Note: This is a Heroes Soapie, kind of alternate universe, thought it mightbe fun to write. Didn't turn out the way I expected to, so if you leave feedback I'll continue, if you don't I just won't keep going with it, tell me what you think.

Flash backs and thoughts are italiscised.


Peter and Claire are sleeping together while keeping there relationship a secret from Nathan. Nathan is Claire's dad so far.

Sylar and Elle decide to work together despite how much they can't stand one another so they can be with the ones they desire, Elle wants Adam and what Elle doesn't know is Sylar is only helping her to get closer to her.

Peter, Adam, Elle and Claire are all best friends. Adam has feelings for Claire which is why he broke up with Elle. He is just as bad as Elle and will do anything to have Claire not even Peter can stand in his way.

Nikki is pining for Nathan while he's torn between her, winning the election and his family. Nikki feels sometimes that Peter understands her more than he does. Claire is jealous of Nikki and Peter's friendship. Claire doesn't know about Nikki and Nathan's relationship only Peter does.

Episode 23:

Scene 1:

Petrelli Mansion

Claire: 'Peter what are you doing?'

Peter had just entered the bathroom through the walls using DL's power. Claire was undressing about to take a shower.

Peter: 'I needed to have a shower.' He was wearing nothing but his boxers.

Claire: 'Well I'm having one so you have to wait.'

Peter: 'I don't think I do.' He said with the biggest grin on his face. He grabbed her and pushed her against the wall in the shower. He telekinetically turned the shower on. Claire couldn't stop giggling.

Claire: 'We shouldn't be doing this Nathan's downstairs, if he ever found out his own brother was screwing his daughter he'd do worse then kill you.'

Peter: 'I thought I was meant to be the more older wiser one and Claire he can't do anything to me because of you and even if he could it would be worth it anyway.'

He lent down and pressed his lips against hers and she responded by pressing her lips just as harder. Peter removed his boxers and any clothes Claire had left on and threw them out of the shower. The hot water burned on their skin, Peter's body was so close to hers that it felt like they were melting into each other.

Nathan: 'Claire, are you okay in there, you've been in there a while now and I can't find Peter anywhere, there's something I have to talk to you about.'

Peter nearly fell through the shower door. Under no circumstances could Nathan find him in the shower with his daughter. Claire immediately hopped out frantically getting dressed.

Peter was about to use his power and walk through the walls of the bathroom and get out of the house completely so Nathan wouldn't get any more suspicious but not before he planted another kiss on Claire's lips.

Peter: 'Things will get better I promise.'

Claire: 'That's what you always say, 'she replied with a sad smile on her face.

Peter: 'Claire I promise, okay.'

Claire: 'Good, because I can't stand being apart from you for more than one second.'

Peter: 'Neither can I.' Peter kissed her again then left.

Claire opened the door 'you know women, they take forever to get ready, what did you want to talk about?'

Scene 2:

Sylar's Lair

Sylar: 'Elle what are you doing here?' Sylar was in the middle of cleaning up his mess from his latest victim. He was covered in blood and it was spread all over the floor aswell.

Elle did not appear disturbed by this image at all, she was all for killing people to get what she wanted especially after what happened to her last night. That was one thing her and Sylar had in common, but that was all.

Elle: 'I hate to admit it but I need you help.'

Anything for you darling, Sylar was thinking. He loved how evil Elle was like him, He admired all of her work and how she handled things. Sylar had never actually cared for anyone until he met her. He tried so hard from the minute he saw her to get her out of her head but he couldn't, they were so much more alike then they thought. Sylar then reverted to the guy Elle thought was him so she wouldn't see right through him and stay away from him altogether. He enjoyed her visits.

Sylar: 'Do I look like the kind of person who would help someone?'

Elle: 'Well if there was something in it for you then yes.'

Sylar: 'I'm listening.'

Scene 3:

Adam's apartment

Adam was just watching some televison when the doorbell rang, it was Peter.

Adam: 'Hey Peter, How's it going?'

Peter: 'Just another day almost getting caught out with Claire again, Will things get any easier?'

Adam: 'I don't know Peter, You have start thinking about your future together, is there even going to be one or are you just going to sneak around forever. Claire deserves more than that.'

Peter: 'I thought you supported what we were doing, we are going to have a future together but just not yet. What's got into to you today.'

Adam wasn't sure whether to tell Peter he had broken up with Elle last night because if he asked him why he didn't know how he'd respond. He was in love with Peter's girl and thought he could give her so much more then Peter ever could. But they were madly in love; he had no clue as to how he'd be able to break them up. Well, he had to tell him something, he was going to find out eventually.

Adam: 'I ended things with Elle last night.'

Peter was shocked. They looked so happy together, their love was stange sometimes the way they showed it but he would have never thought that they would ever break up, they were great together.

Peter: 'What happened? Why? Whatever it was I'm sure you can get past it. What did she do?'

Adam: 'That's just it Peter nothing. It's me, Look I can't get it to right now I have some things to take care of.'

Peter was tempted to go after him after he left through the door, but decided he should wait a little while longer and give him some space. Well I better not be late to Nathan's brunch, he told himself he did not want to make his mother mad, she was just scary.

Scene 4:

Petrelli Mansion

Nathan: 'Now Claire, today at this brunch we are going to have someone with us writing an article about me for my campaign. It's really important and I just wanted to know that you were still coming and won't get into an argument again with my mother. I know she can be controlling and rude towards you sometimes but this family has to be perfect just for today.

Claire: 'I'll be on my best behavior but Nathan this family is far from family.

Claire was right about that. Their conversation was interrupted with a phone call. Nathan looked at his caller ID it was Nikki, he wasn't sure whether Claire knew, Peter did because he confided in his brother about everything. Peter was always saving him especially whenever Heidi came close to learning about him and Nikki. Peter acted like the older brother sometimes. He decided whether or not Claire knew anything or not he did not want to risk anyone else finding out about them. Nathan loved Nikki and was sneaking around with her every chance he got, they weren't going to make their love public until he had won the election and he had found a way that wouldn't result in Heidi winning custody of there kids when they did get a divorce.

Nathan: 'Excuse me I have to take this.'

Claire nodded and went downstairs.

Nathan: 'Nikki why are you calling me on my home phone, If Heidi picked up..'

Nikki: 'I'm sorry Nathan, but when is all this hiding going stop, I'm beginning to doubt that your even going to leave your family for me once this election is over. Why can't we just be two normal people in love?'

Nathan: 'I'm sorry Nikki but this election means a lot to me, and so do my kids.'

Nikki: 'And what about me Nathan, do I mean anything to you, the way you treat me sometimes, I wonder why I'm even with you at all.' She slammed the phone down.

Her eyes began to get slightly watery, she just wanted to wake up with him by her side everyday and for everyone to know that they were together, instead she only had the impression that Nathan is ashamed of her. She felt like she was the stupidest women on earth sometimes and she was done waiting for him.

Nathan had hurt her again, that's all he seemed to do. He'd make it up to her somehow but right now he'd have to get ready for brunch.

Scene 5

Sylar's lair

Elle had informed Sylar about her break up with Adam and how she was willing to do anything to get him back.


Elle: 'Adam, I was saying something to you, why aren't you answering me?'

Adam: 'It's nothing.'

Elle: 'No it isn't you've been so distant lately, distracted, what's going on with you.'

Adam didn't know what to say; lately every time he kissed Elle, or saw her he only pictured Claire. He couldn't keep doing this to her, he didn't want Elle anymore and had to stop pretending that he did. He didn't want to break her heart but his heart belonged to someone else.

Adam: 'I don't think we should see each other anymore.'

Elle: 'Did I do something? I love you Adam and you love me, what's changed?'

Adam: 'I just don't feel the same way about you anymore.'

Elle didn't believe that for one second. She came over to him, sat on his lap and began pressing kisses up his neck. Adam pushed her off. Tears were forming down Elle's face but she would let him see them, she ran out of the apartment. Adam threw a picture of them at the wall. He was angry for hurting Elle this away and angry that he felt this way about Claire.

End of Flashback

Sylar: 'Are you okay?'

Elle: 'Compassion from a serial killer that's a surprise.'

Sylar: 'I'm not that inhumane am I?'

Elle: 'Your as inhumane as they come. So if you help me get Adam back with your powers or any way that I need your help, I'll help you steal anyone's power you haven't been able to get. With the two of us working together we can get just about anything we want.'

In more ways then one, Sylar thought to himself all he really wanted was to have Elle right there and then. Killing her best friend and not having Adam would make her very vulnerable and completely convert her to the dark side with him.

Sylar: 'Even Claire's?'

Claire was her best friend but her desire for Adam was far greater then some friendship.

Elle: 'Even Claire.'

Scene 6

Peterelli Mansion

Peter entered the mansion.

Nathan: 'I've been looking for you all morning, where have you been?'

Peter: 'At Adam's. Why what's wrong?'

Nathan: 'So many things. Look Peter do you think you could talk to Nikki for me after brunch.'

Peter: 'What did you do this time?'

The doorbell rang it was the reporter.

'I'll tell you later, I'll get the door, you got outside with the rest of the family.'

Peter went to the table there was a seat for him opposite Claire. She was about to smile at him but she felt Angela's eyes piercing on her.

Claire: 'What?' she looked directly at Angela.

Angela: 'Your going to wear that in front of the reporter, go change and put something more descent on and your hair its just all out of place.' Claire was wearing a mini skirt, with a sleeveless top that was very low on her chest, and her hair was just let down over her shoulders.

Claire: 'No! I'm 18 not a 6 year old, I can wear what I want and you're not my mother, and I'm glad you never will be. If I'm such an embarrassment to you I'll just leave.'

Claire was about to get out of her seat and storm off when Peter sent his thoughts to her mind, these were one of the ways they'd communicate constantly since it would look suspicious to Nathan, Angela or Heidi if they were always with each other.

'Please Claire sit back down, for Nathan. You can yell all you want at Angela later I even will for you.'

Then he read her thought, 'Fine, but I'm not changing.'

Peter shot another thought toward her, 'Good because I really like what your wearing. It kind of turns me on a little.'

Claire smiled and Angela spoke back to her again 'What are you smiling at?'

Claire: 'None of your business.'

Then the reporter came out and everyone stood up to greet him.

Next time on :

Peter and Claire find it hard to hide there relationship at brunch.

Nikki almost jeopardizes Nathan's career and gets closer to Peter.

Elle confronts Adam about the break up.

Adam confides in Claire.

Sylar finds it hard to just work with Elle.