Chapter 16

For the next few days, Sophie laid in bed, playing with her bandage until Watson told her not to and she would start again after he was gone. Almost every hour she would cast an irritated look at her brother, rolled her eyes and continued playing with her bandage. Although Sherlock often came to keep her company, Sophie preferred to remain alone in her room. She would be awaken by the harsh cooing of the night birds on her window sill near midnight and throw a silent temper tantrum, and then she would be tired out and go to sleep. Every morning, she would turn down Mrs. Hudson's well cooked breakfast and throw another silent temper tantrum because she could not get out of bed. The rest of the after noon would pass without anymore temper tantrums and fits. At one in the afternoon, Mrs. Hudson would once again bring up lunch which Sophie would only take a few bites. Another silent temper tantrum would occur because she could not walk around. Finally, night time came and Sophie could finally relax and watch the moon crawl up the inky dark night sky. This routine repeated itself for four days.

It was only until the fifth day was she finally able to walk around. The first thing she went for was her desk, where she had carefully hidden the small slip of paper of the clues away from anyone. Sophie studied it. It did not seem any special to her. She checked many books from Sherlock's book shelves (much to Watson's irritation because he always gets blamed for the mess Sophie made) but could find not a single thing. Finally, she gave up, throwing the paper aside, she cast her eyes up at the ceiling. Stupid code, stupid place, stupid everything! Sophie stood up and started pacing around the room.

Goddamn place, it was not a bit like her old home, nice and cozy. Pausing in her tracks, Sophie threw another glance at the piece of paper on the table. It was just a code, nothing else, just a code, just a co-

She cocked her head sharply to the right. Suddenly, it became all clear. Realization dawned on her as she picked up the paper once more and began to survey it again. This time, she held it upside down.

10.30 87.5 0.68 11.1X was an exact copy of X1.l1 89.0 S.LB 0E.0l

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