Title: The Brothers Winchester Code (19/19)

Rating: Adult
Pairing/Characters: Eventual Dean/Sam
Notes/Disclaimers/Spoilers: Spoilers through 02x10, "Hunted." I don't own the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester; this is strictly a fan piece.

Summary: After the events of Hunted, Sam finally figures out what to tell Dean. But what he says puts the brothers on a road they never contemplated.

Stuff at the end, for now let's get on with the chapter, shall we?

They laid there for endless minutes with Dean rubbing Sam's back and Sam clenching Dean's shirt in one fist, as if afraid his brother would leave. Dean decided that if they weren't going to be having sex they should probably move on to the other aspects of their new relationship that needed to be worked out.

Just when Dean was about to breach the topic of hunting with Sam—who he felt confident had already worked out some schedule for them based on the cosine of some abstract angle multiplied by a differential of the moon's phases or some other equation that Dean didn't need to know—he realized that Sammy was falling asleep.

Dean could feel Sam's weight settle more, and his breathing began to deepen while his grip on Dean's shirt slackened.

"I'm sleepy, Dean," Sam suddenly confessed and Dean rolled his eyes even as he patted Sam's arm affectionately.

"Yeah I kinda sensed that," he said, "you wanna take a nap?"

"No," Sam decided and his grip on Dean re-tightened.

"What if I take one too?" Dean proposed and Sam hesitated for a minute before nodding and letting Dean up so he could take off his jacket, shirt and pants. Dean caught Sam watching him and he winked as he carried his clothes over to the dresser.

Sam quickly shed his clothes and after settling himself under the covers he began to twist the edge of the blanket in his hands. He waited until Dean had come back over and was about ready to climb into his own bed before speaking.

"Uh, Dean?"

Thinking Sam had already dropped off Dean was surprised to hear his voice. He turned to his brother.

"What is it, Sammy?"

Sam shrugged a shoulder and Dean watched in amusement as Sam colored red right before his eyes.

"It's just, you didn't kiss me goodnight," Sam stated and Dean chuckled.

"Sorry, Sammy. Didn't know you wanted me to."

Sam nodded.

"It's okay, but I do…want you to."

Dean crossed the space between their beds and leaned down, but when he saw Sam's lips begin to purse he decided to tease Sam so he ignored the hint and kissed Sam's forehead instead. He held back a laugh at the expression on Sam's face as he stood back up.

"Night, Sammy," he said and turned around before Sam could catch on to what he was doing. Sam's hand wrapped around his wrist before he had managed to take a single step. He willed his expression to remain innocent as he turned back.

"What's up?" he asked and Sam scrutinized his expression for about one full second before he caught on to what Dean was doing. He rolled his eyes and smiled at Dean.

"That's not where I wanted you to kiss me, Dean."

"Oh?" Dean asked and he wasn't sure there was a soul alive who would buy his innocent act at this point but it didn't keep him from trying.

"I wanted you to kiss me lower than that," Sam told him and Dean grinned.

Without a word he bent back over Sam and this time kissed each of his closed eyes which made Sam honest-to-god giggle. Dean smiled as he stood back up but made no move to return to his bed. Sam shook his head and tugged on Dean's arm.

"Try again," he suggested as he tried to quiet his giggles. Dean sat down, curved his body over Sam's and began to drop soft little kisses all over his face, everywhere but his mouth. Sam cracked up, his hands moving to the sides of Dean's face as he held on and tried to breathe through his laughter.

"Dean," he wheezed out, "Kiss my lips you jerk."

Dean leaned back, faux surprise oozing out of his features.

"Oh! Is that what you wanted?" he asked Sam. "Why didn't you say so?"

And then he moved back down and Sam's hands slipped from his face to his shoulders as he kissed Sam's lips softly. He kept this next round of kisses gentle and chaste as Sam's laughter finally quieted and he settled beneath Dean.

Just when Dean was about to get up Sam suddenly opened his mouth and tugged on Dean's lower lip with his teeth, nipping it and soothing the bite with his tongue. Dean gasped at the sensation, which allowed Sam to lick into Dean's mouth. It mimicked the kiss Dean had given Sam earlier and all Dean could do was hold on as Sam took control. Sam's hands traveled to Dean's jaw as he deepened the kiss, wanting Dean closer.

Without breaking the kiss Dean wrapped his arms around Sam and tugged him up so that Dean could swing his leg over Sam's lap before he resettled them and allowed Sam to draw them both back down to the bed. Even through the blankets Dean could feel how hard Sam already was and he wanted to reach down and rip the covers away but then he remembered that Sam wanted to keep things slow.

So even though he really yearned to follow Sam's lead here and move things forward he decided that he needed to be the one who put space between them, since Sam had apparently forgotten his whole urge to progress slowly.

Just as he made the decision Sam's hands began to fight with the blankets and Dean pulled away. Sam clung to him as Dean stood up and he only let go when he realized that Dean was out of bed.

"I need to go get the journal," Dean announced, having already decided that if he wasn't going to be putting the moves on Sam he'd tease him instead.

Sam blinked, sure he had heard that wrong.

"What?" he asked as he swung his legs over the side and sat up.

"Yeah, I learned some interesting stuff about incubi during your dream. Like for instance they don't usually bother seducing their victim. And that once they have a victim in their thrall it's apparently hard for their victim to be able to gain control back."

Sam rolled his eyes.

"Speaking of hard, Dean," he announced with a pointed glance downwards at himself.


Sam's eyes bugged out.

"Are you kidding me with this? You act like I'm the only one in this condition, Dean," he said as he gestured at his brother's tented boxers.

Dean took in Sam's frustrated appearance and wavered for a minute before he finally took pity on his brother.

"Sorry, Sammy, but we're supposed to be going slow and that," he pointed at the bed, "was not headed towards slow. So I thought we should stop before we did something you'd regret doing later."

"I'm pretty sure the only thing I'm going to regret later is letting you out of bed at all," Sam assured him and Dean smiled before moving in to give Sam a kiss which he quickly pulled back from. Sam clenched his hands into fists and pouted up at Dean.

"Dean," he pleaded, "Oh goddamn I should have pegged you for a cocktease, I really—" he broke off to groan and Dean drank in the sound with his lips.

This time Sam latched on to Dean and dragged him down until Dean was straddling Sam's lap.

"Sammy, Sammy," Dean murmured between kisses, "I'm not trying to be a tease, really."

Sam broke off the kiss and fixed him with a look and Dean gave him a cheeky grin.

"Okay, it's partly that but at the most ten percent. It's mostly about helping you do what you want, putting your needs first. Isn't that what you want me to do?"

Sam adamantly shook his head.


Dean cocked an eyebrow at Sam who blushed under the scrutiny.

"Sorry. I appreciate what you're saying, Dean, I really do. So going along with that here is what I want you to do. I want you to trust me to have a limit in place as to how far I'm ready for us to go."

Dean gave him a long searching look before he nodded.

"You know something? When we were talking about the dream you told me that I wouldn't let you come. You seemed very irritated with me, Sammy," Dean said with a soft smile. "I was thinking I should make it up to you."

Sam was nodding before Dean stopped speaking.

"I think you should, too."

Dean chuckled before he moved to whisper along Sam's jaw, traveling up to his ear as he spoke.

"What would make you forgive me, Sammy? What can I do to help you excuse the fact that I had you in my arms, warm and willing, and I denied you the orgasm I promised?"

Sam got even harder and the hands that had already been tight on Dean's hips strengthened their grip as he bucked up against Dean.

"What would absolve me from the sin of keeping you hard for me, of commanding you not to touch yourself, not to jerk off to the promise in my voice as I used my touch to set you on fire?"

Sam moaned and thrust his hips up as he tilted his head to capture Dean's mouth with his own. He fell back on the bed and cupped Dean's ass and ground his hips up, the friction between their erections sparking new sensations.

"Fuck, Dean," he murmured and Dean could feel a shudder run through his body. "Just touch me."

"At some point I'm going to make you come without ever touching your cock…" Dean intoned in a low voice. "But not today. Right now I want you to come from the feel of my hands on you."

"Either you do it or I will," Sam said in a shaky voice and Dean grinned.

"Is that supposed to be a threat?"

"Come on, Dean," Sam whined. "What, you want me to beg or something?"

He was going to chuckle but then he saw the heat spark in Dean's gaze and he knew that he had stumbled on to one of Dean's kinks.

"You do," he breathed out and his body stilled at the revelation. "You want me to beg, don't you?"

Not wanting to see what he could only assume would be mockery Dean dropped his forehead to Sam's collarbone and Sam turned his head so he could whisper.

"Please, Dean. Please," he begged, taking Dean's earlobe in his teeth and giving it a gentle bite. "I want you to make me come, Dean."

Dean trembled as Sam's words hit home.

"Please," Sam murmured softly, aware that for all that he was begging, he was the one with the power here…for the moment. He remembered how it had felt to crack Dean's control in their dream, and part of him sang out in joy that he was getting to do this with Dean for real.

"Please," Sam repeated, allowing his hips to rock gently up into Dean's, getting harder than he had thought he could when Dean suddenly pressed back down. He looked up into Dean's eyes and saw the lust painted across his features.

"Please," Sam begged, feeling the balance of power shift back to Dean. He was so close to coming...he could only hope that Dean was, too, and that he wasn't in the mood to draw this out too much longer.

"Fuck, Sammy," Dean groaned. He placed his hand on Sam's chest and held his brother's gaze as he allowed his palm to descend. Sam's breathing hitched and became shallow but he gave no indication that he was anything but on board with what was happening.

"Yes," he hissed out when Dean reached into his boxers and closed his hand around his cock. Dean gave him a moment to compose himself before he started to stroke, and Sam pushed his waistband down so there was more room to maneuver.

"God, Dean," Sam breathed out and his eyes fluttered closed.

His hips arched and then Sam was coming between them and Dean was frozen at the knowledge that Sam was coming because of him, and his heart surged at the thought that he would spend the rest of his life seeing this look—this gorgeous, wondrous, striking look—directed at him and him alone.

When Sam opened his eyes they were filled with so much love that Dean thought he would burst. He bent down and kissed Sam gently, letting his brother stay connected to him as he came down from his climax.

"What is it, Dean?" he asked when Dean sat back. Dean was pleased to see he didn't seem to be worried that Dean was upset with him.

"The way you look when you come, Sammy…" he paused, unsure what word to use. "It's…stunning."

Sam flushed even more crimson than he already was but he grinned at Dean.

"Yeah? Well you'd better get used to it 'cause you're going to be seeing it a lot more if I have anything to say about it."

When Dean chuckled and went to push himself off Sam his brother made a noise of protest.

"I'm just going to get a towel to clean you up, that's all," Dean assured him but Sam shook his head and put his hand between them so he could palm Dean through his boxers.

"Not yet. I need to learn how to touch you," he told him as Dean gasped and moved into the touch. "Wouldn't be fair if you didn't get to come, too, now would it?"

"I thought—" Dean began and broke off when Sam worked his hand into his boxers, "I thought it was…oh god…was supposed to be…mmm…me saying sorry?"

"This can be me saying I forgive you," Sam teased and then it was Dean's turn to fall into the abyss. Sam coaxed him down so he was lying on his chest and he kissed Dean's temple and ran his free hand up and down his spine, reveling in the closeness.

After a few minutes Dean decided they needed to clean up. So they willed themselves out of Sam's bed and they took sink baths and replaced their boxers before moving into Dean's bed, where Sam was quick to cuddle his brother.

"Kisses, Dean?" Sam asked through a yawn and Dean blinked his eyes open and tilted his face down so he could pepper soft kisses all over Sam's face, ending with a tender kiss on Sam's lips.

When he pulled up Sam smiled and squeezed Dean.

"I am so lucky," he murmured as he burrowed simultaneously into the pillow and Dean's side.

"You and me both," Dean replied in a drowsy voice as he closed his eyes. They fell asleep to the sounds of together.

The End

Snippet from the first side story in The Brothers Winchester Code 'Verse:

"What about when I start to beg, Dean?" Sam leaned forward to lick at Dean's chest, murmuring against his skin. He smiled when Dean's hips twitched beneath him. "Do you think you'll be able to hold out when I'm begging you to fuck me? When I'm telling you how much I need to feel you, how much I want your hands on me?"

"That's playing dirty, Sam," Dean scolded with a grin. One of Dean's more obvious kinks was getting Sam to beg. Sam shrugged.

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