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She didn't lash out to him when he said it to her, neither did she cry.

No matter how painful his words might have stung her, she didn't do anything. She just sat there and listened to him like a lifeless china doll. Her emerald orbs had no glow, it were just dull jades.

The only sign that she was hurt by what the man was saying to her was the way her hands slightly shook with every word he said.

She was so close to crying, but she held it all in. She didn't want his last impression of her to be that of a crybaby. Even though with each word he said, her heart felt like it was being stabbed by a sharp knife…she held all her feelings in.

There was no use trying to reason with him. Once he decided about something, it was near impossible to change his mind. He thought she was cheating on him. She would have laughed out loud if this wasn't a serious case. Her? Cheat on him? For anyone who knew her it was common knowledge that she loved only one man. And that man was now in front of her accusing her of cheating on him.

It wouldn't have hurt as bad if he yelled at her, at least by doing that she could be sure that he was jealous. But he was speaking so calmly that it was like he was just talking about losing an item. An item of no importance to him whatsoever.

He was so cold.

Does he really think so lowly of her?

How could he think that she would cheat on him like that? He didn't even hear her reason for being with that man.

She loved him; there was no doubt about it. But did he feel the same way?

Then she realized it.

The answer was so easy.

He didn't really love her

If he did, he wouldn't have had such conclusions about her behavior with other people. And she hadn't heard him utter those words to him. Those three simple words never left his lips.

He must have thought of her as just a simple investment gone wrong. Yes, he just invested in her. Everything was about business with this man. She was wrong to think that he could love her. He probably was just disappointed, not angry, not jealous, just disappointed.

He was still talking like he didn't notice how her face suddenly became cold and unfeeling that it could rival his own.

His words now left a numb feeling on her heart. The pain was now starting to subside, but her heart felt hollow, the pain might have started to disappear but her other feelings were also starting to fade away with it.

If he wanted it to end like this, then so be it. She didn't need him. She could handle herself. Maybe it was a mistake being with him in the first place.

"Well?" he asked.

"Okay. I agree." She said, her voice was calm and level. No hint of anger or remorse could be traced in her voce.

He nodded. The lines below his eyes seemed deeper than usual. His onyx orbs regarding her with cool indifference.

"You could keep the ring."

She shook her head. Slowly, she took the ring from her engagement finger and looked at it for probably the last time. After this, she wouldn't see it again…and him as well.

She handed him the beautiful ring with the silver band with a beautifully cut diamond. It was truly beautiful, like her, he once said. But she knew that it had all been a lie. A lie he said so that he could keep her as his own. For him, she was nothing more than an item that he could throw out when he thought it was no longer of any use.

He took it with only a little bit of hesitation.

She stood up and gave him a last glance.

It was goodbye now.

When she leaves his door there was no going back. If she wanted to still be with him, this was her last chance to tell him her side of the story.

But she didn't.

She didn't know why she didn't tell him. Was it pride that stopped her? She wasn't just about to say sorry about something she knew wasn't wrong about. Or maybe it was because she felt betrayed?

He doubted her. Her love. The love that she so willingly gave him.

"I'll escort you outside."

She nodded numbly.

They left the living room together. The room that once was her favorite part of the hose was now dark and gloomy to her eyes. This was the place where he proposed to her. It wasn't a romantic place but it didn't matter, he proposed to her and she was ecstatic that time. Now, this was also the place where he broke everything off.

How ironic.

She didn't even have a chance to inform her parents about her being engaged. Heck, they didn't even now that she was in a relationship. She hid it from them, afraid that her parents' overprotective nature would get in the way of her feelings for him.

They've been together ever since she entered college. For years she hid their relationship from her parents…when he proposed, it was supposed to be a surprise for her parents.

He only proposed a couple of weeks ago. And now, it was all over. Things were happening so fast that she could barely keep up.

The maids from the hallway tried to sneak glances on them. Curiosity was evident on each one of their faces. They still shouldn't know that there was a problem between the two of them. But, by the looks on their faces, they probably guessed it already.

When they reached the door to the huge mansion, the butler opened it. The old man gave her a kind but sad smile. She returned it, but hers was kind of strained.

She went out the door and felt the cool air brush her face.

This was it.

It was already too late. Her chance of being with him was now gone.

Steadily, she started going down the steps.

She missed the look of hurt that took over his face. It wasn't that evident, but it was there. And if she was facing him she would have noticed instantly.

But she wasn't facing him.

She just walked slowly, the gap between them widening with every step she took.

There was disappointment in his eyes. It was like he expected her to come running back to him any second.

She didn't.

Instead, she walked farther and farther away and reached the gate.

The guard opened it with the button beside him and the huge iron gates five times her height opened. The guard gave her a salute. She nodded to him and she saw how his eyes became pained. He was her friend as well, of all the times she visited this manor…it was hard not to get friendly with the people.

All of the people there knew that once she leaves this place, their chances of seeing her were slim to none. That's why they were so sad of seeing her leave.

She passed the gates and turned towards the huge mansion. The distance between it and the gate was fairly distant. But she could still see him. He was still on the door, watching her, his long coal-black hair obstructing her view of his face. Maybe her conclusion has been wrong. Maybe he did care for her, even if just a little bit.

But she'd be damned if she went back now.

She turned back to the road and waved to an upcoming taxi. She went in and mentioned where to take her.

When she was sure that they were already a safe distance from the place she let her tears fall freely. She placed her hand on her mouth to stop the sob that surfaced from her throat. Her tears fell like a dam broke from inside her.

The tears stained her now flushed cheeks. She pulled out a handkerchief from her purse and wiped the tears away.

With a grim smile she thought of what he said.

"The wedding won't be taking place. I'm canceling it."

He said it so unemotionally that by just thinking about it her heart constricted painfully. He was really a dispassionate man; she was a fool to think that she could change him.

The driver told her that they've already arrived.

She was past caring about her surroundings; she took out some bills from her purse and handed it to the driver. She didn't notice how his eyes widened at the amount. He asked her something but she didn't hear it, she didn't want to. Without even processing what he said she nodded dully. The driver took the cash from her hand and she went out the taxi.

In front of her was the apartment that she rented since she started college. She just graduated a week ago so she still didn't have any job. Her family wasn't from here so she lived all alone. And until yesterday, she occasionally stayed at the manor of her now ex-fiancé's family.

She took out a key from her purse and opened the door. She didn't bother turning on the light. She's lived here for six years. She's memorized every single detail of this place on her second year here.

Even though the lights weren't turned on, she could still see several boxes scattered everywhere. She let a grim smile grace her lips. He told her that he planned on moving out of his parents' place, her with him. They were supposed to move in together in two days.

"I will inform mother and father of this. I'll take care of informing the guests that we invited."

Now that plan was ruined.

After closing the door gently she headed for the bathroom. A hot shower sounded like the very thing she needed at the moment. Whenever she had a problem, she would always take a hot shower, she preferred it rather than soaking in a tub. With it she felt like all her problems could wash away, even if just for an instant.

She went in the shower stall and stripped off all of her clothing. Her clothes fell to the floor one by one. When she was completely naked she turned on the shower.

The hot water felt good against her skin. Somehow, she missed his embrace. It was warmer and more comfortable and she could snuggle up to him.

"It's best this way…"

She raised her head so that the water could hit her face and hide the tears that had started leaking from her face.

When she finished, she took the towel and covered her nude body with it carelessly. When she went out of the shower stall her eyes landed on a white stick on the sink.

Her eyes turned sinister.

It was a pregnancy test. She was waiting for the result when he called her. She rushed to his place when he told her of what he wanted to talk about. She had momentarily forgotten about the test.

With a shaky hand she reached for the stick. She was silently praying for it to be negative.

When she had the courage to look down she felt a new batch of tears fall from her place. She dropped the test on the tiled floor. The sound of it hitting the floor mingled with her sobs.

She dropped to her knees and cried. She hugged herself tightly, afraid that if she didn't she would fall apart.

How could this happen now?

What should she do? Should she go back?


She wouldn't

Not in a million years

She wouldn't be Mrs. Uchiha now, no matter how much she may want it. She'd just remain as Ms. Haruno.

Just Ms. Haruno.

What could she do?

She could go to her parents…yes, she would. She'd call her parents and tell them that she was going home. They'd accept her back easily. They didn't know about her relationship with that man so she'd have to tell them a lie.

Yes, she would lie.

And everything will be back to normal when she goes home.

She picked herself up from the floor, her hands on the sink so that she won't fall again. Slowly, she walked outside the bathroom.

She'd better call her parents now.

On the white tiled floor of her bathroom, the white stick that she dropped was lying innocently on the floor…

…with two lines clear as day.

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