Title: Deltora Network: Seven Gems

Series: Rockman.exe (MegaMan NT Warrior) & Deltora Quest crossover

Summary: The opening of Deltora was welcomed with great tourism and economy. However, all of this was changed when the Seven Gems was stolen and the mysterious Shadow Lord extends its grip over Deltora. Will Netto, Rockman and friends be able to retrieve the Gems and save Deltora?

NOTE: At the moment, there's no planned pairings for the canon characters (i.e. Netto, Rockman, etc), so please don't ask. Also, prior knowledge of the Deltora Quest books are not necessarily needed to understand, though they'll further your enjoyment of this fanfiction if you do.

EDIT: Just fixed up some formating problem with the last few paragraphs. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Deltora Network

Many years ago...

"Adin, Doran, how is it so far?" A scientist and programmer asked, looking at the two Navis, who was some of his partners in the project.

Looking around at the area, the dark-haired Navi replied. "This area was running smoothly so far, sir. I was able to travel some distance without problems." He took another step forward and stood there for a moment, waiting for something to happen. When nothing did, his green eyes moved over to his friend, who's studying some programs intently.

"That's good, Adin; Doran, what about you?"

The ponytail haired Navi glanced up when his name was called. "The programs themselves are fine, Lief. Landscape, structures and natives are as we planned them to be."

"That's good." Nodding, he opened up access for the next objective to be accomplished. "Next thing to do is...the Seven Gems." The man said, activating the portal program for his partners, before he moved over to another computer, which held the data of the Seven Gems.

The Navis nodded their understanding, watching a portal opened before them and entered it, unknowing of someone watching from a distance, who stared at them with their eyes darkened with jealousy.

Once he knows the human was occupied with the Seven Gems, he stepped out of hiding, looking around at the scenery, muttering a word with a sense of desire.



Present time...


A young teenage boy stirred in his sleep, moving to sleep on his side. He was having a pleasant dream, fill with many, delightful things he loved and loved to do. 'Curry...'


The voice persisted, but the boy still sleep restfully. This was a normal routine, almost everyday of the week, especially during on school days. Seeing that he's still away on dreamland, the owner of the voice, a young looking Navi from inside his Operator's PET, sighed then smiled.

"Netto-kun, wake up!"

"Gah!" With a thud, the young Operator was woken up, startled, and somehow fall out of bed in his surprise. "Rockman!"

Rockman laughed at Netto's reactions. "Good morning, Netto-kun." The blue Navi greeted, cheerfully. Though he does get annoyed at his Operator for sleeping in most of the times, Rockman had decided to might as well enjoy the almost daily routine.

"C'mon, Rockman, it's the weekends!" Netto grumbled, about to crawl back to sleep. The brunette does appreciated his Navi trying to get him on time, but it's the weekends. He has no school to attend, no studies to do, and no other events for him to go to. Just because he appreciated his Navi's help, doesn't mean he'd enjoy having his sleep interrupted. "Can't you let me sleep in some more?"

Still smiling, the blue Navi almost, practically chirped, almost. "Not even for this?" Rockman said, opening up the E-mail that had arrived moments ago, prior to Netto's wake-up call. His Operator's tired eyes glanced at the PET's screen, before they blinked themselves awake at the E-mail's contents.

To all Operators and Navis,

We are proud to announced the long awaited opening of the much delayed server, 'Deltora', today at 10:00 AM EST. We apologise for the inconvenience for the exceedingly long period of time in developing and connecting Deltora to the Net.

Originally designed to be one of the first servers, Deltora was a cyber continent developed for the varying cultures of other countries and their respective network. We hope that Deltora would be a great, prosperous place to explore, discover and interact for visitors, as well as those who decided to move in.

Attached to this message is a link to Deltora for your convenience.

For any questions and feedback, you can access our website or E-mail them to Del Company's Information Centre


Company's Website: XXXXX

"That's awesome!" Netto leaped onto his feet, now fully awake from the Email he just read. "Deltora's open! Come on, Rockman, let's go explore it!" The brunette exclaimed, never mind that, earlier, he just wanted to sleep.

"Hahah!" Rockman smiled, sharing his best friend's enthusiasm at the prospect of a new area to explore with a good reason.

Deltora was first announced to be in development around the beginning of the Net's era, when the Net and Navis are fairly new. However, something had happened during development and the initial release date for Deltora was postponed many times for each problem. The anticipation and delays almost drive some people crazy from the wait.

Naturally, the news about Deltora's opening was a momentous event.

While his Operator hurried to get dressed, the blue Navi blinked when a new E-mail was just arrived in front of him. Checking who it's from, he called out. "Netto-kun, there's a new mail from Meiru-chan!"

"What does it say?" Netto asked, putting on his orange vest before he reached for his bandana and tied it around his forehead, keeping his hair out of his eyes.

"Let's see...it say 'Netto, we're going ahead to Deltora, so meet up with us at Del, the southern capital NetCity!'," Rockman read the E-mail out loud, looking up to expect an predicted annoyed outburst.

"What! They went ahead without me!" Netto exclaimed, before he start muttering incoherent words as he picked up his PET and log in Rockman onto the Net. "Plug-in, Rockman.exe! Transmission!"

--Del, Deltora Network--

They walked over to the Seven Gems, seven powerful programs, as large as a human's palm and each one having their own distinctive, beautiful hue. Diamond, whose brilliance looked as beautiful as its namesake in real life; Emerald, its green hue which reminds one of nature; Lapis Lazuli, a deep blue gem with small, twinkling star-like specs of diamond; Topaz, with a warm golden colour; Opal, filled with colours of the rainbow; Ruby, a wondrous shade of deep red; and Amethyst, its purple hue beckoned the curious of minds. The Gems are on top of an altar, fitted onto a silver belt, each one was placed on their own plate, which are chained together, forming a belt which can easily fit around a Navi's waist.

Adin lifted his hand and touched the first Gem, the brilliant Diamond, which glowed under his fingers. Smiling, his fingers trailed along the belt, tracing the other Gems; each one glowed whenever they felt his caressing fingers, one of the few who's allowed to lay a hand on them.

Doran watched him, sensing the power emanating from the Gems, before looking up at the screen, which showed the smiling face of Lief.

"I'm assuming the Gems are fine?" Lief asked, watching Adin's lifted up away from the Amethyst. Receiving an affirmative nod, his smile grew wider. 'Finally...' The man thought, before he said. "Doran, Adin, I want you two to re-check Deltora. I'll be contacting the others."


"Of course, Lief."


A beam of digital light appeared outside of a large gate, before they regrouped together to become the familiar figure of Rockman, who looked up at the entrance to Del, the southern NetCity of Deltora.

"Wow..." He looked at the gate, noting the line of Navis steadily getting inside, with a lesser number of them getting out.

"Man, if we're here earlier, we'd be inside already!" Netto complained, as his Navi walked over to get into line. "Of all the days for me to sleep in...!"

To be continued...

Author's Note: Yeah, a new fanfiction. I couldn't get this out of my head, so I start typing it down (I blamed both the Deltora Quest books and the anime). Of course, that's exactly how some of my other fanfiction came about...

Been a while since I venture into the EXE part of the fandom, so I found myself re-watching part of the EXE anime, just to refresh my memory on how the characters addressed each other (particularly if Rockman use honorific for Meiru or not).

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