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Hermione typed away at the key board. She was furious. Some witch posing as a muggle in the muggle world was leaking Harry's life story into that world as a fictional tale and making a lot of money off it.

Hermione's hand danced across the keyboard of her laptop at her parent's home. She found the search engine and typed in "Harry Potter." She was furious at the results! They had even gone so far as to make a muggle movie out of their adventures.

She glanced at the page for a while then curiosity got the better of her. She clicked on the link for the "Harry Potter official website." There were pictures of three people who Hermione guess were supposed to be Harry, herself and Ron. She laughed. They looked nothing like the three of them.

Just then she heard to faint pops from her kitchen. Soon Ron and Harry were calling her from down stairs.

"Guys, come here," she called to them. The two young men soon joined Hermione in her room. After a brief explanation to Ron what computers and the internet was she was Hermione was able to tell Harry what was going on.

"Well say something," Hermione said after telling them that even muggles knew about Harry's life. Harry was staring blankly at the computer screen.

Harry shrugged. "It's really no big deal, Hermione. Voldemort is dead, so whoever is leaking this has no worries about being hunted down by him."

"But what about everyone knowing this stuff? I mean, there's even a movie!" Hermione said. Harry shrugged again.

"The wizarding world has made a big deal out of me since before I even knew wizards existed," Harry said. "I really don't care if muggles know. They don't even think it's real anyway."

Ron was looking at his actor strangely.

"Where did they get this dork to play me?" he asked Hermione. She rolled her eyes. Harry laughed.

Ignoring Ron's comment, Hermione typed in "Potter" into the search engine. She scrolled down, feeling slightly better about the whole catastrophe because Harry was fine with the leak.

"Hey!" Ron said suddenly making his companions jump. "What's that?"

He was pointing to a link that said "Potter Puppet Pals." Hermione shrugged guessing it was something stupid that would most likely get her upset.

"I don't know," Hermione said, sounding uninterested.

"Let's click on it," Harry said. Hermione gave him a look. Great. Now they both wanted to see it. Obviously outnumbered, Hermione clicked on the link.

The Potter Puppet Pals website came up. Music played in the background and a selection of clips to watch popped up. There was a choice between cartoon puppet and live puppets. Hermione thought that if she rolled her eyes anymore she'd probably get a headache.

"Wizard Swears,The Mysterious Ticking Noise, Wizard Angst, Potions Class, Bothering Snape and Trouble at Hogwarts," Harry read aloud. Ron had started laughing and pointing at puppet versions of himself and Harry.

"Click on Bothering Snape," Ron said. "That sounds good."

With no other choice, Hermione clicked on Bothering Snape. Music played once more as the screen changed. A puppet Harry popped on screen.

"Hi, I'm Harry Potter," said the puppet Harry. Puppet Ron popped up next to him.

"And I am Ron," puppet Ron squeaked.

"They made me sound like a GIRL," Ron yelled at the screen. Harry and Hermione burst into a fit of laughter.

"Let's go bother Snape," puppet Harry said.

"Right-O," said puppet Ron.

"'Right-O' indeed," Ron muttered under his breath, but he was smiling.

"I am Snape, the Potion's mater." A puppet version of their old Potion's teacher bounced onto the screen. The uncanny resemblance was hysterical. The three couldn't contain their laughter.

Suddenly puppet Harry and Ron come up from off screen and bombard puppet Snape while screaming "Bother! Bother! Bother!" Hermione almost fell off her chair.

Soon puppet Ron and Harry were back on there own.

"Woo-hoo! That was fun!" puppet Ron said in his high-pitched voice.

"I like the part when he stops moving," puppet Harry said. The really Harry collapsed on top of the real Ron who's face was as red as his hair from laughing.

The puppets left an awkward pause in there before the Ron puppet suggests that they do it again.

The Harry and Ron puppets then attack Snape with more "Bother's" before Snape finally loses it.

"Avada Kedavra!" the Snape puppet cries pointing his wand at the bothersome puppets. The puppet Ron and Harry let out a comical cry before falling on the ground, smoking from the attack.

Harry and Ron stared at their dead puppet selves with a looks of utter horror on there faces. Hermione really did fall off her chair that time.

"Oh dear," puppet Snape said looking at the two smoldering boys. Suddenly a puppet Dumbledore comes up. The dead puppets forgotten, Harry and Ron were sent into a whole knew fit of laughter. The puppet Dumbledore looked nothing like the real one.

"Hello Severus," puppet Dumbledore said cheerfully.

"I can explain, Sir," Snape said shakily. Ron snorted.

"What's this? It looks like young Harry and Ronald are taking an afternoon nap. Let's see what they've got in their pockets," puppet Dumbledore said.

"He's cracked," Harry muttered. A smirk played across his face though. It was humorous. Snape snuck away and Dumbledore checked the pockets of the dead puppets.

"Coward!" Ron yelled gleefully at the retreating form. Harry and Hermione laughed at Ron's face more than anything.

For some reason though, the puppet Dumbledore thought that after taking nine sickles and a dung bomb from the Harry and Ron puppets, that it would be a good idea to take his robes off and dance.

"O… kay," Ron said when the puppet started dancing with nothing on. Hermione however let out a shriek of laughter and fell back down to the floor after just getting back on her seat.

Ron gave her a curious look but he and Harry were both chuckling too. And why? The whole thing was completely stupid. But it was also genius. Like something the twins would come up with.

"Let's watch another one," Ron said of Hermione's laughing.

"Can't…. breath," Hermione panted. Harry helped her to her feet and conjured up two more chairs so he and Ron could sit.

"Which one should we watch next?" Harry asked going back to the main page. "I think Wizard Angst looks good."


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