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Once upon a time, there was a man named Cross Marian, he owned a large trading business that helps companies deliver goods all over the world. That, of course meant that he was filthy rich but, he wasn't one bit happy. Especially in that time of year. That time where people have the brightest smiles on their faces and have those silly so-called decorations put up all over the houses and not to mention the towns square and people caroling at every corner of the street. Christmas. That one day of the year where everyone was meant to be happy except him, Cross Marian. Even when his business shot up plenty before that time, the sour look never changed.

That brings me back to the story, Cross Marian was filthy rich but almost all his workers were underpaid. To go from Europe to China for such a low sum was ridiculous, most of the workers were single and saving up for the woman they love or for their ambitions and such; but there was one man that was terribly underpaid. Cross Marian's clerk, Lavi. Lavi was one of the few who was actually married and had children and to be paid once a year was not enough to support his family of hungry children but Lavi never considered changing his job for a more profitable one.

What Lavi did everyday was to record whatever letters, checks and such they received and it was a lot. For a huge company, they received letters almost everyday and it just couldn't stop coming. Lavi didn't mind in the summer even when the letters didn't decrease or increase but in winter, it was freezing. Cross was too cold himself to notice but for Lavi it was almost unbearable and even the candle on his desk couldn't keep him warm enough.

One Christmas Eve, everything was just normal, the quiet sound of the office except the clink of coins every few seconds with an "18231 coins" or "184078 coins" from Cross and the scribbling of the pen from Lavi's desk.

"Master Cross" Lavi piped up.

"20967 coins. What is it?" Cross grumbled.

"As you know..."

"I don't know." Cross cut in.

"Tomorrow is Christmas Day, I was wondering if I could have…….. A day off." Lavi said.

"Using an advantage to get away from your work is it?" Cross growled.

"But Christmas is a time for family, a time of…"

"Christmas is a time when lazy idiots like you can try to get away from their work even when their bosses pay them so much to do a simple task. Now get back to work." Cross snapped.

Lavi kept quiet. He promised his family that he would stay home tomorrow and what Cross said about bosses paying so much was definitely a huge lie. He only had a few shillings a year which was ridiculous but Lavi decided to stay and continue working for him anyway. He was about to open his mouth to talk when they heard a crash and the door opened.

"Good day Uncle Cross!" a finely dressed man stumbled at the door.

"Good day Mr. Komui Lee." Lavi said.

"Good day to you Lavi, did Uncle give you a day off tomorrow?" Komui asked shaking the snow off his coat.

"Well…" Lavi shuttered.

"I didn't." Cross said sharply that it sounded like it could have cut the gold coins stacked in front of him into half.

"Well Uncle Cross. You should give him a day off, tomorrow is Christmas……" Komui stated.

"Where it's a time for good will and blah, blah, blah." Cross snapped, "No, only lazy idiots take the day off and only idiot managers allow them too."

"Please Uncle, I beg of you, don't be so cold." Komui pleaded.

Cross sighed, his nephew can be very stubborn "Fine, but you must come earlier the next morning."

"Oh thank you Mr. Cross!" Lavi cheered "I will come back earlier the next morning! I definitely will!"

"Bah, humbug." Cross muttered "I suppose you have come to ask me for dinner tomorrow night?"

"As always dear Uncle, and to show you my latest invention, Christmas-rin!" Komui shouted.

Cross sighed, why did his idiotic cousin choose to go into science and such? It made him absolutely mad and there was never one year that went by without destruction in the house much less part of the town. The mayor had to put in lots of cash into the repair. He eyed a robot about Komui's height (something like Komurin 4 mini) as it walked in.

"Another stupid invention I presume?" Cross glared.

"Uncle, it's not stupid, it's meant to do good for this Christmas." Komui said.

"Humbug." Cross muttered.

"Uncle, are you listening to me?" Komui asked slapping the robot by accident. Suddenly, the robot turned into a frenzy as it ran around messing up everything. Lavi had a good laugh as it ran around that he toppled down the chair and on to the floor.

"Lavi! What are you doing? Get it before the office tears apart!" Cross demanded as it crashed against the pile of coins Cross was counting.


The robot stopped. It had crashed into Cross Marian's precious wine collection that he kept for a long time.


People outside was wondering what had happened as they heard a crash inside the old man's office.


Wine was covering the robot as it shut down and Cross was turning red as he saw his collection ruined by the hands of a mad scientist.

"Get out!" Cross shouted, "You and your robot, get out and don't come back with another invention! EVER!"

Komui took his robot and ran out of the miser's office screaming "MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!"

Lavi was quiet. He started picking up his documents and cleaning out everything while Cross picked up all his coins cursing about his stupid nephew and his inventions and such. By the time they finished cleaning, two men were outside their door.

"Are you sure about this Russell?" a plump gentleman who had his eyes covered in wraps asked an older man

"There's no harm to it Tapp." Russell sighed as they entered.


"Ah! Costumers! What can I do for you?" Cross asked.

"Good evening." Russell introduced himself, "I am Mr. Russell and this is my partner, Tapp. We kindly ask if you could donate money to the poor and homeless."

"And what will you do? When all the poor and homeless are gone?" Cross stated. Silence fell.

"You would lose your jobs won't you? No, I won't give; I rather let them die to decrease the surplus population." Cross said.

Lavi shifted uneasily and the gentlemen were shocked, never had they men a man so cruel in their lives.

"Well umm…." Russell muttered.

"If there is nothing else, then I would ask you to leave at once." Cross growled and the two followed his orders without delay.


The clock struck 7 o'clock, it was already dark and only the lamps illuminated the roads. Lavi warmed his hands with the candle and got back to writing. Cross looked at the clock.

"You may go and come back extra early after Christmas." Cross grunted.

"Thank you sir!" Lavi cried as he jumped from his chair and before walking out of the office, he said "MERRY CHRISTMAS! Master Cross!"

"Bah, Humbug." Cross muttered as he packed his things.


He walked down the path, Seven years, seven years since the death of his partner, Yuu Kanda. His life long partner in the money making world. Kanda was also like Cross, greedy for money and when he died, Cross took over Kanda's entire assets. Kanda, he was always remembered by that sword at his side, Cross sold it. He sold Kanda's sword for money and the money he received was plenty to last for years. Cross didn't believe in ghost so he just sold it without thinking twice.


Cross walked up to his house with a huge door knob. He felt two piercing dark eyes staring at him as though it was trying to make a hole through him just by staring. Cross looked up and to his horror; he saw the face of his dead partner, Kanda.

Cross frantically dug his pockets, he couldn't stand those eyes at him and finally, he found the key but he was shivering so hard he couldn't open the door properly but he got in anyway and slammed the door shut. He breathed. It couldn't be, he was dead! Dead as a doornail. So what was the meaning of that?

"Humbug." he muttered.

Must be dreaming. He thought as he calmed down and headed upstairs for some wine and porridge.


Cross settled down to eat his porridge and drink his wine in front of the fire. When he finished he just sat there for a moment when he heard chains being dragged. His blood stopped. What was that? It definitely wasn't outside the house, it was inside…..

"Che, Stupid chains."

Cross jumped. That voice……. how could this be……

The door swished open and there stood a pony-tailed man with a dirty white shirt and black pants.

"Yuu-kun…" Cross muttered.


Kanda, still the same, even the sword was next to him.

"Still have your sword eh?" Cross smirked trying to act cool.


"I didn't mean it!" Cross shuttered.

"Yeah right. Baka Cross." Kanda muttered.

"Look, I'll make this quick," Kanda said in a bored tone "You have to change your ways or else you will be condemned to carry these chains after you die." Kanda said.

"It's that all?" Cross smirked.

"There's worse to this than carrying chains." Kanda muttered "Look, change your greedy ways or you will have to join me carrying chains ten times heavier than mine."

Cross looked at the chains, they did look heavy, and there were marks on Kanda's wrist from carrying them.

"For how long?" Cross shuttered.

"For eternity." Kanda said.

"You must be joking!" Cross cried.

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Kanda snapped.

"Ummm… no?"

"Because I'm not. Now, three spirits will be visiting you tonight, the first at 12 midnight, the second at one in the morning and the last at two in the morning. Follow them and listen. Alright?" Kanda said but Cross was snoring.

"Hey!" Kanda shouted.

"Yeah, yeah I heard you." Cross said.

"Good now goodbye." Kanda said and flew to the window.

"Oh and by the way," Kanda said "You still owe me $100 for 8 years ago."


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