In the Arms of Deception-Transformers Fanfiction-

Rated: MA (for intense sexual references, at least for Transformers…It's Slash, and a bit smutty)

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BarricadeXBumblebee and JazzXBumblebee(mentioned)

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Bee sped down the hill as a familiar police car gained on him. Bee swerved, switching lanes, as he gunned it for the highway. The antenna bobber Sam had made him in shop class, a bumblebee, wobbled wildly in the wind. The police car wasn't letting up, as the road to the highway and the country forked. Bumblebee slid down the country path, charging on.

Barricade was hunting. His desired prey, the cute little Camero, sped along haphazardly. It was too bad that he'd known the layout of the area. It made the chase simple. It was too bad all the old roads lead to the same place.

The two took separate paths but ended up on a thin path on the tops of several craggy ridges. They gave chase. Bee stayed ahead, but as they raced a sharp curve, Barricade gained some speed. He used this chance and dashed ahead of Bee, then swerved knocking the Camero off the road and into a jagged ravine.

He transformed midair and tried to maneuver as he fell. This fall was neither tranquil, nor beautiful as some human movies portray them. Bee tried to latch on to the sides of the ravine, but the rain that had come over base yesterday had reached this area as well. He slid wildly landing with a rough metallic crunch. His left leg had been twisted horribly, but he could still stand. He shot a message to the other Autobots as he assessed the damage of his fall. Midtransit, a jolt rocked his systems. Electricity shot through him, sending him into suffocating darkness.

The transit died in a scramble of color on the console at the Autobot base. Jazz cursed as he messaged Bee to no avail. His tracking chip in the antenna bobber flickered hopefully on the screen. Jazz shook his head angrily as the light from Bee's tracker faded.

Barricade transformed and picked up the smaller stunned mech. Why hadn't they discovered tazers sooner? Such a creative little human device would serve him well in the future. He carried Bee across the empty desert, until he noticed Bee's little bumblebee bobber-it was blinking. He tore it off quickly, smashing it, and letting the tiny bits of it scatter in the wind. He arrived with Bee in tow to a moderate sized bunker. The army had left it years ago but its thick metal shielded it from detection and its distance from others ensured privacy.

Starscream nearly purred as Barricade walked in with the unconscious Bee in his arms. "Very, very good, where you tracked?"

"Bumblebee had a chip, but that is no more,"

"Excellent, now, loosen that Autobot up, I want results,"

'Cade nodded, and carried his toy into a small dark room with no windows.

Bee awoke with piercing red eyes on him. He shook, finding himself chained on each of his limbs. He pulled on his restraints angrily.

"Those are very strong, oh, but do keep struggling-it's enticing," Cade said softly. The Decepticon reached for Bee, who evaded his touch until he was trapped against the wall. He strained as Barricade cornered him. Without warning, Cade ran his hands over Bee roughly. Bee gasped, his frame trying not to tremble. He played across him, exploring the areas of the yellow 'bot that was still warm and sensitive from their chase earlier. Bumblebee struggled as Barricade pinned him in place.

"No," Bumblebee gasped. "Don't…" His voice was raspy, as his back arched. He yelped as Cade found his circuits. The police car poked and prodded the protesting Camero. He used his teeth against Bee, ushering a low moan from the Autobot.

"Sing for me, Little Bee," Cade panted, next to him. A piercing scream echoed through the bunker, as a plate of yellow armor was ripped off. As metal scrapped metal, Bee writhed.

"No…no, stop!" he whimpered. As his body jerked and twisted under the Decepticon's touch.

"Little Bee," Barricade cooed, as he played along his captive's now bare right shoulder joint. "Jazz has never played with you this way, has he, Little Bee?"

"No…no," Bumblebee moaned, his body spasming. What Barricade was doing was wrong-but it felt good. Some dark part of Bee hoped he would last a long time at Cade's game of tough love. Bumblebee panted as Barricade moved to strattle him. The yellow mech twisted, but his captor pulled him to face him.

"I want…to watch your face," Barricade said gruffly, holding Bee in place securely as he ripped another piece of armor off his left shoulder. Bee wailed under Cade, his body tingling from the pain that was almost pleasure.

"Please…" Bee whined, under Cade's steel grip. "Please, stop"

"That face…that face is exquisite, so very fragile,"

Cade continued to hold him with one hand as he edged closer to Bee's chest.

"Stop! Please, stop!" Bee cried as he squirmed. "Not there, NO!"

His digits danced over the metal, as he nimbly opened up the yellow Autobot's chest, revealing his spark.

Jazz typed rapidly, desperately looking for any sign of Bumblebee.

"His trace was lost three hours ago, in the middle of desert just south of here," Sam said as his hands danced against the keyboard in front of him. He was glad that his own hacking skills were helping the Autobots. He'd doubted his usefulness, especially after Mikayla was called in to help with repairs. "Alright, guys. I've hacked a satellite-a private one. I think we've got him,"

The image was blurry, but familiar, of a yellow Camero dodging a police car. They chased each other, moving to smack against one another. The satellite followed their chase until the Camero was hit and flew off into a ravine.

"We loose it here, but later we get this image,"

The sun's glare only gave shadows, but it appeared to be a transformer, carrying something. Sam cut the image and opened Google-earth.

"This is where we lost Bee's signal," he pointed to the screen. "But here, only about five miles out is an old army bunker. It used to be a training ground, but it's been abandoned for over a decade. We should try messaging again, but the bunker could be blocking any signals, receiving or sent,"

Jazz messaged Bee again, praying.

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