Sharingan no Gokyoudai

-Brothers of the Sharingan-

Summery: In which, Itachi has been captured and is being held in Kumogakure. Sasuke must travel to see him, in the hopes of bringing him back to Konoha, or gaining information about Akatsuki. Having to visit the man in his holding cell, with the Raikage refusing to give over the Uchiha murderer, will Sasuke find he still holds a bond with his brother?

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A/N: Hello all! This is my first Uchihacest story, although I have wanted to write one for a while, and I finally feel I have a sufficient story to do so. This will be a long multi-chaptered fic. I also warn, I am one to write long chapters. I hope you all enjoy this story, as I believe I will enjoy writing it.

Burakon: (n) (abbr) Brother complex; an unnatural attachment or attraction to one's brother.

Chapter 1: Burakon

The sound of erratic breathing and feet ricocheting off of wooden branches was alive in the air as shinobi swarmed, running through the trees of the surrounding forest with alarming speed - racing towards their target not far ahead. The sighting of an Akatsuki cloak barely a mile outside the village was not an occurrence to be taken lightly, and the Kage had been swift in ordering a full fleet of ANBU to track the S-class missing-nin - a feat that had proved easy enough.

"Do not resist!" ANBU were yelling, a continuous chant throughout the darkness of the forest - protocol, one of only a small number of phrases an elite shinobi was allowed to repeat to a known criminal. "You have no chance of escape!"

The dark figure ahead breathed deeply, attempting to calm his frantically beating heart as he pushed onwards - faster, harder, quicker - the rustling of leaves as he broke through branches accompanied by the whistling of passing kunai attempting to cease his escape filled his ears, but he did not look back at his pursuers. It would be no use - he knew the outcome of this chase.

Jumping suddenly and turning deftly, twisting himself around in the air, the figure dressed in the ominous Akatsuki cloak threw one single shuriken - the heavy metal spinning, almost mockingly, towards the fifty or so ANBU which pursued him. With this single blow, none cried out as the shuriken continued to spin, passing by many - gashing their arm with a shallow wound, or scratching their side - before landing finally, with a decidedly heavy thud, in the trunk of a tree.

This action may have seemed careless, for the Akatsuki-nin to throw a weapon so uselessly - but in fact it became the downfall of the man, as it instantaneously provided all the ANBU gathered with one simple fact, proven by his failure to take any of them down when he should have done so easily - the Akatsuki they were pursuing was already severely weakened.

Immediately following along with his movement, while the man was still attempting to twist himself in the air, the ANBU came in on him - one throwing a well-aimed kunai blade, which landed itself in the small of the man's back with apparent ease and a startled gasp.

The man went down, crashing through the trees like dead weight, branches cracking and making way before he landed on the ground with a sickeningly loud thud.

The ANBU swarmed in quickly, securing and surrounding the area in which the man had landed. Captains from each team, figures with high status in their village and filled with pride at their catch, jumped down from their positions in the darkness of the trees - coming forth to inspect their fallen prey.

Stepping forward from the group of captains, one ANBU stood over the unmoving figure, his shadow casting itself over the ground menacingly. Lifting the uniform mask from his face, he kicked the side of the man who lay on the dark forest floor - and apon hearing no grunt nor sign of shifting - smirked down at the figure, as a slow, dark chuckling enveloped the group.

"We have you," The ANBU captain announced down to the fallen man, dark hair covering the eyes of the unconscious figure. "Uchiha Itachi."

Sighing deeply, the young boy let his eyes rest serenely over the site before him, as his breathing evened out and slowed. Here, in the early hours of the morning, with the sun just beginning to peak over the low-rising mountains in the distance - seeping its yellow light into the sky like slowly spreading gold - Uchiha Sasuke found peace of mind.

Having left his flat while it was still dark enough to be private, Sasuke had taken his usual morning run around the village, taking pleasure in the practically deserted streets in the dark of slowly ebbing night, before ending up here - in front of the Hokage tower, in the heart of Konohagakure - and looking back over the village he had lived in his entire life, where he would witness the sun's awakening for another day.

Earlier that morning, Sasuke had been approached by a messenger, who had told him he had been called by the Hokage to meet in her office in an hour. During his run, Sasuke had wondered what possible reason the Hokage could have for requesting him - usually, if a mission were scheduled for Team 7, it was Kakashi who would be summoned, and whom would alert he and the others - and so what was her reason for asking him here, on this unremarkable morning?

Making his way through the village and to the Hokage tower had been a uneventful track, however, as the people of Konoha were just now roused and beginning their day, and Sasuke soon found himself climbing the steps to the office of the Hokage undeterred.

Knocking once in formality before he swung the door to the office open, Sasuke was immediately confronted with a room filled with people. Rasing an eyebrow, the young Uchiha realised this would not be the private meeting he had thought it would be.

Tsunade shuffled the papers in front of her on the wood of her desk nervously as Sasuke entered, thinking once again over the purpose of this meeting, and how delicately she must approach the subject with the young Uchiha now present. With Kakashi standing in front of her desk to the right, and a handful of specialised ANBU gathered to the left of the room, Sasuke came to stand next to his sensei with confusion evident on his features.

"Hokage-sama." Sasuke acknowledged respectfully, before adding with a clipped tone; "Why have you called for me?" The raven-haired youth could not help but feel slightly out of place, surrounded by his experienced Jounin sensei and a flight of ANBU. What possible purpose could she have for him that would fit in with whatever proceedings were going on?

"Uchiha Sasuke." Tsunade nodded in light greeting, before her hard eyes turned on the room in general, immediately and silently demanding the attentions of all gathered. "Now that we are all present, I will explain to you why we are here." She announced.

Kakashi's expression was as bored as ever, his fingers twitching to grab for the Icha Icha novel no doubt stashed in the back pocket of his Kunai pouch - but he resisted, trying his hardest to focus on the obviously pressing matter at hand. Slanting his eyes sideways to glance at the collected ANBU who stood at attention at the other side of the room, the Jounin wondered what was going on that would require such a fleet. Looking then to Sasuke, as the short teenager stood beside him with a suspicious expression on his young face, Kakashi knew that he was also wondering.

Tsunade sighed, bracing herself as she began; "Last night, I received a message sent from the Raikage of Kumogakure." She informed them all, as an eager silence developed, "Apparently, they a run in... with one of the Akatsuki."

The reaction was immediate, at the name of the notorious evil organisation of collective missing-nins. As the ANBU whispered quick mutterings to each other, no doubt of the importance of such a message, it did not evade Tsunade as to how Sasuke stiffened. She thought sardonically of how the youth would react to the true gravity of this situation.

"Akatsuki had apparently been passing through, seeing to one of their spies," Tsunade explained, "And one has been intercepted when he was travelling."

Kakashi was the only one who appeared otherwise unfazed by this news as he cut Tsunade's apprehension short, questioning her; "Ano, Tsunade," He voiced, "As interesting as all of that is... why has Konoha been alerted of an interception in Kumo?"

Sasuke's expression was hard as he also awaited the answer, and Tsunade's eyes met his. The young Uchiha stilled instantly at the pained and apologetic look she sent him in that moment, matched by how softly she announced her next words to him - and Sasuke would tell himself for years afterwards, that he had somehow known what she was about to say.

"Because the Akatsuki-nin they have captured, is Uchiha Itachi."

Silence followed this statement, as the ANBU's shocked expressions told of their own surprise, and Kakashi fell decidedly silent. A tension filled the room, as all eyes seemed somehow to land on the still figure of Sasuke - as the youth stood, in shock, his eyes wide and mouth slightly agape with the unexpected news.

Then came anger.

"What the fuck do you mean, they captured him?" The young Uchiha demanded, his fists clenching in sudden unknown outrage.

Tsunade was braced for such a reaction out of the boy, however, and was calm as she told the raven-haired youth; "He was alone, travelling through the border forest of Kumo, and they managed to capture him using the force of their collect ANBU squads." She told the boy, "He is being held in the state's criminal asylum - where he awaits prosecution."

Sasuke's expression was suddenly confused and pained, 'Itachi has been... captured?' Something in his mind told him he should be happy, that the murderer of his family had finally been caught and could now be punished for his crime - while another supplied the angry notion that it should have been he to catch and destroy the man. Underneath all of these confusing thoughts, though, was plain shock.

Kakashi looked in sadness to the youth beside him, suddenly feeling the urge to comfort his young charge - he had, after all, known the boy since his birth - but knew also that Sasuke needed a few moments to collect himself. Instead, the Jounin looked to Tsunade.

"But Itachi is not a citizen of Kumo, they cannot prosecute him." He argued.

An ANBU from the other side of the room nodded in agreement, before he asked clarifyingly; "Are we to go and collect the Uchiha?"

Tsunade sighed deeply, as she shook her head. "Unfortunately, that is where the matter becomes complicated." She told them, letting her hand rest over the letter she had received from Kumo, as she continued; "The Raikage does not wish to relinquish his hold on Uchiha Itachi, and is detaining him in their asylum."

All the eyes in the room snapped up to meet hers in surprise then, as the Hokage's words hit them all.

"What?" Sasuke demanded, being the first to find his voice, as anger rose with alarming speed within him. "But he doesn't belong to their country!" He yelled angrily.

"Quite right!" Another ANBU shouted - a captain, as told by his position standing in front of the group of elite shinobi. "The Raikage has no right to detain one of our citizens, missing-nin or not!"

Kakashi was quick to provide his own logic on the matter, "Surely we can demand they hand over Itachi?" He asked, his tone only hinting towards curiosity, though privately he too felt himself affected by the capture of a boy he had known many years ago.

Tsunade shook her head, "Itachi is not just any missing-nin, he is a Bingo Book S-class Akatsuki criminal - he has posed a direct threat against Kumo by going there, and that gives them cause to arrest and detain him. Although they cannot prosecute or execute him, they can keep him on their land."

Sasuke gaped for a moment in fury, before he yelled in response, his eyes wide and demanding; "Then we should not accept 'no' as an answer! We should take him by force!"

Tsunade looked sharply to the young Uchiha then, banging her fist against the wood of her desk loudly as she snapped; "We are not about to wage war over a criminal who abandoned our country!"

Sasuke recoiled slightly at these words, and fell quiet. Privately, though, he could not help the hurt he felt - that he would be denied the only goal he had lived his entire life striving towards, the revenge against his brother that he so desired.

Tsunade's gaze calmed then, and to the surprise of the room at large, she apologised. "I am sorry, Uchiha Sasuke." She told the boy quietly, one hand rising to rub soothingly at her temple. "But Itachi is not worth putting the country's alliances at jeopardy."

Kakashi was quick to defend Sasuke's argument, however, as he asked instead; "Has Kumo not shown their own recklessness towards our countries' alliance, by refusing to hand over Itachi?"

Tsunade sighed. "Not entirely. They defend themselves, declaring that they believe that by detaining him they may be able to extract from Itachi information on Akatsuki. And..." The woman hesitated for only a moment, trying not to focus on the dark eyes of the Uchiha who stared so intently at her, devouring her every word. "... they have invited myself and a party of Konoha ninja to come to Kumogakure, and negotiate over Itachi with the Raikage."

Sasuke gasped quietly, a barely audible expression of his shock, as his eyes widened once again. Finally, the true purpose as to why they had all been summoned was revealed.

"Negotiate?" One ANBU shinobi questioned loudly, as they all began to mutter amongst themselves about the matter - some obviously supportive of the idea, others not so much.

Sasuke merely stood in silence, his head bowed, and unsure.

"Then we will travel to Kumo." Kakashi voiced decisively then, and Sasuke's attention snapped back to him, as the man's expression became suddenly serious. "And attempt to bring Itachi back to Konoha."

"Precisely." Tsunade agreed, nodding in a concluding manner, and seemingly pleased by Kakashi's support. "I will direct negotiations with the Raikage, with the assistance of all of you. At the very least, we hope to extract information from Itachi ourselves as to the plans of Akatsuki - and hopefully, by the end of proceedings, we will be able to bring him back to Konoha for prosecution."

Sasuke's mind was suddenly a whirlwind of incomplete thoughts and confusing emotions, as the ANBU collected in the room immediately voiced their agreement to the plan, and Kakashi nodded his acceptance of the scenario - the man instead deciding to revel in the good news that Itachi had at least been caught.

Sasuke's eyes were wide, though, and his voice was quiet, as he asked;

"But, why am I going?"

The room looked to him, as though it had not occurred to any of them why he was a significant addition to the party who was to travel to Kumogakure - he was the last surviving Uchiha, the one Itachi had left alive. It seemed only natural for him to be involved in any proceedings involving the Uchiha murderer.

Tsunade seemed to have been expecting this question from the boy, however, and her expression was delicately blank as she informed Sasuke;

"You are going, because Itachi has been asking for you from the moment he was captured."

Sasuke was taken aback by this, his eyebrows drawing together as his forehead creased in confusion. 'Asking... for me?' He thought with apprehension - wondering why his older brother, who had killed their entire family and taunted him ever since, would ask for him under such dire circumstances.

Tsunade looked directly into Sasuke's eyes as she helped the boy understand the importance of the situation; "You must come along, because we believe if he is willing to speak to you - you will most likely have the greatest success with getting information about Akatsuki out of him."

Sasuke felt his heart almost stop - and looked away from them all then, as the entire room now stared at him expectantly.

Would he able to face his brother again? To speak with him, one on one? He didn't know. The gap between them was too great, and the resentment Sasuke felt for Itachi was too deep. He wasn't sure he could stand to see the man unless the visit was followed by a swift execution, and as he considered travelling with this group - with his sensei, and the Hokage - to see his long-forsaken brother, Sasuke wondered if he was strong enough for what they were asking of him.

"Sasuke?" Tsunade questioned then, the grave importance in her voice gaining his attention once again, as his haunted dark gaze fixed on her. The powerful kunoichi's eyes shimmered with barely restrained pleading, and also deep understanding, as she asked the boy; "Will you come with us, to retrieve your brother?"

The young Uchiha's expression held his uncertainty as he considered her words. Then, looking around the room, his eyes travelled to the expectant ANBU - all gazing at him through their animal masks, silently awaiting his answer - while Kakashi looked down to his young student in understanding. It was as Sasuke looked back to Tsunade, and felt Kakashi's hand land comfortingly on his shoulder, that he knew he would never forgive himself.

"Hai." He answered simply to the room, the announcement seeming to shatter an invisible layer of tense silence that had fallen over them all, and Tsunade smiled appreciatively.

"Then we leave this afternoon." The Hokage announced, her eyes determined as those in the room nodded, "To Kumogakure." She finished decisively.

'To Itachi.' Sasuke added to himself.

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