1Summary-Naruto and Sasuke are married and Naruto wishes to have a baby of his own but how could they but Ssauke wants one too will they pull this off or will one wish upon a star change there whole lives.

Chapter1-I want...

Naruto laid on his husbands chest that night trying to get to sleep but failed Naruto felt a want for something but he didn't know what. So he pondered the thought of what he wanted, a pet...no...some ramen...no then it hit him

"A baby"he said

"What was that?"Sasuke asked

"Oh nothing go back to sleep love"Naruto said rubbing Sasuke's head.

"Okay"Sasuke said half sleep

Naruto got out of bed and made his way down stairs 'I wonder' Naruto thought as he looked out the window 'what will I do to be able to be blessed with a baby'. After a glass of water he went straight back to bed, but Sasuke wasn't there.

"Where have you been?"he heard Sasuke's voice ask him

"Down stairs, why?"Naruto said

"Oh never mind then"Sasuke said getting back in the bed

"Sasuke"Naruto said getting in the bed next to Sasuke

"Yes dobe?"Sasuke asked

"Have you um, ever well...wanted something really bad but couldn't have it?"Naruto asked blushing as he played with the blanket.

"...yes I have if you remeber that time I came home and didn't get something I really badly oh so dearly needed"Sasuke said

"Look I said I was sorry"Naruto said

"I just wasn't in the mood okay"Naruto said again

"That's what you all ways say"Sasuke said under his breath

"oh what was that I could have just sworn I herd the couch talking saying Sasuke im lonely come and sleep on my nice coushony..."Naruto said

"Okay I'll be quiet so what is this about"Sasuke said almost begging (almost)

"Any ways Sasuke like some thing you want and really want but you know you can't have it"Naruto said that last part sadly

"Dobe is there something you want because I'll get it for you"Sasuke said trying to make his lover feel better.

"Yes"Naruto said quickly turning twoard Sasuke

"Well what is it?"Sasuke asked

"Sasuke"Naruto said taking a pause "I want you to get me pregnat"Naruto said

"...Naruto"Sasuke gasped

"Yeah so will you"Naruto asked ancsuisos

"Um I can't because you know"Sasuke said

"Well we can try"Naruto protested

"Na-"but Sasuke was cut off with his lovers begging

"OH, please Sasu please"Naruto begged

"Naruto but you can't"Sasuke said

"But lets try"Naruto said even louder

"You know they going to give you all those shots"Sasuke said

"I don't care I'll take them, and Sasuke don't you want a baby?"Naruto asked

Sasuke took Naruto's hands"more then any thing...lets do it"Sasuke said

"Yes Sasuke, thank you I love you"Naruto said embracing him and Sasuke returning the hug.

"I love you to Naruto"Sasuke said

That night they slept in each other's arms happy and hopeing that they successed in there dream to have a child.


"Sasuke im so nurvous im shaking"Naruto stated

"I know I am too honey"Sasuke said rubbing his arm

Naruto was hoping that they would be called the very last but boy was he wrong as soon as they sat and Sasuke opened his book they were called by the doctor's assistant.

"Naruto Uchiha"The pink haired women yelled

Naruto stood up and looked at Sasuke as he put his book under his arm and took Naruto to the door to enter her office.

"Oh hello there"the assistant flirted with Sasuke

"Oh hell no"Sasuke said

When they were seated at least Sasuke was sitting Naruto was busy walking aruond and touching things.

"Dobe sit down and don't touch"Sasuke said

"Im nurvoues"Naruto said

"I know me too but you have to sit down and be patient"Sasuke said

Then the doctor walked in on the two as they were bickering and then they quieted down as the lady smiled at them and asked how they were.

"Good"Sasuke answered Naruto was all of a sudden at his side blushing

"Great now who is Naruto"the doctor asked

"M-me"Naruto stammared

"Oh well it seems that you want to have a baby"Tsunade said looking at him

"Yes, yes I do"Naruto said getting a little confidence

"good well you do know you can only get so many shot's for this right?"Tsunade stated

"Yes I do and I really want one so lay it on me"Naruto said sticking out his arm.

"Dobe"Sasuke asked looking at how determined he was.

"Okay first this shot will be given to you to give you what's needed and no it will not give you a women part it will take an hour and as soon as that hour is up you must begin sexual intercourse. If not it will not work witch im telling you now it has not worked for any of them so if it doesn't work the first time it might not work at all the next four times okay?"she said finishing her statement.

"Yes and I will make suer it's on time"Sasuke said

"Also it is very dangerous and can kill him if he takes it more then the times given"she said

"Okay we get it on with it"Naruto pushed

So finally Tsunade gave him the shot and Naruto winced at the pain but was surprised to see that there little visit only lasted them thirty minutes.


Naruto layed panting on his face on the bed.

"Oh Sasuke"Naruto moaned

They had just finished there little task that Tsunade had told them was needed and Naruto felt confident about the whole thing.

"How are...you feeling"Sasuke panted out

"Fine"Naruto said smiling at him

"Good"Sasuke said Ruffling his hair.

The two fell asleep Naruto especially hoping that his wish comes true.