Summary: After a little incident in Sasuke's birthday, Naruto had been nothing but an emotionless puppet with no feeling or emotions. How will they handle this???

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'Kyuubi and Naruto talking to each other'


Cold Shell

Naruto smiled to himself. Well, this is it!!! At Sasuke-teme's birthday, I am finally going to admit my feelings for him… I wonder how he will take it. I hope he would love me back. sigh oh well, might as well get on with it. If he will not approve of it, there is always plan B That kyuubi and I have planned…Alright!!! To the party!!! He yelled inwardly as he finished grooming himself and slipped in his suit and made his way to Sakura's place….


Sakura, was very much excited. She had volunteered to host Sasuke's birthday and everyone would be there… This is just the greatest opportunity to show Sasuke that she cared for him…

"Good evening forehead girl!!! Are you still trying hard to get Sasuke-kun's attention??? Even if I am in your house, I am still sure that Sasuke-kun will notice me more than you!!!"

"That wont happen Ino-pig YOU WILL NOT---" But Sakura was cut off to see Sasuke standing in the door. In an instant, she and Ino had rushed to Sasuke's direction trying to win Sasuke's attention. But of course, as usual, they just got ignored as Sasuke sat in one of the chairs…

The girls was about to follow him but Naruto had arrived, breaking the silence with his, "Good Evening!!! Saaaakuuuuraaa----chaannnn!!!!!"

"Naruto, would you please leave us alone??? Take a seat on one of those seats and we would begin the party shortly." Sakura said hurriedly as she rushed to Sasuke's direction.

'Kit, are you fine??? You looked nervous. Calm down okay? Just act like your normal self and if everything goes wrong, I will take care of that.'

'Of course kyuubi-kaasan I will try mybest'(after the chuunin exams, Naruto had learned to talk to the demon. And saw her as his mother since he had been alone and she was the only one who came and comfort him when he got problems. Kyuubi on the other hand saw him as her child. He had been the only family she had left. But she could do nothing for the boy's pain. The seal was still strong and she wasn't able to communicate with Naruto in that condition. But after he had used her chakra in the battle with Neji, he had weakened the seal by using the kyuubi's chakra and thus allowing her and him to communicate to each other.)


Naruto stared in front of him as the dancing part started. He looked at the ninjas dancing and socializing. When he spotted Sasuke finally alone, he decided it was time to execute the plan.

"Uhm, Sasuke-teme?"


I decided to wander in my thoughts again. This party is boring. I am glad that Sakura and Ino had decided to invite so many people that they got busy entertaining them. he laughed to himself at the thought I was drifting again when I heard a familiar voice.

"Uhm, Sasuke-teme?"

So, it is Naruto. What does he want this time? Alright, Might as well play along with him. This is much more fun than being dragged by Sakura or Ino anyway….



"Can we…uhm…go to the rooftop?"

"Sure, what do you want dobe???"


"Sasuke, I have been wanting to tell you this, I hope you wont get mad at me or something…."

"What is it, spill it."

Naruto ignored the harshness in that tone and decided to get on with his plan.

"Sasuke, I have loved you for so long now. Can we, uhm….." 'Come on say it kit!!!' "Be, you know, can we be…Can you be my boyfriend???"


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