1Summary-In this chapter Koyuki is going to say goodbye to his first love Mary and will she be happy on Koyuki's choice of a new lover? We'll see.

Chapter19-Good Bye

Koyuki felt like crap he really didn't wanna get up and say goodbye why couldn't things stay the way they use to be when it was them all together as friends and Mary his girlfriend? But Mary wasn't the only one leaving it was Rose too. They Hyugga family was getting rid of there kids. Well that's what Koyuki thought any ways.

"Koyuki come down stairs Mary's mom is here to tell us something" Sasuke said

"Okay dad" Koyuki said

When he got down stairs Naruto was sitting on the couch with Meayen, who was holding Rikka. Meayen smiled at her.

"Oh Naruto she's so kawai" Meayen said

"I know, isn't she sweet" Naruto said

"No" Koyuki said

"Oh Koyuki" Naruto said

"Hello Koyuki" Meayen said smiling a sad smile

"Hi Mrs. Hyugga" Koyuki said

"Well Koyuki, Meayen has something important to tell us all" Naruto said

"Well, um Koyuki Mary is going away as you already know, but you don't know the reason, well the reason is because her grandfather and her cousion's grandfather wants to send them to the school they sent Neji and Hinata to...I don't want her to go but I have no choice" Meayen said

"Why not?" Koyuki asked

"Because this has something to do with the Hyugga family, I know im apart of the family too but I don't wanna get involved in what's happening" Meayen said her face getting red

"How long will she be gone?" Koyuki asked

"She'll be gone until she's...twenty two" Meayen said a tear sliding down her face

"Im sorry Meayen" Naruto said rubbing her back

Rikka made a face as tears began to fall on her she closed the eye it was most close too when it fell. She looked at Sasuke with a look that said 'get me outta here it's raining!'. Sasuke took Rikka from Meayen and cradled her in his arms. She looked at Koyuki who was looking heart broken. Then back up at Sasuke.

The doorbell rang and when Koyuki opened it, it was Neji.

"Um Meayen we have to go, we need to go see my dad and uncle before later on tonight" Neji said

"She's not doing to well Neji" Naruto said

Neji walked over to her and put his arms around her and hugged her. Koyuki knew this hurt her more then him. Neji pulled Meayen up and held her hand as he wiped her face on her sleeve.

"Bye, we'll see you guys at the air port" Neji said he put an arm around Meayen and they walked out the house

"Wow" Sasuke said

"That's cold that's really messed up you know they shouldn't be taking her kid away from her!" Naruto yelled

"Naruto calm down it's none of our business" Sasuke said

"I don't care she's my best friend Sasuke and I don't want her to be sad her kid is getting yanked out of her grasp" Naruto said

"I know but there's nothing we could do now is there Naruto" Sasuke said

"Well...maybe not" Naruto said

"Good now someone wants to see her mommy" Sasuke said giving Rikka to Naruto

Naruto looked sad too. Naruto wanted to cry for his son and for his friends who were losing there kids. This was horrible how could the Hyugga family be so wrapped up in there kids being big shots that they don't care for the parents? Naruto's cheeks turned red and Sasuke knew that was a sign he was going to start crying.


Rikka made a face again when she saw Naruto was crying she started to cry too. Sasuke sighed and hit his forehead as the two began to cry. Then he looked over to Koyuki who was crying too.

"Please stop crying" Sasuke said as he gathered them all in his arms and hugged them


Rose looked sad as she watched her mom pack cloths for her. Hinata was heart broken. Her little girl was being sent to school just like she was. Kiba saw it was Naruto did and was pissed off. Akamaru came in with Kiba trailing behind him the dog licked her face and whimpered. Hinata couldn't take it any more she began to cry right on the spot she slid to her knees with her head in the suitcase. Rose got up and walked over to her mom.

"It's okay Mommy" she said in a soft voice

Hinata just sobbed even more. Kiba looked at Rose who looked to him for help. Rose was sad too. She wasn't going to see her family and friends for a long time. She began to cry too. Kiba looked at them all.

"Oh man come on" Kiba said rubbing his eyes

"Woof" Akamaru said

"I just(sniffle) got something in my eye" Kiba said

"Woof" Akamaru said

Kiba went over to them and hugged them all and of course Akamaru who began to howl sadly as his family including his master began to cry.

"We love you Rose" Kiba said

"I know daddy" she said

"Don't forget us" Hinata said

"I never could do that" Rose said

"Woof" Akamaru said

"You too Akamaru" Rose said rubbing his head


Meayen and Mary were sitting out side on the porch together. Neji came out and looked at his wife and daughter. He sighed it was only so long ago when he remembered his little bundle of joy being born her first words her learning to work then the biggest mistake in his life when he broke her arm. Neji wanted to punch him self for something so stupid. He went out and sat with them. Mary was in the middle of the two adults. They hugged her as the sun set.

"We'll be going soon you two" Neji said

"I know" Meayen said


Every one was there all of the two girls friends were there and the parents of course. Neji's uncle was going on the plane with them and then coming back. Jhanaru and Kentaro. All three of the boys looked sadly at there friends.

"Well I guess this is good bye" Koyuki said too Mary

"This isn't good bye Koyuki, it's a see you later kinda thing we'll meet again I promise" Mary said hugging his

"Bye Rose" Kentaro said

"Bye Kentaro" Rose said

"Bye Mary, bye Rose" Jhanaru said

"Bye Rose" Koyuki said

"Bye Janaru" Rose said

"Bye Koyuki" Rose said

"Bye Jhanaru and Kentaro" Mary said

The kids then said bye to there parents.

"Bye Koyuki" Mary said kissing him

"Aww" Ino said

Koyuki hugged her tightly he thought about not letting go.

'Should I?' Koyuki thought

He let her go

"Bye Mary"

They all waved as the kids left Akamaru howled. The three boys looked sadly as there friends left. Rikka waved her too.

'Until we meet again...Mary'


Well that's it Until the sequel comes out and in there they'll be twenty two and Rikka will be six and Sasuke and the rest will be thirty seven.