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"Wizard Angst?" Ron said. "Don't we have enough of it already?"

Harry grinned mischievously. "I'm willing to bet that after we see this there won't be enough of it."

Hermione smirked at the two. Not willing to waist another minute arguing about something pointless as a title for a puppet show, she reached forward and clicked on Wizard Angst. A muggle site popped up and the show started playing.

A curtain opened and music played. A sign came up saying "Potter Puppet Pals presents" following that came another saying "Wizard Angst." Hermione could already feel a giggle pushing its way up her throat.

Suddenly the puppet Harry came up. This puppet was real unlike the ones from the animation.

"I feel cranky and pubescent today and I don't know why," Puppet Harry growled. "I'm going to take it out on people I like."

Ron chuckled loudly. Hermione giggled. Harry watched the screen confused.

Puppet Ron popped up. "Hello Harry," the puppet squeaked. "What sort of Tom-foolery shall we get up to today?"

"Oh they think we go looking for trouble do they?" Ron asked, still trying to be upset about his puppet's voice.

"No Tom-foolery today, Ron. I'm sick of your dreadful speckled mug," Puppet Harry snapped.

"Why have you hurt me in this way, Harry," whimpered the puppet Ron. Real Ron shoved real Harry who was still stumped at his puppet's behavior.

"Yeah what's your problem Harry?" Puppet Hermione and real Hermione said at the same time. That caused the three of them to burst out laughing.

"My parents are dead, my life sucks, I can't hold down a girl friend and I'm surrounded by –beep-ing goblins and –beep- all the time. I mean what the –beep-," Puppet Harry shouted.

Ron and Hermione couldn't stop laughing, mostly at real Harry's face. His eyes were wide but a smirk was definitely visible on his face.

"You know that would do it," Harry said.

"But it's magic, Harry! Goblins are magical!" insisted puppet Ron.

"Yeah, well I still have nightmares about Dobby eating my skin clean off every night! I can't take it anymore! I quit magic!" Puppet Harry insisted right back.

The trio gasped along with puppet Ron who did it obnoxiously right in the puppet Harry's face. More laughing followed.

"But what about fighting you-know-who?" asked the Hermione puppet.

"Fine. It's all up to you now, Ron," said the puppet Harry.

"Figures," real Ron muttered.

The puppet Ron however was stuttering with fear.

"Come on now, go fight him," puppet Harry said, pushing puppet Ron off screen.

Harry laughed at the look on Ron's face as his puppet self was pushed toward a puppet Voldemort.

Voldemort just turned on the puppet Ron and said quite gleefully, "Hello, little child."

"He sounds more like a vampire," Ron said a little louder than necessary to hide his puppet's quivering voice.

"You want a piece of me or what?" puppet Voldemort pressed.

"N-no sir," puppet Ron squeaked before rushing off screen again.

"Yeah you run away," said puppet Voldemort before continuing to stare off into the distance.

"Hey! You got an easy break!" Real Harry said to real Ron. Ron stuck his tongue out. He was still a little bit upset that his puppet was afraid of everything.

"Ron, it's just a puppet," Hermione said patting his arm.

"I can't do it," puppet Ron said to puppet Hermione upon returning.

"You tried your best, Ron," the puppet said.

"Awww! Thanks Herm-own-ninny!" Real Ron said laying his head on her shoulder.

"What's Harry doing?" the puppet red-head asked.

The puppet in question was banging his head on the side of the stage chanting "angst" over and over.

"He's a bit off today, haven't you noticed?" puppet Hermione said.

"Maybe he's in love," said puppet Ron. Hermione snorted. Puppet Ron also knew nothing about love symptoms.

"Who would fall in love with such an a-" puppet Hermione started before being interrupted by both puppet Ron and real Harry.

"What?" Harry said the same time puppet Ron spoke.

"Maybe he needs a hug!"

"I don't want a hug," shouted the puppet Harry.

"Give me a hug, Harry."

"No!" shouted the angsty puppet.

Ignoring the comment, the Ron puppet gave puppet Harry a hug.

"Huggy!" the puppet squeaked.

"I'll wound you!" puppet Harry insisted. The two puppets were then at each other in a fight. Puppet Hermione ducked out of sight. Real Hermione squealed out laughing and fell on top of Ron. Ron and Harry looked at each other and then down at Hermione.

"Sorry, mate," Harry said grinning.

"It's only a puppet," Ron said coolly. Hermione continued laughing out loud.

As the puppets continued fighting, puppet Snape came on screen.

"What is this rumpus?" growled Snape. Harry and Ron laughed out loud as their puppet selves stopped fighting.

"Harry hit me," whined the puppet Ron.

"Ron invaded my personal bubble," accused puppet Harry pointing at Ron.

"Me thinks some severe punishment is in order here," said puppet Snape.

"Oh no!" said the two in unison. Seeming to forget that they were mad at each other, their heads were very close together as if they were afraid.

"The two of you," said puppet Snape, "shall be dragged by your ears to the dungeons were a drunken Filch will be waiting with a cactus and a croquet mallet and then-" But the Professor puppet didn't get to finish. With a brief look at the other puppet Ron and Harry pulled out their wands.

"Pantaloonious Poopakus," they chanted together. It was pretty easy to guess what it was supposed to mean. The trio all fell off their chairs laughing so hard. Hermione looked like she was going to die.

Professor puppet Snape stopped in mid sentence. "I have to- um- leave now," he said before ever so slowly trudging of screen. The laughing didn't stop until a crazy Professor Dumbledore came on screen laughing.

"That was awesome, guys," cackled the puppet.

"Thanks, Dumbledore," squeaked puppet Ron.

"Are you still full of that Wizard Angst Harry?" Dumbledore asked.

"I think I can appreciate life a lot more now," puppet Harry said.

"WELL THAT'S JUST FANTASTIC!" Dumbledore shouted out randomly.

"Hey guy," puppet Hermione said coming back on screen. "Eww. What's that smell?"

"Why it's Snape's greatest potion of all," said puppet Ron dreamily.

The four puppets cheesy laughter was drowned out by the real trio's hysterics. This time it was Ron who crashed into Hermione in a fit of laughter. Harry was just trying to stay in his chair.

Suddenly, the puppet Dumbledore stopped laughing and floated straight off the screen.

"Ok, that was weird," said Ron, wiping tears from his eyes.

"Shall we watch another?" Hermione asked, eyes twinkling.


I don't think this one is as good as the first but if you guys like it then "THAT'S JUST FANTASTIC!"