Okay, so I had this idea and so I'm gonna attempt to write it. Hopefully it'll turn out well, but... Anyways, I'm about nearing the end of my other story (Sexy Ass) and so I'm gonna try working on this. Unlike SA, this one will probably have a more serious tone, at least for the first few chapters. And as a warning to anyone who chooses to read this story, the chapters will likely all be short and probably far between, as the mood is not one I'm in too often, for now anyways, and I'll be leaving for Japan in less than a month. I will try to write and update fast, but if you want good quality, patience is a must for this story. Sorry, I'll try hard. I do have quite a bit of the plot planned out, and it will be long (probably). And it'll help that by noon tomorrow I should be done with finals and whatnot. That should give me more time to write. Anyways, please enjoy.

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Rain was falling in steady torrents outside of the window. The rattling sound of water falling against window panes continued its light trill as the sound of quaking thunder reverberating through the room overpowered all conversation, no matter how loud or raucous the sounds were. Inside that bright room conversation prattled on about useless topics; gossip and boasting the main source. The lights shimmered in crystal chandeliers high up in the tall vaulted ceilings, streamers cascading down in bright, glittering colors. The people wore elegant clothing; only the most fashionable styles on the women and suit clad men. Finger food was carried around on silver platters by penguin suited servants and wine was plentiful. The polished marble floor, only touched by expensive high heels and leather shoes, along with the occasional trailing cloth, only lightly added to the general noise of celebration as those heels clicked as stylish women headed from one group to the next.

And outside the rain fell down harder.

Regardless of the light that filled the room and the number of classy people, in a dark corner by one of those large, many paneled windows stood a dark, solitary figure. His clothes, just as rich and stylish as any other there, was only worth a passing glance as compared to that gorgeous pale face, the striking features setting off those eyes which were pools of dark obsidian set against the mop of dark hair streaked in blue when the light fell just right. His flawless skin and poised demeanor as he casually held a glass of dark wine was enough to catch the attention of any woman, which is perhaps why he had hidden himself away.

Uchiha Sasuke, younger brother of the wealthy and popular head of the Uchiha Group, hated the fawning attention of women. The only reason he had allowed himself to be seen in such a place was to stop the incessant pestering of his brother and his only living relative, Uchiha Itachi. Honestly, to Sasuke, he would rather stand outside next to a metal pole than allow himself to be ogled and clung to by the women in that room.

Yes, Uchiha Sasuke, was extremely sought after. He, however, could not care less about anything or anyone. At least, that seemed to be what his complete lack of sexual desire seemed to be indicating.

He glared as a flock of giggling, flirtatious women in tight-fitting, cleavage exposing dresses caught sight of him and began to wander over. Just his luck. He was positive he would be offered the bodies of each of those women for the night, in differing levels of obviousness, no matter how much he tried to get rid of them. He could practically already feel them clawing at him, trying to feel his smooth skin and touch him in places they had no right to touch. Not that anything would come of it. He had learned long ago that they would get no reaction. As Itachi liked to frequently mention, Uchiha Sasuke was screamingly asexual.

The dark haired man sipped at his wine indifferently as the prattling women drew nearer. He turned away and faced the window again, choosing to ignore them for as long as possible. This god-forsaken rain. He just wanted it to end so he could leave. But it continued on, heedless to his wishes, just as it had done for hours. It really was starting to seem as though it would never stop.

The women reached him, crowded around him, clutched at him. He nearly spilled the red liquid all over his white dress shirt when one particularly annoying female gripped his arm roughly, pressing her breast against him. It was clear she wasn't wearing a bra and the Uchiha held in an irritated sigh. Damn he hated these parties.

A flash of light and then the rumbling of thunder once more filled the room. One of the annoying women squealed and pressed into Sasuke's other side, murmuring something about being scared and "Sasuke-kun, hold me!" He chanced another glance out of the window, noting the rain had grown even stronger.

His grip increased on the glass he held until it nearly broke. His body tensed up and he glared at the women surrounding him.

"I must speak with my brother," he mumbled, not caring if they heard or understood or not. Just as long as they got the hell away from him. Of course he knew they wouldn't. And they didn't. They followed him as he made his way through the crowds and across the room where his brother stood, talking quietly with a group of older men.

Itachi turned slightly as his younger brother drew closer, his dark, indifferent eyes focusing on the younger Uchiha, his long, dark hair swaying somewhat as he turned.

"Having fun, little brother?" he asked, his lips turning up at the corner slightly.

Sasuke sent a cool glare at his elder brother. "I'm going home."

One of Itachi's eyebrows rose. "Going home? Now, in this weather? Don't be absurd. You'll get soaked and end up getting sick."

"I'll take the risk."

Itachi watched Sasuke a moment, a blank expression on his face. He turned back to the men he had been conversing with previously and stated bluntly, "Do as you wish. Don't expect me to take care of you if you catch cold."

"As if I would let you." Sasuke nodded to the men who stared at him and turned away, ignoring the women insisting he stay longer, that he stay with them, spend the night…

"Sasuke…" Itachi's cold voice drifted to the dark haired man as he began to make his way toward the exit. Sasuke turned slightly, regarding his brother suspiciously.


Itachi smirked. "Don't forget to say good bye to the lovely Sakura-san."

Sasuke glared. "Fuck you, Itachi," he murmured loud enough for Itachi to hear and the few people around them to look scandalized.

"Oh, little brother… if only that were the problem."

Sasuke turned away and quickly made his way across the bright room, the rumbling of thunder making itself heard above the din. He didn't need reminding of his problem. That bastard brother. If only they weren't related he swore he would kill Itachi in his sleep. But who knew if that bastard even slept. Did someone as nearly inhuman as Itachi even need sleep?

Sasuke pushed the thought aside as he finally managed to tear himself away from the annoying women and grabbed his coat from the large closet beside the front door of the elegant mansion. Without wasting a step he headed to the door, pulling it open as he slipped an arm in the jacket, shutting it roughly as he adjusted the leather on his shoulders and proceeded to make his way through the pouring rain. He didn't need the bright ballroom or the rich, meaningless people. All he needed was the cold rain and the dark night.

He vaguely hoped none of those women would be following him.

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