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I see in your eyes,

The Sun of tomorrow.

I look in your face,

And watch the radiant moonlight.

Yet I feel in you,

Nought but endless sorrow.

I wish to comfort you,

But I know I cannot.

I want to help you,

Yet you decline my touch.

Oh, Saber,

No hurt is more painful than that of your rejection,

Of me trying to save you,

Of me carving a new path for you.

But no matter how many times you say no,

I will not stop.

Through sweat, through blood, through tears, through pain.

I will do what I can,

To save you.

To save you from that dejection,

That hurts me too.

Your boundless determination,

And that courage of a lion,

Drives me on,

To do my best.

For you… Saber.

Done by :Rockomaniac

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