Shrill, high-pitched laughter filled the night sky as he tossed dozens upon dozens of pieces of confetti into the air. A dazed, almost psychotic look was plastered on his pale face. Various trails of red tears rolled down the sides of his cheeks like tiny waterfalls, gently hitting the ground with a small PLOP. His eyes were wide and unblinking while a disturbingly sinister smile formed on his lips.

His name was Enchu, the most dangerous traitor of Magical Law ever known. However, that was not his true birth name. That old name he once had...Soratsugu Madoka...had been scattered off into the wind, along with any trances of sanity he once possessed. Everything...scattered by the winds...just like confetti...wonderful, wonderful confetti...So pretty...

"Oh, Muhyo! I'm so happy for you! You really deserved the title of Executor! I...I can see why you were chosen..."

As Enchu said this to the moon, the stars...his smile grew even wider. It was not a smile of happiness. It was not a smile of anger, as rare as they are. It was a smile of insanity. Pure, simple and uncontrollable insanity. Enchu had bet everything on becoming the youngest Executor in the world, but he was beaten...beaten...

"...I WAS BEATEN...I was beaten by that no-good lousy lazy son of a bitch MUHYOOO!!"

Almost immediately Enchu's expression changed to that of pure contempt and hatred. Standing on the roof of what appeared to be an old library, Enchu let out a roaring scream of rage that reached out for miles, practically shaking the very foundings of the city. That helped calm him down a bit. Licking his lips almost seductively, Enchu smiled to himself.

"It's a shame...really. Poor Roji has to deal with that lying, cheating swindling bastard Muhyo all by himself...Ah, well. It's not like I really give a fuck! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

Enchu took in a deep breath of the clean night air and closed his eyes as if he was about to fall asleep. Suddenly, he snapped his eyes open again, only this time his vision was obscured with a red haze. Cursing under his breath, Enchu fell to his knees and began coughing violently. Soon, a large glop of red blood spewed from out of his mouth and splattered on the ground. Slowly, Enchu's eyesight returned to normal.

"Crap...crap crap crap crap! My body is slowly being eaten away by the darkness...but I can't go back...can't save myself...I can never go back...I don't want to go back! I want to kill Muhyo! I want to kill him! I want to kill him! I-"

Enchu started to pick himself up off the ground, but he immediately collapsed again. Blood was now pouring out of his mouth, almost in bucketfuls. Using all the strength he had in his dying body, Enchu focused his inner magical energy and pushed back the darkness, warning it that his body is not yet ready to be devoured. Soon, the bleeding stopped and for real this time.

"Ahh...Ahh...god...the darkness...soon, my entire body will be nothing more than an empty carcass to be used as its plaything...but the pain is worth it if it gives me the power I desire...the power to destroy Muhyo...and the rest of those Magical Law bastards..."

Licking some stray blood off his lips, Enchu sighed and vanished back into the shadows to prepare for his next plan, his next chance to get his revenge...

"I'm coming for you, Muhyo...and don't worry; you'll die in the end. Heh heh heh..."