In the Arms of Deception-Transformers Fanfiction-

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-Firing in on Chapter 5-

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Bumblebee lay in recharge, his mind running frantically. He didn't like recharging alone, but when you are tied to an operating table, one does not have much of a choice. He missed Jazz. The night was too silent, too empty. He tried to close his optics, but each time he'd see Starscream or Barricade above him, their faces hungry. He didn't want to think of the earlier events of the day…He shivered and twitched as he lay.

The night passed slowly. Bee awoke to the ceiling of the med bay. Ratchet was up and cleaning up from last night's operations on him.

"Good morning, sir,"

"More like afternoon, but yes, good morning, Bumblebee," the green mech said not looking up. "How are you feeling?"

"A little sore, but good overall,"

"Good," Ratchet said warmly. "I worry about you sometimes. You're in here on that table more than any of us. Why?"

Bee sighed.

"Sir, you have a job. An established, needed job-Medic. Ironhide has his job-weapons specialist. Jazz has his too, and Optimus Prime is our leader," he paused, as Ratchet turned to face him. "I don't have that. So I am the most easily replaced…"

"Don't say such things. What has placed this doubt in your mind?" Ratchet shook his head. "Did something else happen with those Decepticon's?"

Bee shivered under the straps.

"He…" The yellow mech gasped. "He showed me…"

He was shaking as he remembered the wicked images Starscream had sent him as he'd fondled the young one's spark. Carnage and destruction was the landscape, as his comrades littered the ground. Their parts spread around, heaps of twisted metal, and fluids decorated the area. Sam and Mikayla too lay sprawled, their fleshy bodies oozing dark. Bee's breathing quickened to frightened gasps.

"No!" he cried, his voice ragged, and brimmed with terror. His body jerked suddenly, nearly snapping the straps over him. Soon he was outright screaming, unaware of Ratchet beside him.

"Bee! Bumblebee snap out of it!" Ratchet shrieked, as he messaged Jazz and Mikayla. If anyone could get Bee back it would be them.

Jazz slid into the room, stopping at the table beside the fighting Bee.

"What happened?"

"He's experiencing trauma-induced shock. I asked him about what happened,"

"How do we get him back?!"

"Unfortunately, I don't know. All his systems are functioning normally, everything is working properly. It's up here," the bot said, tapping his head.

"Jazz. Talk to him. Remind him where he is,"


"Just trust me, okay? I've seen this before,"

"Bee," Jazz whispered, his hand grasping Bee's firmly. "Bee, calm down. It's me, Jazz. You are home, at base, with us…"

Bumblebee whimpered.

"He'll hurt…he'll hurt…"

"Who'll hurt?" Jazz whispered.

Bumblebee gave a strangled cry and whispered.

"Starscream…he's going to…going to hurt…you"

"No, Bee. He can't. He isn't going to hurt anyone," Jazz used his other hand to grasp Bee's shoulder reassuringly. "Its okay, Honeybee," he said, using a name he only whispered to Bee when they were intertwined.

Bee quieted, as his cries calmed.

"Just as I thought," Mikayla said. She walked over to Bee, and whispered softly into his auditory receptors.

Jazz heard Bee sigh, relief evident in his tone.

As Sam and Ratchet eased Bumblebee up and out of the straps, as Jazz and Mikayla talked in the other room.

"Jazz, you are going to have to be patient with him. He's been through a lot in a short amount of time,"

Jazz nodded, as Mikayla continued.

"Don't get angry with him…the only reason; he won't tell you anything now, he needs gentleness. Please, Jazz, he needs you,"

Jazz looked at the human female, serious and trembling, telling him what to do.

"Thank you," he said simply.

She nodded, almost too quickly and they headed back into the med bay.

Bee was transforming back and forth under Ratchet's watchful eyes. When Ratchet was satisfied he sent them out.

"So, Bee and I are going for a wash, you guys in?"

"Sure," Mikayla piped in, as she nudged Jazz, who nodded.

They drove out, Sam driving Bee, while Jazz as driven by Mikayla. The Solstice began to protest, but Mikayla knew how to calm Bee, so he went along with it.

The Car wash was refreshing and aside from being clean, they were relaxed.

Jazz watched Bee as he emerged from the tunnel, still glistening from the wash. He had to catch his breath at the sight of the yellow bot's sleek alt form, shinning. Bee came up beside him, and revving his engine playfully, catching the silver bot off guard.

They raced home, swerving haphazardly until they got back to base. As they transformed and entered, Mikayla and Sam turned in for the night.

Jazz and Bee went together to get a snack. Bee got them a cool glass of energon each. They leaned against the wall, relaxing and absently sipping at their drink. Bee reclined against a wall, swaying slightly as if to music. Jazz finished his energon and eased next to Bumblebee, allowing their sides to brush.

Bee leaned over to pick up the containers they'd both dropped in surprise, giving the Solstice a gorgeous view of his lover's aft.

"Bee…"Jazz growled softly as the yellow mech turned to him, his large blue eyes coy. Jazz put his arms around Bee, holding him gently close. The Camero gasped and Jazz let go flustered.

"No, Jazz…" Bee whispered. He pulled his lover back to his side. "Please,"

"Anything for you, Honeybee,"

Bee shivered with excitement, as Jazz let his digits explore. The Camero inhaled sharply as he pulled the silver bot closer.

"Take on me," his speakers sang, the 80's drifting around them. "Jazz, baby…"Bee cried with need. "Touch-a, touch-a, touch me, I want to be dirty! Chill me, thrill me, fulfill me!"

Jazz chuckled as he gently moved across Bee's frame. His motor purred deeply, lustfully.

Bumblebee clung to Jazz, and began nuzzle at the silver Autobot's neck. Jazz's back arched, as the younger stroked his metal frame. Jazz nuzzled back, producing a low moan from his lover.

The Solstice was trying his best to be gentle, but Bee pulled him closer, his raspy voice pleading. Jazz eased them to the floor, himself in the corner with the younger bot in his lap. They panted against each other, all of their loneliness burned up by their desire. Jazz pulled Bee up to face him, the Camero cradled against him.

"Honeybee," Jazz whispered, as he pulled his lover in for a human style kiss. Bumblebee clung to Jazz, as they lay, lip locked.

As they parted, Bee hugged his lover tightly. His voice was barely a whisper.

"Thank you, my love,"

He established uplink, panting as he teased Bee with his magnetic disrupter. Jazz dropped his firewalls as Bumblebee did, allowing their components to meld. This was the ultimate sharing, something Barricade and Starscream wouldn't understand. Jazz moaned, as they teetered on the edge of overload. Bee forgot about pain and what had happened as he screamed out his lover's name desperately. Overload rocked their frames as the Solstice screamed out for his Honeybee. Sparks and electricity danced between them, as they held each other, clinging as if for dear life.

The togetherness, and tenderness soothed them, as one grasped at the other firmly, the silver responded, shivering against his mate, gazing down with a possessive look. A look that clearly said," MINE". His blue eyes blazed as he nuzzled the Camero's neck carefully, caressing the jagged scar there. Bee nuzzled back, his body relaxing, as he fell into recharge.

Jazz smiled at his sleeping love, who was snuggled firmly in his arms. The Solstice had planned on carrying them back to their recharge spot, but he didn't dare wake his Bee. He looked over Bumblebee, who looked almost painfully cute all curled up like a sparkling.

"Goodnight, my love," the Solstice murmured, falling into recharge himself. The last thought on his mind was how wonderfully Bee fit into his arms, as he drifted off peacefully.

Jazz was late the next day to meet Ironhide at the shooting range, but waking up to Bumblebee's gentle kisses more than made up for Hide's grumpy attitude.

"Why so gruff, Hide, the good doctor not making house calls these days?"

"Well, if a certain Honeybee wouldn't keep him up in repairs…"

"I'm trying to fix that and you know it. Any word on Barricade's whereabouts?"

"Not a one. You know if he's hiding with that bitch, Starscream, then they are long gone," Ironhide snorted, blasting the set up targets. "You know Optimus Prime found you two this morning,"

Jazz's optics widened.

"Ya'll were getting pretty rowdy, huh? I wish you could have seen his face," Ironhide snickered, remembering the sight of their commander, Optimus Prime, speed walking away, embarrassed and flustered.

"I can only imagine," Jazz said, twisting one of the targets into a knot with his magnetic disruptor. He imagined the targets were Barricade, and ripped several into many pieces slowly.

Bumblebee had lingered after Jazz had left to meet Ironhide. He cleaned the room, as his mind pieced events together from the previous days. It seemed like an eternity. He sighed to the spotless room, still thinking. He wandered around-aimless as the events put themselves together. He entered a training room, and looked into a mirror. He looked the same as he had before he'd been captured, but underneath he felt…dirty. His circuits, his wiring, everything was tainted…

Starscream's evil grin, as he ran his digits over Bee. The Decepticon's face, contorted with satisfaction after he'd overloaded, over him. It was all wrong. The wicked con was not supposed to be able to do such things to trick him like that.

The Camero did some agility exercises to ease himself. As his base system on the radio bounced, so did he, maneuvering effortlessly. He continued this dance until he could no longer, his external armor damp with coolant. He steadied his intakes and walked to the wash racks.

The yellow mech scrubbed with furious intent. Tainted…He was still not whole. He partially transformed and scrubbed everywhere he could. His breathing quickened as he worked himself into frenzy.

"Little Bee?"

Bumblebee stopped, as his optics dilated in fear. No, how could he have found him? The yellow Autobot wanted to hide.

"Little Bee? You there?"

"Yes," Bee said unsteady, grasping a rail for support.

"You okay?" Jazz's voice called over the running water. He moved so his lover could see him clearly.

The Camero nodded, relieved. He rushed over to wrap his arms around Jazz. They stood, moments passed as the water fell around them softly. Bee looked up, his eyes full of pain.

"Please hold me. Make me forget…forget that they'd ever touched me,"

Jazz held him, as he'd asked. He didn't ask him anything, he just held him.

"No one is ever going to touch like that again-ever," the silver mech purred, pressing the yellow bot against the wall. "You are mine,"

The Solstice moved his hands over his lover. He touched, stroked, and caressed every inch of Bee, as the younger writhed beneath him, arching to the elder's touch.

"Only mine,"

Bee shuddered, as his lover moved. Every touch was lighting him on fire-healing and cleansing him. He gasped as all the weight, all the pain was lifted.

He was panting as Jazz turned off the water. The solstice nuzzled his neck, his own body aching with need. Bumblebee moaned, and reached to pull Jazz closer. He let his digits explore, as a throaty groan escaped the silver Autobot's processors. The yellow bot used his solar agitator rippling over the silver. Jazz gasped as the warm rush pulsed across his frame, he clung to his love.

"let me love you…" Bumblebee whispered, as he toyed with Jazz's chest. A twisted part of him wanted his lover begging, pleading-screaming out his name.

The solstice moaned, as he opened his chest for Bee, revealing his spark. His spark was gorgeous. The yellow bot purred, caressing the casing like a treasure.

"Yes…Primus, yes…" Jazz moaned.

Bee eagerly intensified, as his silver lover clutched and grasped at his yellow frame. He opened his own casing, and pressed to Jazz's. The silver bot gave a shout as they slammed into each other, their sparks so close to touching.

"Honeybee!!! Primus…baby,"

The Camero kept his pace, quick, only allowing their sparks to interface for mere instances.

The older bot cried out, his body spasming and tensed with frustration. He need to be closer…he pulled at his yellow lover closer, always closer. He wanted to simply meld with his love, to become one, one complete blissful being. Jazz shuddered.

"Honeybee…please…" he pleaded, as he thrashed in want. Bliss surged over him. His moans echoed, as Bee drove him over the edge. Jazz's cries were garbled in Cybertronian as overload seized him. Bee echoed his cries and fell against Jazz, blissful. They slid against the wall, clutching at each other, breathless as they seated.

"Thank you…" Bee murmured into Jazz's neck. "Oh, thank you darling,"

"Primus, Honeybee…thank you," the silver Autobot was still panting, the afterglow of overload still affecting them. They lay, letting their equilibrium drives realign.

Bee smiled to him, a lazy, satisfied smile. They helped each other up , and walked on to their own recharge station.

Both content, both at peace.

The end.

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