Don't own House M.D. nor the characters. This fic takes place during season three, but the chapters individually indicate the date and time. I began this fic a long time ago and wanted to wait until my other chapter fic was complete in posting. However, due to situations dealing with the dates, I have decided to post it now. So, enjoy!

March 9, 2007 7:34 p.m.

House entered Cuddy's office and threw his coat and backpack to her couch.

"Okay! Let's get this over with."

Cuddy had been clearing some clutter on her desk. It was well past the time to go home and she was exhausted. Dealing with House wasn't something she was prepared to do at the given moment.

"Get what over with?" She darted her eyes to him for only a second before directing them back to her desk.

House's brow furrowed. Two days ago, he thought she just forgot and that was the cause of her absence. Yesterday, he guessed she had someone else fulfill the duty or managed to do it herself. Today, he wasn't quite sure what was going on, but this was definitely mysterious.

"The painful prick that stimulates those sexy ovaries of yours," House replied to her questioning.

"Yeah..." Cuddy started, not making eye contact as she organized a stack of files, "I'm not doing that anymore."

She hoped that if one thing could go right in her life, it would be that House would let this drop and leave. However, her luck as of late was lacking and House remained standing there. Cuddy stopped all her movement, keeping her head bowed.

House took in Cuddy's current position, her body language, and the news she just told him. He bit his bottom lip and stared intently at her. This was very mysterious.

"You're giving up?" he asked and stepped towards the couch, releasing her from his death stare.

Cuddy swallowed the lump in her throat and raised her head. "Yes. I'm through with it."

House stopped, his eyes on the picture hanging above the couch. He glanced over at Cuddy. It was evident that he was puzzled by this.

"Well, that was a waste of time and money, then," House told her. "If you wanted to throw money away, you could have given it to me. Easy spending and no expectation."

"I wasn't trying to waste money," Cuddy defended herself, a look of her hurt on her face.

House noticed this and lowered his harshness. "What were you trying to do?"

"You have no idea what it's like, House," Cuddy replied softly and moved around her desk, heading for her coat rack in the corner of the room.

House turned, watching her cross the room. "Care to enlighten me?"

Cuddy was in the process of putting her coat on. Her eyes locked on House. "No."

"Come on, Cuddy." House limped toward her. "I've kept your secret thus far."

"It's none of your business why I've decided not to go any further with it," Cuddy said and placed her purse strap over her shoulder. She moved to exit, but House stopped her.

"You know, if you don't tell me, I might have to ask others about your lack of trust in me and those little injections might slip out into the conversation." House hoped that would work.

Cuddy tore her arm from House's hand and glared. "You're not going to blackmail me into telling you, House."

With that, Cuddy left her office. House hurriedly put on his coat and grabbed his backpack before chasing after her. She was walking toward the parking lot when he finally caught up.

"Doing anything for the weekend?" House asked nonchalantly.

"Go away." Cuddy ignored his question.

House stepped in front of her, causing her to stop. "What is it, Cuddy? The donors met you and decided to withhold sperm?"

"Yes, how did you know?"

Cuddy tried to get past House, but he managed, even with a bum leg, to block each attempt at passing him. Knowing he wasn't going to give up, Cuddy stopped and stood in front of him, quite defeated.

"Surrender?" House asked with a smirk on his face.

Cuddy tilted her head to the side and let out a sigh. She shook her head slightly while House tried to figure out her take on forfeiting her attempts at baby making now that he had stalled her.

"Could you please be human for once and let it go?" Cuddy asked, her eyes never leaving his.

House shrugged. "I'm just trying to understand what changed you."

"You want to understand something, House?" Cuddy asked, her voice thick with so much emotion it hurt. "Try understanding the want of creating another life force. Try understanding the hopelessness you feel every time you pee on a stick because you know it's going to be negative. Try understanding failing over and over again at the one thing you and your body were specifically made for. When you can understand that, then we can talk."

Cuddy brushed by House and he let her go. His eyes never left her as she made it into the driver's side of her car and took off as fast as she could. With an uncomfortable feeling in his stomach, House turned and headed for his parking space.

March 9, 2007 10:13 p.m.

"What do you want?" Cuddy was tired and still upset from her earlier encounter with House. However, she still complied with opening the door to him.

"Are you going to let me in?" House asked. "It's important."

Cuddy looked him over, unsure if she could trust him. After a moment, she stepped back and pulled the door back with her. House hobbled into her home and Cuddy tightened her black robe around her nightgown.

"Must you always show up late at night without calling, House?" Cuddy asked as she shut the front door. "It's getting tiring."

House stood in her hallway, facing her. Inhaling, he built up his courage. "See, Cuddy, I came to offer you a little proposition. I thought about your... dilemma... and I want to help. So, I'll- you know."

"No, I don't know." Cuddy shook her head as her eyebrows drew together.

House rolled his eyes with a sigh. "I'll help you out. With a donation."

"You want to give your sperm to me?" Cuddy didn't believe him and it took everything in her power to not roll her eyes right back at him.

"Not when you put it that way." House removed the cringing from his face. "Having sex with you sounds a little more appealing."

"You're joking." Cuddy stared.

"Nope," House answered brightly. "What else could you ask for? You know me well enough, I have fantastic genes, no terrible medical history."

"Addiction," Cuddy pointed out immediately.

"That's debatable," House replied.

Cuddy folded her arms across her chest, still processing this information. "What you're suggesting is clearly-"

"Feasible?" House attempted to finish her thought.

"No," Cuddy replied with a lowered tone.

"Why not?" House asked. He was still treating this subject on the brighter side. This idea occurred to him a few hours ago and he had finally gained enough ground on the matter to try and execute it.

"Because." Cuddy knew that answer wasn't good enough. "Because it would get messy, awkward, and downright weird."

"Why?" House was puzzled by this.

"House, I work with you." Cuddy didn't understand how House couldn't see the problem in this. "I'm your boss. If I... had your baby, wouldn't you think that would change our relationship?"

"No." House shook his head simply. "And no one at the hospital would have to know. I can pretend it's not mine. I don't want the kid."

Cuddy softened just a touch. "I don't believe that."

"Is there some way I can prove it to you?" House asked and took a step closer to Cuddy. "Swear on the Bible? Or on the Hippocratic Oath?"

"You don't believe in either of those, therefore rendering your actions pointless," Cuddy replied with a quick raise of her eyebrows.

"It would be strictly business, Cuddy," House pointed out in a persuasive tone and swung his cane over his backside.

"In that case, you can fill a cup and we can do it In Vitro." Cuddy still didn't believe he was serious. "No sex. That's business."

House swung his cane down and leaned towards her. "That's not fun business."

"Are you using my weakness of wanting a baby to get into my pants?" Cuddy needed the truth before she could go on with it anymore.

"Wouldn't you want to tell the," House paused as he kept the word spawn from rolling off his tongue, "child that it was created in moments of heat and passion and not in a petri dish?"

"Right." Cuddy rolled her eyes, dragging out the word. "Because we have so much passion, Hou-"

House's mouth was on hers before she could finish her sentence. Of course, House knew what he was doing and he knew he had her weakened when her mouth didn't protest. House was the one to finally pull away.

"Passion, Cuddy?" House asked, leaving her breathless.

Cuddy regained her senses. "No. That was a cheap trick. My hormones are-"

"Don't blame your hormones," House cut her off. "Admit it. Hot and passionate."

Cuddy let out a sigh. "House, we both know this wouldn't work."

"In Vitro Fertilization is expensive and weary," House said. "As we both can see by you wanting to give up. We'll keep this under lock and key, Cuddy. Need I remind you how much I enjoy secrets? And then, we can stop when you're pregnant or when you've had enough."

Cuddy eyed House up carefully. "Why would you do this?"

"Free sex." House shrugged.

Cuddy let out a puff of a laugh in order to keep her anger away. "Which is exactly why I don't want to-"

"Just business, right, Cuddy?" House reminded her of the main point behind this idea. "That's all it will be."

"You're going to use it against me." Cuddy shook her head. "You'll tell your team and then-"

"Why would I do that?" House pulled away from Cuddy. "So, Cameron can get me a father of the year mug? I don't want them finding out our dirty little secret either. Strictly business. One colleague helping out another."

"It's a pretty heavy task," Cuddy said.

"All in a good day's work," House replied.

"You're absolutely serious about this?" Cuddy knew that even if House had been pulling her leg the entire time, the look on her face at the given moment would warrant a true answer from him. "You've thought it over? This isn't some whim or some joke to make me look stupid."

"I've seriously thought it over and it's no joke," House told her.

Cuddy hesitated and knew that this was probably a horrible idea which she would regret agreeing to when tomorrow came. "Starting Monday I'm most fertile during ovulation."

"Pick you up at eight." House gave a slight nod.

Cuddy gave him a look so he knew he was skating on thin ice in this matter. She could go back on her agreement at any moment. Without another word, House gave Cuddy a smile and let himself out, both of them wondering if this really was a promising idea.