Warning: A little dash of lime ahead.

Chapter 10

Numbness wrapped around Sakura's petite body as she walked toward the door just a few steps in front of her. Her legs felt heavy, and she knew that she was already sweating profusely. No matter how long she walked she felt like she was forever away from the heavy door.

Her head was getting dizzy and she felt like she was going to fall in a few seconds. This kind of pressure didn't bode well for her small body, how she hated things like this.

There was heavy chatter around her and she could feel the numerous inquisitive and shocked stares offered her way. No doubt many would be curious as to who the person – no, female – walking toward there boss's door was, obviously not one of the employees from the way she was dressed casually with a pair of simple faded jeans, a white blouse which hugged her for nicely and a pair of white pumps donning her small feet.

The shocked gawks, she knew, were probably from the senior members of the staff. No one from Uchiha Corp. 6 years ago didn't know Uchiha Itachi's previous fiancé (no matter how short that engagement was). If the petite form didn't alert all of them earlier, then the pink hair would have done the job.

Already, Sakura knew that the moment she got in the door in front of her that the staff would abandon their work and gossip. Those who weren't interested yet would be fully fascinated by the love story of their boss once they managed to figure out who she was.

Sakura absolutely hated it.

She felt like someone from the museum, being prodded and stared at, it was an unpleasant feeling, and she only had Uchiha Itachi to blame for it.

The gall of that man! To send for her during hospital hours via one of personal guards, it was exasperating, yet she should have expected something like that from him. She couldn't say no, and they wouldn't take no for an answer.

The worst part was that he sent for her during his office hours as well. Shizune was pissed again because of her early departure, she just hoped that the woman wouldn't fire her. Sakura knew full well that when she told her boss that she was going to go somewhere important that she was risking getting fired.

But she just didn't have a choice, she knew how forceful he could be. And maybe this was his form of punishment for her, it certainly felt that way.

She gently knocked on the hard wood of the door. There was a commanding tone inside which beckoned her in.

Sakura took a deep breath and opened the door.

She had to hold back a gasp to hide her astonishment at what she saw.

He looked absolutely beautiful. Like a portrait in one of those high-class art galas she would never be invited to.

As usual, his hair was tied back in a ponytail with some strands falling over his eyes. Instead of the usual black suit he wore when he last saw her, he had on a grey, almost silver unbuttoned coat with a matching pair of slack accentuating his long muscular legs. On his torso was a gold vest that almost seemed to glitter with the rays of sunshine that entered the room. A silk tie was around his neck to finish off the look.

He stood majestically in front of her, the light creating silhouettes with his face making him seem angelic.

It wasn't the style that she was used to seeing him in. He usually wore simple clothes that made him dark and mysterious. But now…he was so different.

It hurt so damn bad to see him like this. So perfect. So unattainable…

"Good morning."

His cool voice made her shiver and she almost closed her eyes to let herself fully enjoy the sound but the smirk he had on his handsome face made reality come crashing back on her.

She had to compose herself! Dammit!

She shouldn't show him any weakness. He would use it to tear her apart like he did with his enemies. He was ruthless, she knew that. He was cold to those who he thought betrayed him. He wouldn't show her any mercy.

But try as she may, she simply couldn't.

She was weak against him.

Even though she fought with him last night, she knew that it was absolute luck. Or maybe too much impulsiveness from her part, she couldn't decide. But now, they were on his turf, on his safe zone. And the growing smirk on his face was telling her that she didn't stand a chance against him.

Again, she couldn't help but let her eyes stray to his faultless body. It was absolutely him. He must also smell—

"Like what you see?"

Sakura blushed a deep shade of scarlet. To let him see her off guard like that was unforgivable.

He started walking toward her in sure long strides. With just four steps he was able to be in front of her, and she didn't have time to react. He leaned down to her ear and his breath gently reached her ears. She stiffened and felt herself go cold.

"Close the door, Sakura."

It was the first time he said her name since she arrived and now she really had to stop herself from shaking. She nervously closed the door behind her. The silence that it offered them was almost deafening.

She sensed danger, like being inside a cage with a wild animal. Looking at his face, she knew that she was right.

She should have noticed it earlier. His eyes mirrored her own, tired, almost unfocused and …drugged. Was that how she really felt?


She couldn't. Wouldn't.

There was no way she was going to fall for whatever trap he had planned for her. She had to stay strong. One wrong move in the dangerous dance they were doing and she'd lose. She had to stand her ground.

He backed of her quietly but still had that maddening smirk on his face. He seemed to be laughing at her, but it was a little strained with how his eyes narrowed slightly.

"I'm sorry." He directed her to a seat in front of his desk. "I guess I got a little carried away."

He proceeded to his leather chair right in front Sakura and sat down.

"I'm pleased to see that you came quickly. I was expecting to see you much later."

Sakura snorted trying to get the heat off her face. "With those people you sent?"

Itachi actually smiled at that and leaned forward as if challenging her. "Why Sakura, I knew you to be much more resourceful."

Sakura wanted to scream at him. She was only a few strands away from her patience so she knew that that was certainly possible. But it would be useless. She had to divert the conversation elsewhere.

Sakura took a deep breath and calmed herself. She had to be the one in control. "As much as I enjoy talking to you like this, we really have to get to the matter at hand."

He looked at him approvingly and nodded. He leaned back in his chair to allow the much needed space between them. "Alright. I'm sorry for getting distracted."

Sakura fidgeted slightly. "So…"


"We really have a lot to talk about."

"That we do."

"About the children…I don't know where to start…."

Itachi folded his palms in front of him and watched her carefully. "What about the beginning. When did you find out that you were pregnant?"

Sakura clutched her skirt just to have something solid to hold on to. It took a whole lot of effort from her part to maintain eye contact with him, but he was doing it with so much practiced ease.

"Right after I left your parents' place."

She saw him let in a small breath. "I see." And she could see that he did. It perfectly explained why she didn't tell him.

Right after breaking up with one's fiancée…there was no one crazy enough to go back and say that they were pregnant. It simply wasn't done.

"Where did you stay?"

She was sure it was a question he was dying to ask her. He simply wanted to know if he moved in with Sai. She had to answer him truthfully on this one.

"With my parents in Suna."

Again, it was the right answer. She saw him nod and she calmed down a little inside.

Itachi suddenly looked pensive. His face became a thoughtful mask that hid any feelings he might have had.

"So, what do you want to do?" Sakura asked cautiously.

He spared her an unemotional glance. "I think you already know what I want." he took an envelope from a drawer beside him and handed it to her.

Sakura opened it and read through the pages inside. It took her a few minutes but by the end her hands were shaking.

"W-Why?" she let the papers scatter at his desk. She didn't care…this was—

"Because they're as rightfully mine as they are yours." He answered calmly.

"B-But – what if they don't want to?!"

He seemed to think that over. "They will…in time."

"They don't know you!"

He looked at her straight in the eyes. "That's why you'll introduce us properly. Truthfully."

"It's okay. I don't want to rush this. They'll have my name in the end anyway."

It was an arrogant statement. But coming from him, it was really believable. Everything he set his eyes on, he got. It was just how things went.

But there was something troubling Sakura. "Do you really want them?"

He paused slightly then looked outside the window. "I'm not really sure. I don't know them, but they do have the right to my name and everything that goes along with it."

Sakura's chest clenched painfully at his honesty "I don't want them to have to go through this you know…"

He looked at her, his eyes flashed hurt but when she blinked it was gone. "It's understandable, no mother would want their children to go through that. I just want to show them what they could have if they take on my name."

He was never this kind, this understanding of everything. He had to be lying. And there was no way that he wouldn't want revenge for what she did. He should be angry! He should hate her!

Sakura stood up furiously. "Since when did you become so accommodating? Tell me, is this just an act to get back at me?! Because if it is and the children get hurt, I will never forgive you."

Itachi seemed shocked wit her outburst, she was as well. Then his eyes narrowed and zeroed in on her. He stood up quickly and made his way beside her.

His height let him tower over her. His eyes were furious and hurt, just like last night. He held her shoulders tightly, his fingers digging painfully in her skin.

When he spoke his voice was freezing cold. "Do you think I'm that evil, Sakura? That I would hurt my own flesh and blood just to get revenge?"

She couldn't look at him. She crossed the line and insulted him directly. And to think that he was being civil with her. She was such and idiot!

His left hand raised her chin forcibly. "Sakura, look at me!"

Unwilling to, she opened her eyes to see him glaring at her. "Itachi…y-you're hurting m-me…"

"Isn't this the way you saw me? Cruel…cold…" he softly purred and licked her earlobe. "Do you want me like this Sakura?"

Despite the violence in his actions she couldn't help but feel weak. He was touching her…so callously…so pleasurably…

He raised his head and seeing her reaction, his crimson eyes darkened as he finally bent his head down to touch his lips with hers.

His teeth bit down gently on her lower lip making her gasp in surprise. Taking advantage of her open mouth, he plundered her mouth with his tongue, demandingly exploring every single inch of her hot wet mouth.

Feeling the deep urgency behind his kiss, Sakura felt her legs turn to jelly so she wrapped her arms around her nape, letting their lips mesh together more.

Sakura relished in the pleasure. It had been so long since she had a taste of him. At the back of her mind she knew that it was wrong…but she couldn't help herself.

His hands trailed down to her buttocks and she was startled when he raised her form the ground. Her arms which were around his neck tightened and her legs circled his waist but they didn't break the kiss they shared.

Without much effort he placed her on the desk and continued to ravage her thoroughly. His hands wandered in front of her and tried to remove her buttons. It proved an impossible task since he ripped the blouse and continued to explore inside the ruined blouse.

Needing a pause for breath, they both broke apart. Sakura had her eyes closed, her chest heaving heavily.

It was a tantalizing sight for Itachi.

Her full breasts were being cupped by a white laced bra that was just begging to be removed.


Sakura opened her eyes and were met by the lust-filled look in Itachi's eyes. Getting impatient with his staring she pulled his tie and initiated another kiss. Sakura moaned when she felt his hands massage her breast through her bra.

"I-ta-chi-" Sakura bit down on his lips. "Please…"

She no longer knew what words left her mouth. All she knew was the pleasure that he was making her feel.

Eve though the jeans she wore, Sakura felt his throbbing erection push at her. She whimpered, making Itachi push himself against her more.

It was too much…

His demanding hands…

Her hands on his hair…

His wet tongue battling her…

Her legs tightly wrapped around him…

The building height of pleasure in their cores …

They couldn't do anything else but let themselves drown in ecstasy.

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