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Naruto found himself in a quiet room. With the situation still vague to him, he consulted Kyuubi for inquiries.

'Kaasan? Are you there?' Naruto asked worriedly.

'Yes Naruto. I am sorry. I failed you once again. I cant believe this!'

'What happened?'

At this question, Kyuubi grew silent for a moment, then she proceed to narrate the past events.

'Wait, my babies died? And Sasuke and Sakura know about it? Kyuubi-kaasan, this cant be happening!' Naruto said as a single tear fell from his eye.

'I'm afraid so kit. I'm so sorry. I should have protected them.'

'No, don't worry, it isn't your fault. None of it is your fault. I should have fought back. But the past is the past, no matter what we do, it cannot be undone.' Naruto replied seriously.

'Yeah, I agree, but the question is, what do you plan to do Naruto? Even I, the great mistress of all demons have no knowledge how those brats will react to this.'

'I don't know. Maybe we could leave?'

'What? After all you have worked hard for, are you willing to throw that sacrifices away? The council already accepted you as the sandaime's successor, you don't have to...'

'Kaasan, think about it.' Naruto interrupted 'What would they react if they found out I was pregnant? They would fear me even more! Thinking that I was a freak. When have you ever heard of a male getting pregnant?'

'True, but Hinata did accepted that fact right? She understood you. There might be more people out there that are willing to accept you as their friend, as well as konoha's leader. Please Naruto, don't throw away all that is you have worked hard. There might be better solution to this predicament you are in.'

'That could be true. But I have no intention of meeting Sasuke yet. I cant bear to see him. And even if I wanted to talk and see him, I am not yet ready. I am not yet ready to face them Kaasan.' Naruto said like a helpless child with no one to turn to.

'All right. I understand. But we have to notify the hokage as not to label you a missing nin, you understand? Leave a note or something. We don't want to let Sasuke think we have given up now do we?' Kyuubi said tenderly and with an understanding in her soothing and calming voice.

'Of course Kaasan!'


Sasuke and Sakura sat there, too shocked by the information they have just received. Both of them didn't know how to react to the recent events and information that had just been absorbed by their brain. Both of them were depressed. They didn't even bothered to know what Naruto's condition is, what kind of teammates are they? They ponder over the current situation. Sakura was sad, but Sasuke was affected the most.

To think that he is the reason why Naruto is injured is enough to make his depressed and embarrassed. He let his pride get in the way of their love. And thats when he realized that Naruto's trying hard to gain his attention. Naruto was carrying his children and he didn't even bothered to know, instead, he assumed that Naruto is just forming a plan to humiliate him. It was his fault, he let his pride clouded his thoughts and reasons. He owed Naruto a lot and yet, he had done nothing but to act cold and hurt Naruto. Sasuke could nearly cry at these thoughts but now is not the time to act all depressed and ponder over the current situation. He have to apologize to Naruto. He have to make sure Naruto is alright. He had decided. As he stood up, Sakura looked up to him.

"Sasuke-kun?" She asked.

"Sakura, I think we have been selfish aren't we? Naruto had saved us a of time and yet, we have been cruel to him." Sasuke said, a tear threatening to fall.

Sakura was puzzled as to why Sasuke was saying these things but she know it was the truth.

"I know, I always called him an idiot, but I haven't realized that he had done a lot of things for us. And, we should repay him"

"Hn. Come on, let's visit him and see if he's awake. I have a lot of things to say to him. I acted like a bastard to him, I have a lot of apologizing to do."

"Me too. Wait Sasuke..." Sakura interrupted when she felt something was off.

"What is it Sakura?" Sasuke asked impatiently.

"I felt something is wrong. Let's hurry." After hearing that, Sasuke got worried and decided to run with Sakura.


Naruto was standing on a cliff overlooking the village of Konoha.

'Kit, are you really sure this will help everyone? Are you sure you want this?'

'It might not be the best solution, but I think it would be for the best. I know that Sasuke didn't loved me. Considering his actions, there's really no guarantee that everything would be fine.'

'What are you talking about Naruto? Didn't the Uchiha brat already told you he loves you? We can still return.'

'No Kaasan. I am not yet ready to face him. I promise I would return here.'

'Good. I know you're still confused. I'll help you clear your mind for now. But make sure that you can return here safely ok?'

'Of course kaasan. I, Uzumaki Naruto, future Hokage of Konoha, shall return after 3 years.'

'Thats good to hear. Now lets go before anyone notice our absence.'

After saying that, Naruto left the village, vowing to himself that next time, everything would definitely work out.


Sasuke and Sakura hurried to Naruto's room. They knocked loudly, but no answer came. They continued to knock as worry started to take over them.

"Sakura, do you think he's just asleep?"

"No, something is wrong, if he's still asleep, there's no way he could lock the door."

Sasuke, sensing panic traveled through his body, acted without thinking and kicked the door open. What they saw shocked them. The room was clean, no one was inside and there's a note in the middle of the bed, which addresses to Sasuke.

Worry and panic soon was felt by the two ninja, as they hope that their intuition was wrong. Bravely, Sasuke picked up the note and started reading it.


How are you! While you are reading this letter, assume that I am already lying on a cave, dying and covered with blood. Hehehe, I am just kidding you bastard. Don't take it too seriously. Actually, I was just out to clear my mind for a bit. These past incidences had had me running in circles. I am damn to confused right now and I needed some time to think, ALONE.

You probably would have think that it is your fault, but that would be impossible. You're too proud to even admit your mistakes, but anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I would be fine. Stating this to the council yourself would only result in them disbelieving you so take the letter under the pillow to the old man Sandaime. Oh and please, don't do anything stupid while I am away.

I promise I'll return in three years. Wait for me until then! I LOVE YOU, you bastard, even if you wouldn't be able to return my feelings, I just wanted to let you know.

Your one and only,

Uzumaki Naruto

Tears fell from Sasuke's face as he placed the letter on the bed, while staring at an open space.

"Sakura, he left, because of me!" Sasuke said, rather upset, as he sobbed. While Sakura can only look at him in pity, she cant help but cry as well. Knowing that she is one of those people who ignored Naruto, she cant help but feel she is one of the reasons that Naruto left. But she knows that Naruto wouldn't want her to blame herself, and so, with that thought, she sat near Sasuke, attempting to calm him down and comfort his former crush.

"Sasuke-kun... I know what your probably thinking right now, but Naruto said it himself right? You shouldn't be this depressed. After all, he did promised he'll return right?"

"It's not about that Sakura. It's just that, he left, thinking that I didn't loved him. I shouldn't have done it."

"No matter how much you wanted everything to change, but what's done is done. You should put faith in Naruto. When he promised he'll return, he will. Now, we have a lot of preparing to do."

"Preparing for what?"

"He said he'll be back right? Then you should prepare your explanation for him. And maybe, prepare for your marriage?" Sakura giggled at this thought while Sasuke turned red.

"What? Come on Sakura, we should give this letter to the hokage." Sasuke grabbed the letter under Naruto's pillow and dragged Sakura along with him, hoping to change the the subject.

Sakura just giggled as she was being dragged by Sasuke.


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