Sharingan no Gokyoudai

-Brothers of the Sharingan-

Summery: In which, Itachi has been captured and is being held in Kumogakure. Sasuke must travel to see him, in the hopes of bringing him back to Konoha, or gaining information about Akatsuki. Having to visit the man in his holding cell, with the Raikage refusing to give over the Uchiha murderer, will Sasuke find he still holds a bond with his brother?

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A/N: Sorry. I know I'm pretty much the worst author in the world for leaving this story for so long, and I'm sorry for any disappointment it may cause, but I'm pretty much just going to finish this story up in a couple of chapters to get it done. I never write this anymore, but I don't want to leave it unfinished, just in case anyone is still reading it.

So yeah, anyway, heres the continuation - and please let me know if you're reading, and if I should bother to finish this old fic.

Life is akin to an ever-shifting kaleidoscope - a slight change, and all patterns alter.

Chapter 10: Hungering Heartstrings

His heart pounded in his chest, beating cruelly against his ribs; his breath burning in his throat, as his very body throbbed - and the boy found himself unable to move.

Eyes wide and unfocused, Sasuke was immobile; as he felt soft, smooth lips press insistently against his own - the touch maddeningly soft, hesitant, forbidden - as Itachi leaned over him, his hand holding the boy's gently, though possessively.

Time slowed and stilled; the feeling that seemed to surround the two males palpable in the air, as colours and sounds around them mixed and blurred, until all that existed was the touch - and yet still, the reality remained. They were brothers.

They were kissing.

Weakness overtook him, as he was controlled by his own shock - and it was only after the longest of moments, that the boy regained some semblance of his strength. Then, with a violence he had hardly ever known, he pushed his brother back; the soft smack of their lips as they were pulled apart seeming to reverberate in the room damagingly after them.

Then there was silence.

Eyes clouded with something he could not understand, Sasuke saw Itachi through a haze of confusion, his breath labored; and when his sight finally cleared and the heaviness of reality came to settle in his chest, his gaze settled on the man's face, as he gasped quietly.

And Sasuke had never seen Itachi look like that.

The older Uchiha was panting, his lips slick, hair falling messily into his face; dark eyes wide and uncomprehending of his own actions, as pleasure stained the man's cheeks - and with a burst of realisation, Sasuke knew, that Itachi was as shocked as he was.

The boy scrambled to his feet - his hand suddenly slipping from the older's hold - as he backed away in a frenzy from his brother, his heart pounded suddenly with desperation to escape - and a steady panic rose within him.

He had to get out.

"Sasuke..." Itachi spoke then, his voice pleading, and so unlike the usual drawl - now desperate, as the man rose to his feet as well, a hand reaching out in the air towards the retreating boy. "Otouto..."

He might have whimpered, as Sasuke felt tears form in his eyes - and why was he crying? All he knew was the pain blossoming in his chest, the urgency with which he needed to get away - feet faltering as he backed towards the wall, unable to tear his gaze from his brother.

What was happening?

"Wh-what did you...?" The words stumbled over his lips as he finally found his voice, and it sounded nothing like him, as his young face twisted in anguish. What had he done?

Itachi's expression became pained as his shock subsided, and again the boy did not recognise him, as an upset frown came to rest over the elder's lips - and he seemed to take a shuddering breath to steady himself.

"I have always loved you, Sasuke." The man stated then, with great calm - and that was all there was.

Eyes widened, breath caught in a slim throat - and something in his heart burst.

Sasuke turned then, and hastened unsteadily towards the large barrier door - eyes locking on the red button on the wall as it gleamed in the lighted room, and he made his way frantically towards it; his feet suddenly heavy, his chest aching like he had never known it to do, and his hand was shaking - as he stumbled, tripped on his own feet, and fell to lean against the wall.

And still, the other called to him; imploring the boy to listen.

"Sasuke..." Itachi's tenor rose as he advanced, his tone holding an edge of near-desperation, as the sound of the elder's footsteps echoed in the room. "Please..."

Sasuke tensed at the sound of his brother's voice, the smoothness of it rocking over his body, and he was overwhelmed by the senses that controlled him - the imprint of that damned kiss still tingling on his lips, his heart pounding furiously, as he spoke his own disbelief.

"We shouldn't have... have done..." The boy breathed, whispering his condemnation to the wall in front of him, as his body stiffened and shook. "W-we aren't supposed to... I t-thought..."

The shadow of the man fell over his form, Itachi standing behind him but not daring to move any closer. Sasuke felt himself paralysed again as his hands pressed desperately against the cold, rough stone wall - and he couldn't breathe, as felt the warmth of the body behind him, pulsing from the other.

The voice rose out of him without his permission, and Sasuke's eye filled with tears as he heard his own harsh whisper, the words eerily clear. "How could you leave me?"

There was a long moment of silence.

"Sasuke..." The man's voice was close now, too close - and Sasuke's eyes widened as though anticipating the fall of an axe, his every nerve on fire, as his rapid heartbeat pulsed behind his ears. "...I would never do anything you did not want me to do."

And when he felt the light brush of a hand on his shoulder, the boy gasped.

Turning in a flash to face the man, Sasuke pressed himself flat against the wall behind him, as he gazed up to his brother - and was once again blown away by the emotion that lay deep within the dark eyes that stared back, as he fell hot tears finally fall down his flushed cheeks - a single word tumbling from his trembling lips.


And it was only then, with a suddenness that almost made the younger flinch, that Itachi stilled.

The world finally came to the stop, the heavy heartbeats of sensitive bodies pounding ever harder - and as Itachi gazed into the boy's face, reddened with confusion, tears wetting his cheeks, and eyes wide with hurt - he was struck with understanding.

Sasuke was still afraid of him.

The boy stood, staking and tense in a way that no youth should ever be, and when the man dared to look deeply into his younger brother's dark orbs - so like his own - he saw what he had done.

He had gone too far, betrayed the boy's trust, and loved him in a way that no brother ever should. He had no right. The boy did not feel the same. Who could expect him to?

And now, Sasuke would hate him.

Itachi recoiled from the site of his little brother's tears - shame overcoming him, filling him, and he retreated; horrified by the pain he saw in the other's eyes, that he had caused - not only then, but so many years ago.

He was repelled, and rejected.

Sasuke hesitated, the fear that he felt holding him strong as his brother stepped back, and he was only slowed by the sorrow he saw reflected in Itachi's eyes, the intense anguish with which he stared - before, just as suddenly, the man's gaze seemed to steel over, his composure blank, eyes cold - and with a new stab of fear, Sasuke was reminded of the day an Itachi just as cold had stood in the shadows, over the dead bodies of their parents.

The boy watched then, his eyes flashing with panic - and some small part of his brain urged him to activate the Sharingan, to defend himself; but he was unable to move - as the elder Uchiha slowly raised one hand; his head bowed, shadows obscuring his expression, as a grim aura came over the man - and slowly, he reached towards the boy.

Sasuke held his breath, a whimper rising in his throat, as he closed his eyes tightly - and he was sure, this time, the man meant to kill him; there was no trace left of his loving brother, as he prepared for the dreaded touch of cool, delicate fingers.

His heartbeat grew louder, throbbing, as he stood pressed against the rocky wall - his entire body shaking, as he awaited the cruel touch; and he remembered suddenly what it had been like to enter the damp criminal cell the first time, not so long ago.

And so, it was with no small amount of surprise, that Sasuke's eyes shot open, as he suddenly heard the familiar wail of the cell siren.

The high-pitched mechanical scream that signalled the end of his visit echoed throughout the chamber, the young Uchiha's heart leaping unexpectedly at the sudden sound, as he turned his head with bated breath - casting his eyes at the expressionless, shadowed face of his brother - and the world seemed to stop still.

The boy's gaze followed the length of his brother's arm as the man stood, so close, hovering over him, before finally coming to rest on Itachi's hand - where two elegant fingers, fingernails painted neatly in purple, pressed purposefully against the large red button.

And as the realisation of what had happened finally sunk in, the boy felt a part of his heart die away, as the noise of the siren became like a heralding of some horrible end to something that might once have been great.

Sasuke scrambled to gather his bearings then, as the door beside him opened wide - and Itachi's arm withdrew, the man stepping back and away from the exit - and the indication was clear.

He would let the boy go.

Something struck deep within his being then, as Sasuke's eyes lingered, suddenly uncertain, on the figure of his brother. The man was unjustly beautiful as he stood in the partially shadowed cell, hair falling over his face as his lips were drawn in a thin line - entire body reflecting the conflict that waged within the elder Uchiha, and Sasuke for a moment did not know what to do with himself.

Barely a second had passed, but it seemed a short eternity, before the boy turned finally - and fled, without a second glance, into the safety of the lighted hall.

The heavy cell door was closed quickly afterwards, the clicks and thuds of bolts as they re-locked echoing in the emptiness around the only occupant left in the holding cell.

For the longest time, Itachi remained unmoved. Simply standing in front of the door, long after it had been closed on him; the steady wail of the siren outside finally falling silent once again - and with the cold of the wind blowing through his open window and settling around his form; he knew he had ruined it all.

He had done what he had promised himself he would never do.

It was time to let it go, now.

Sasuke would not return.

The wind whistled in his ears as the boy moved faster, never fast enough, speeding his way across the village of Kumogakure - pushing himself onwards, flying through the air as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop, moving like a blur through the afternoon air as he ran - and yet still, Sasuke had to fight the tears that threatened to spill down his cheeks anew.

Confusion and a deep hurt rocked his being, like an open wound that wouldn't stop gushing blood, the pain seemed unending.

His cheeks were flushed, both from the exertion and his own belated embarrassment, as his mind replayed the events of what had happened only minutes ago in the holding cell with his brother - and with it, came yet more bewilderment.

What had happened?

Everything had been going so well; Sasuke had been able to forget everything that had lain between he and his brother, and in his desperation, had even salvaged a relationship with the older Uchiha. But Itachi had crossed a line, he knew - he had touched him in a way that brothers were never supposed to do.

"I have always loved you, Sasuke..."

Fear and anger flared within the youth as he recalled those words, and with it, a promise that should never have been spoken;

"... I would never do anything you did not want me to do."

With a growl, the tears fell down Sasuke's cheeks in angry rivers, his hands curling into fists. He sniffled harshly, as he continued to move, slower now - his head throbbing, and heart pounding.

Everything had gone wrong.

And what had he been thinking, over the past few weeks? Had he truly deluded himself to think that Itachi had changed? That things were different?

They could never be different. There was no erasing the past, no erasing everything that Itachi had done. He had been foolish, and had dishonored the name of his parents, by letting himself forget Itachi's crime.

How long did he think it would last, being on 'brotherly' terms with Itachi? It was bound to end eventually - Itachi's betrayal couldn't be ignored forever, and what about the trial? It was as Kakashi had said.

Itachi's days are numbered.

It was best that it ended now, Sasuke told himself - after all, as Itachi had just proved, he was only looking for more ways to hurt him.

Because that was what it was, wasn't it? Just another trick. Just another cruelty. It had to be.

He had lied. Sasuke had to believe that Itachi lied, when he told him all those things. He had never missed him, or thought about him - he had been living as a criminal! Killing mercilessly, without a single thought of the life, and brother, he had left behind.

He had certainly never loved him.

But despite all of the confidence the voice in his head held as it said these things to him, Sasuke was not reassured. The confusion was still dwelling in his mind, and a great part of him could not bring himself to believe that everything that had happened over the past weeks - everything that had come to mean so much to him - was a lie.

Wiping a hand over his cheeks, Sasuke brushed away his dried tears, as he felt his heart steel over. A cold expression settled on his face, and though under the surface he still felt the fear - as the events of the cell replayed in his mind yet again - and confusion, it was a sudden emptiness that overcame him, and filled him with the anguish of loss.

A pain he was familiar with.

His eyes scoped the landscape around him as he searched out a familiar location; he knew he had only one place to go. Jumping across the rooftops, expression now coldly impassive, Sasuke made his way to the last place that held sanctuary for him in the village of Kumo.

And in the end, as he landed in front of a familiar door, slowly turning the knob to enter - he felt it was justified.

He and Itachi were never meant to hold a bond of anything more than hatred, after all.

The wooden entrance swung inside the front hall steadily, creaking lightly on it's hinges, as Sasuke stepped inside the building. The apartment he shared with Naruto, was, as ever, strewn with piles of dirty dishes, empty ramen cups, and haphazardly discarded articles of clothing - but Sasuke hardly noticed, as he walked steadily through the hall, aiming to head to his room and simply be alone.

He reached the door to his room, before a suddenly overwhelming voice pierced through the haze of his trauma.

"Hey, Sasuke!"

Loud footsteps followed the call, and slowly, with an expression Sasuke knew did not usually befit his face, the dark-haired youth came to face a tall smiling blonde. He might have made a noise of returned greeting.

Naruto grinned widely as he came to stand beside his friend, though almost immediately his smile wilted as he came to recognise the shorter male's ominous composure, and suddenly his eyes shone with worry. "Hey, you alright, teme?"

Sasuke was silent for a moment, his mind completely blank - before he felt a hand come to land suddenly on his shoulder, and he flinched violently - causing a look of surprise and momentary hurt to flicker over Naruto's expression.

Taking a moment to simply breath, the Uchiha replied then, with a voice so unlike his usual tone.

"I'm fine, Naruto."

The blonde ignored his reassurement, seeming to stiffen. "Did Itachi-?"

"What do you want?" The dark-haired boy interrupted him harshly then, a cold edge to his tone, as he turned a glare on his friend. Anger was bubbling inside of him, and he was so overwhelmed, blinded by it.

Naruto seemed taken aback, and was quiet for a moment, simply looking Sasuke over, scouting out what it was that had agitated the other boy - as though he could find the thorn and pull it out of his paw - after the Uchiha had been in such a good mood just that morning. Hesitantly then, an apologetic smile came to his lips, not quite reaching his eyes.

"I just... wanted to know, if you wanted to go sparring now?"

"What?" Sasuke asked, the threat in his voice slipping away as he was overcome with genuine confusion.

Naruto sighed, somewhat playfully, though his eyes still glittered with concern. "This morning, remember? You agreed to go check out the forest training grounds with me."

Sasuke simply stared for a moment, the words taking much time to register with him, and when they did he felt something within him jump at the opportunity. His expression drew serious then, his mouth a thin line.

"You want to spar?"

Naruto was taken aback by the sudden offer - though he knew distinctly that it was more of a demand. "Eh? Ah, sure, I guess we could... Right now?"

"Right now." Sasuke answered, and the Uchiha turned on his heel in a flash, already stalking his way out the door without waiting for his companion. He knew Naruto would follow.

He would beat the anger, the confusion, and hurt out of himself.