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Well folks, this is what I call the 'END' chapter where I will post my responses to your reviews so it doesn't clutter up one of the chapters with 50 some review responses (I could only wish)...

Soon I will begin work on When Gaians Throw an Orgy as well as continuing my work on Haremization, and To Be a Mountain Face. I have already decided, for those interested in the Brianbacks series, that my later short stories After Mogul and Xenocide will be lengthened moderately to accommodate for the original plot lines I had inspired them to take. If that means two more chapters after edits then so be it.

Review Commentaries:

Ryuu9: The Brianbacks series that I have been referring to is split into two parts: Brianbacks Series and the Alternative Brianbacks Series. The latter of the two takes place after The End in the Brianbacks Series and follows Mogul's p.o.v. where After Mogul simply moved on to Mogul's son Eric. Now, even stranger than your puzzlement, is that I haven't read or touched After Mogul in nearly three years but I still remember the name of Mogul's son who lives for some 3,000-4,000 words in a short, condemned story I have tried so hard to sweep under the rug by creating the Alternative Series. Does that answer your question?