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"What day is it?" Cross wondered as he walked to the door of his house to pick up his newspaper. The first thing he wanted to see was the date. He took a close look at it.

25 Dec 1894

"Hallelujah!!!" Cross jumped; "They gave me a chance!" he started running back to his bedroom and changed. He came back down all finely dressed like everyday except better. He opened the door and went out whistling a happy tune and saying 'Merry Christmas' to everyone he passed by. Everyone wondered what was with that miser.

"Ah! Komui!" Cross shouted across the street when he spotted his nephew and ran to him.

"About that Christmas dinner…" Cross grinned patting his back.

"Are you coming?" Komui asked eagerly.

"Is there chocolate pudding and Turkish delights?" Cross grinned.

"Of course there is! But…." Komui started to sigh.

"What is it?" Cross asked with concern.

"We haven't been able to buy a turkey yet." Komui sighed looking at a store with a picture of a delicious roasted turkey. Cross looked at it.

"I'll buy it." Cross said.

"What?" Komui asked with surprise.

"The turkey of course! What's a Christmas dinner without a turkey but only if you let me come for dinner tonight." Cross said.

"Are you serious!?" Komui asked with shock on his face. Cross nodded.

"I'm always serious lad." Cross said in his gruff voice.

"Of course you can come! Turkey or no turkey you are always welcomed for dinner!" Komui cried. Cross nodded.

"Wait here." he said and walked into the store. Five minutes later, he came out with a huge wrapped up package and said 'Merry Christmas!' to the store owner. Komui gaped.

"How did you do that?" Komui gasped.

"I have a way in bargaining." Cross grinned carrying the huge turkey on his back.


Inside the store, the store owner gaped as he counted the bag of gold coins.


"I'll see you later nephew, right now I need to settle some business matters." Cross said dumping the turkey on to his nephew's arms.

"Of course Uncle." a muffled voice came from behind. Cross grinned and walked off.


"We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!" Cross sang along as he passed by a group of carolers. Almost half of the team stared at Cross as he passed by them.

"What's with him?" a young boy asked.

"Get back to singing." a woman hissed.


Cross whistled as he walked along the streets. He spotted two men coming out of a book store wishing the storeowner a Merry Christmas.

"Gentlemen." Cross came to them in a gruff voice.

"Oh! Mr. Cross!" they shuttered.

"About yesterday……" Cross continued.

"Yes?" they asked. Silence fell for a few seconds.

"I take it back." Cross said, "And in return, I give you this." He held up a bag of gold coins and shook it. Russell looked like he had a heart attack and Tapp was just shocked.

"What happened, cat got your tongue?" Cross cracked his first joke in years.

"Umm…"Russell shuttered.

"Not enough?" Cross asked "Here." Cross offered another bag.

"Nothing more, nothing less." Cross said.

"Thank you Sir!" Tapp cried as he took the bags.

"The people will be so happy." Russell said.

"Well, Merry Christmas!" Cross said and walked into the store. Another few minutes later, he came out with a bag full of books. After that, he went to two more stores, a toy store and a grocery store. When he was finished, his hands were full of so many things.


Cross stopped outside Lavi's house. He sighed, took a deep breath and took to his gruff position again and knocked on the door.

"I'll get it!" Cross heard Lavi's voice and footsteps heading towards to door. It swung open and there was Lavi gaping the moment he saw Cross.

"Ahem, are you waiting for a fly to get into your mouth you idiot clerk?" Cross growled and stormed in.

"Master Cross..." Lavi shuttered.

"Lavi, I have some news to break to you." Cross said still maintaining his gruff composure.

"You're not firing Daddy are you?" a soft voice came from behind. Cross looked behind; it was that boy, Allen. Now that he had a closer look, he saw that his left arm was horribly disfigured and he had a limp on his right leg.

"Allen, go to your room." Lavi said softly.

"Now, now, Lavi no need to do that surely." Cross grinned. Lavi was puzzled.

"I'm here to tell you that you have been promoted! With a raise!" Cross burst out laughing. Lavi looked like he was going to faint.

"Here, Merry Christmas." Cross held up the sacks to Lavi, "Hurry, my hands can't take it anymore." Cross continued.

"Who is it?" two people came out from the kitchen. It was Lenalee and Kaze. Allen took a peek in one of the sacks.

"TOYS!" Allen shouted and fell inside the large sack. Cross laughed as he picked the boy up.

"Yup, toys, and they are all yours." Cross grinned.

"Yay!" Allen cried and picked up a huge teddy bear about half his size.

"You there." Cross called to Kaze who was standing like an idiot.

"What's your name?" Cross asked.

"K-kaze." he shuttered.

"Kaze, this is for you." Cross handed him a sack about the same size as Allen's.

"Ummmm… Thank you." Kaze said and took the sack. He looked inside and his face brightened up as he saw that it was books. Lots of books.

"Thank you sir!" Kaze said with smiles all over. Cross smiled.

"Merry Christmas." he said as he passed a sack to Lenalee and Lavi. What they got was pots, pans, a large turkey the same size as the one Komui had and other necessary things they needed for the house. Cross stayed with them for a while but when it came to lunch, he stood up.

"I have to go." Cross said.

"But you must stay for lunch!" Lenalee insisted.

"It's alright." Cross smiled, "There are still a few things I need to do."


Cross passed by a jewelry store and looked inside. Something caught his eye. It was a pendant, a crystal carved into a small angel for a necklace. He smiled and walked into the store.

"Excuse me, how much is that crystal outside the window?" Cross asked the storeowner behind the counter.

"Ah yes, buying for your loved one? You are indeed lucky, that, happens to be the last one in stock, I'll sell it to you at a good price." the store owner said.

"Yes please, thank you." Cross said.

"Have a Merry Christmas sir." the man smiled.

"Merry Christmas." Cross smiled.


Cross stood at the door. He heard noises coming from the house. He wondered what was going on and before he could knock, the door swung open.

"Get out!" a woman said bluntly to another man.

"But…" the man shuttered.

"I said leave!" the woman said fiercely. Cross immediately knew who the woman was. It was Anita. The man sighed and left.

"Anita." Cross muttered.

"Who are you?" Anita said but as she looked closer, she realized.

"Cross?" Anita gasped.

"Yeah…." Cross said sheepishly "I'm sorry about that night, is there a way for us to… do it all over again?"

Anita had tears in her eyes. Cross gave her a box with a necklace inside. Anita opened it.

"It's beautiful." Anita murmured.

"Aye." Cross said, the next thing he knew, he was being hugged tightly by the woman he loved. He stood still for a moment in shock and hugged her back.

"Could you come for dinner with me?" Cross asked Anita stood still for a moment before nodding her head.

"Wait here." she said and went back in.

Cross sighed as he looked up at the snowy sky and thought about the three spirits he met the night before. He closed his eyes.

"Thank you…."


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