analyzing the scene in front of them. Impulsively, her eyes began to move over the taut jaw line until they came to rest on the firm mouth, and a faint shiver swept through her. I wish I could be doing something else a lot more... interesting.

Unknowingly, she sighed.

"What is it?" murmured Shikamaru as he shifted next to her, bringing that mouth within inches of her own. Ino's lids fluttered at the sensation of his warm breath tickling her ear. She wet her lips unthinkingly, imagining his moving heatedly across her skin, and a familiar yearning started to build up inside. What would it hurt, really, to steal a little kiss from him right now...?

Get a grip, girl! You're in the middle of a mission, for Heaven's sakes!

Ino pursed her lips in a silent pout. "It's... nothing," she whispered, lifting her eyes upward. She thought this would be less distracting, but instead found dark, penetrating eyes holding hers. Unexpectedly, Shikamaru slowly dipped his gaze downward until he came to linger on her mouth, and another tremor passed through Ino as she melted under the heated glow she saw sparking from within him. An imperceptible, electric current suddenly erupted between them, leaving Ino breathlessly longing to follow its pull until her tongue was once more helplessly entwined in his...

Shikamaru grunted softly and abruptly shifted away. He returned to his quiet stake out, his demeanor again perfectly calm and unruffled, leaving Ino feeling both bereft and frustrated. How did he do that? How was he able to bring her blood to a near boil, haplessly responding to the silent fire in his own, and in the next minute return to being such a seemingly unaffected cold fish?

No fair, Shikamaru!

Agitated, Ino again tried to focus her attention on the job at hand, but it was useless. Her concentration was thoroughly shot. This was poor discipline on her part, Ino knew, as well as atypically careless: the kind of behavior that could ruin a mission or get someone killed. And she especially couldn't afford to be stupid - they were on a spying mission, after all, against a suspected informant operating inside the Land of Grass - it was vital she keep her wits sharp so deep in enemy territory. Even now they were staked out across from a seedy establishment on the outskirts of a large town, waiting for their target to make contact with a local arms merchant named Gaijo. When the opportunity came, Ino would strike with her Shintenshin no Jutsu and they would glean what knowledge they could from the unwitting men's meeting. If all went well there would be minimal risk to the team, according to Shikamaru's plan: they would be back in Konoha within the week. So it all came down to how Ino played her part... and for that, she had to keep her mind on task.

Her brain understood all this. But her body, it seemed, had other ideas.

I just can't help it, fretted Ino as she fought the urge to abandon pretense and just mope over Shikamaru. It had been a week since she last felt his lips on hers, and longer since she had felt their ardent massage elsewhere. She suppressed a moan, feeling a dull ache stir within at the memory of their last private session together. Shikamaru had been in fine form that afternoon, and Ino realized now that it was because he already knew about this mission. Since they had left Konoha, he hadn't laid so much as a finger on her. While she knew that this was done to conceal their relationship from the others, Ino still found Shikamaru's behavior both aggravating and bitterly ironic. Teenage boy or not, maybe he was really some sort of sexual camel, able to store up their lovemaking like water and draw on it at leisure. But Ino knew she wasn't the same. She needed his touch, not the mere memory of it...

Shikamaru shifted again, clucking his tongue in irritation.

"This is turning into a complete waste of time," he muttered, pulling himself further away. Ino was surprised at the tone of Shikamaru's voice: he sounded unusually surly and impatient, more like his old genin self. She watched as he jerked himself off the ground and into a sitting position, and ran a thumb exasperatedly across his brow. "I knew we were taking a risk by not intercepting the target earlier. If we tried to grab him before he came here, it could be troublesome for you to bluff your way into Gaijo's circle, and your jutsu might not last long enough to learn anything. But Gaijo's men have him so well guarded... I'm afraid we may have lost the chance to do this from a discreet distance." Shikamaru broke off, his forehead creasing in frustration, and Ino had the impression that he was angry with himself. "If we're going to pull this off, we need to get physically closer to him. There's nothing else for it," he said flatly. "But how the hell are we supposed to do that now without tipping them off?"

While Shikamaru fell into silent contemplation, Ino sighed again. We need to get physically closer. Here was yet more bitter irony she could do without. What did she care about drawing nearer to some shady, slovenly middle-aged man when the one she wanted to throw herself at right now was him? Ino couldn't help feeling a stab of resentment at her life's chosen path just then. It would be so nice, every once in a while, to forget that she was a proud kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf, just to be able to act like a normal teenage girl and -

An idea suddenly popped into her mind, causing Ino to let out a gasp of delight. Shikamaru looked over at her questioningly, lifting a brow even further when he saw the impish smile that had spread across her face.

"Listen, Shikamaru... I know how we can do it."