Silly old John Sheppard,

Fly your jumper this way!

Don't you let a single wraith

Ever stand your way

Because if you don't get to the gate soon

You're doomed to die

Now make sure that your mind is staying on the path ahead.

If you get home soon. We can go to bed.

When the gate's about to close,

You get here just in time

Through the wormhole, bright and blue,

And you seem to be fine

All of us are grinning

We're sure our faces are going to break

Mine will crack the soonest,

That'll be a show

Elizabeth want to kiss you,

Teyla's not so bad

Rodney's turning so many colors,

purple, blue, and red

Now I think I'll leave you

With all your friends

Because silly old John Sheppard;

Knows that he's the best.