Chapter 2

Her dreams took her where they always did. Strange places and situations, but always with the one that she loved. She was a child, her eight-year-old self, but with the same mind that she had in real life. Her memories remained in-tact, even though they hadn't happened yet, and while she couldn't see herself, she felt her youthful innocence. She walked into a large cathedral where a wedding was taking place. She was the maid of honor, but she couldn't tell if it was her aunt, her cousin, or a family friend getting married. And there he stood, waiting for her. Gibbs. Gibbs was the best man. He hadn't changed one bit, and although he never looked her way, she knew that he recognized her and knew who she was still. Her family buzzed around her. She couldn't make out distinct voices, but all of them were extremely worried about her having to be with Gibbs during the whole ceremony, even though they didn't know who he was. The age difference was even more striking now that she was eight and he remained the same. She didn't care. The ceremony started, and they took each other's hands. It was so natural; it felt so right. She saw him smile—not directly at her of course, but to the couple on the raised altar/stage, but she knew it was meant for her. She smiled back. They didn't say a word, but watched the ceremony in silence and held hands throughout. They kept trying to separate her from him, but it wasn't working. At one point they succeeded, and she found herself off to the side away from everyone. As everyone started to join hands, she fought her way back to his side, and cut in between her cousin and him so that she could hold hands with him again. She was happy, so perfectly happy… this is how they were meant to be.

Gibbs had been on his way up to the lab to visit Abby. She hadn't seemed quite herself lately, and he was worried about her. He resolved to go make sure she was ok before heading home for the weekend. As he approached the door to the lab, he saw her slam her Caf-Pow down on the table, stopping him abruptly. She had not seen him, but he watched as he saw her furiously trying to stop her glistening eyes from producing the tears that seemed inevitable. He didn't want to frighten her by walking in now, but when she put her head down, Gibbs knew that she would fall asleep. He slowly walked into the lab and made his way to her, softly, careful not to wake her. She looked so peaceful sleeping there. The worry that creased her face had faded away, and a gentle smile crossed her lips. He stood stoically next to her chair as she slept for what seemed like an eternity, letting his thoughts run wild. He couldn't help but to wish that she were sleeping in his bed, in his arms… that he could stoke her hair and pull her tightly to his body. He knew he had to stop this. It was getting to be too much for him. He sighed. He didn't want her to wake up and find him staring at her, so he wrote her a note, and then left the lab as quietly as he had entered it.

Abby slowly awoke from her dream, at first unsure of where she was and what had happened. She stretched like a cat and yawned in an attempt to wake up. It was then that she saw the note, the small piece of paper left just above where her head was a few moments ago.


Didn't want to wake you. I'll be at the place down the street for a while before heading home, if you want to meet me there.


Abby smiled.