New story from me and my beta Master of the Rebels! I wrote it and she edited it to make it flow better! Kiss her! This is the so called "Sasuke-in-a-skirt-fic." So it contains a very much uke Sasuke and a very much seme Naruto. Which means boyxboy. Which means that if you don't like yaoi you shouldn't read this. But if you do, please continue! You know youo can't resist Sauke in a short, short skirt! And leave a review when you leave! X3

Uchiha Sasuke met the god Uzumaki Naruto when he was ten years old. The Uchiha's had just moved to Konoha and the whole house was filled with boxes waiting to be unpacked by the servants running around, making their way through the mess at the order of their mistress, Sasuke's mother, Uchiha Mikoto. Sasuke's older brother, Itachi, had taken his newfound friend home for the first time about that time, after the second day of school. Sasuke had always admired his three-years-older aniki because he was simply good at everything. No, great at everything! Nothing strange about him becoming a god's friend so soon.

Sasuke had run downstairs to greet his older brother home from school and drag him to the dojo to spar. Sasuke wanted to become just as good as Itachi in martial arts. He had stopped abruptly in the hall as he saw a blonde head next to his aniki's dark one. Had he brought a friend? But… he was supposed to spar with him today! He had promised! "I-Itachi!" The two older boys looked at him from down the hall.

"I'm back…" Itachi said slowly and calmly like usual and took off his shoes.

"Welcome home…" Sasuke whispered. He didn't look at his brother anymore though. He was busy looking at the blonde god taking his shoes off. He was the most beautiful person Sasuke had ever seen. And that was saying something. He was an Uchiha after all and had been around beautiful people all his life.

"Is this your little brother, Itachi? He's so cute!" the blonde god grinned. Sasuke felt his face turn red. A god thought he was cute?

"Hn." Itachi answered like a true Uchiha, making Sasuke blush even more for blushing in the first place. Itachi was so cool! "What do you want, Sasuke?" Sasuke tore his eyes from the blond god and looked at his brother.

"You promised me to spar with me today!" Sasuke said hopefully.

"Another day, little brother." Itachi walked past him.

"Big brother!" Itachi stopped and turned around. He bent down to Sasuke's level and flicked his forehead like he always did. Sasuke blushed even harder, feeling as if his face was on fire. Did he have to flick his forehead in front of that boy?

"Come on, Naruto." Itachi turned to leave again. "Let's go to my room."

"Itachi, if you promised him-" Naruto started but was cut off by Itachi.

"Come on." He said and went around the corner. Naruto smiled at Sasuke apologetically and followed Itachi. Was it bad of Sasuke to wish that Naruto would always smile at him?

Uchiha Sasuke realized he was in love with the god Uzumaki Naruto when he was fourteen years old. His mother had decided he should have a birthday party and had invited almost half the school. That was quite a lot of kids. Sarutobi Academy was no ordinary school. Here you started at the age of five and graduated at the age of twenty. All students were rich kids who would probably be doing a lot of business together when they grew up, just like their fathers and mothers did now. Here they studied all the subjects you all do in normal schools and then some. They were taught things such as how to run a company perfectly, how to be a perfect leader, perfect etiquette, how to converse perfectly, how to move perfectly, how to express yourself perfectly and the list went on and on. Yes, the boys and girls at Sarutobi Academy were supposed to be perfect. And they were. At least while the grown-ups were watching. But the parents probably wouldn't have said anything about how vicious the children could be towards each other. 'Children being children' they would say, and admire their sons and daughters for being just like them. Sasuke therefore became horrified the day he turned fourteen and got his first kiss stolen. Because even though the person taking it from him was perfect, the situation was not. Both Sasuke and Naruto were boys.

The party out by the pool was unsupervised by adults and Haruno Sakura had forced a group of people into the bedroom in the pool house. Among them were Sasuke and his best friends and partners-in-crime, Nara Shikamaru and Sabaku no Gaara. The other boys there were Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba. The girls consisted of Sakura, Yamanaka Ino and Hyuuga Hinata. I can add that the last girl was as red as a tomato. Sakura had the awesome idea of a version of 'spin the bottle'.

"We spin the bottle and when the bottle stops, the person it points to gets to chose somebody in the circle to kiss!" she chirped. "And then we spin it again! And do it all over again!"

"You know that this is stupid, right?" Shikamaru yawned, bored.

"I have to say that I agree." Sasuke said and rolled his eyes.

"Why don't we do like it's normally done?" Kiba asked. "You spin the bottle and kiss the one it points to. Then it's the kissed one's turn to spin." Ino rolled her eyes.

"Because we have less girls than boys in here. It means that it's a big possibility a boy would have to kiss another boy. Do you want to kiss another boy, Kiba?" Ino smirked. Sakura snickered at her friend's comment and Hinata blushed harder.

"I don't think I'm the one having trouble kissing a boy here. Look at her!" Kiba laid his arm around Hinata's shoulder. "The poor thing is having an overload already!"

"That's not exactly helping." Shino muttered and fixed his dark glasses on his nose.

"Just shut up and let's do this my way." Sakura said and laid the empty bottle in the middle of the circle.

"I agree that this is stupid." Gaara said to Shikamaru who nodded and yawned again.

"Okay! I'm going spin this and the person it points to will be the first one to kiss somebody. Everybody ready?"

"I shouldn't be in here." Sasuke said and started to get up. "I should be with my guests."

"SIT!" Ino and Sakura pulled Sasuke down again.

"We're your guests as well!" Sakura argued and spun the bottle. It landed on Shikamaru.

"How troublesome…" He muttered and grabbed a hold of Ino's chin, sitting next to him and gave her a peck on the lips.

"You like Ino best, huh?" Kiba grinned.

"I don't like anybody 'best'. She was just the closest one." Shikamaru said, ignoring Ino's angry 'huff' and spun the bottle. It landed on Shino this time. Shino pushed his glasses further up his nose and got on all fours. He crawled across the circle to Hinata and kissed her softly.

"You like Hinata best, huh?" Kiba grinned exactly the same as before.

"Yes, I do." Shino said and backed into his place in the circle. "I know you do too." Hinata would faint at any second now. Sasuke was honestly very surprised she hadn't when Shino kissed her. Shino grabbed the bottle and spun it. It stopped, pointing in between Sakura and Ino.

"My turn!" Sakura grinned.

"No, forehead! It's pointing to me!" Ino said angrily. Sasuke sighed. He knew his first kiss would be a goner either way.

"Sorry ladies, it's pointing to me!" Everybody looked up to see the person standing behind the two girls, just in between.

"Naruto!" Sasuke blushed a little. He didn't like that Naruto saw him playing these childish games.

"What are you doing here, Naruto-senpai?" Ino asked and fluttered her eyelashes at the upperclassman. Sasuke couldn't really blame her. Naruto was looking incredibly good in his tight, black jeans, a white, tight t-shirt and his precious blue stone around his neck.

"Wishing Sasuke a happy birthday!" Naruto said and bowed to Sasuke, making him blush a little more. How come Naruto was the only one besides his older brother that could make him blush?

"Thank you, Naruto." Sasuke smiled a little. He noticed the way the others were looking at him. It wasn't often Sasuke gave somebody a sincere smile.

"You really came for Sasuke's birthday party?" Sakura asked a bit flabbergasted. Sasuke was so cool! Naruto was one of the hottest guys in school and the star player of the basketball team! And he came for Sasuke's party!

"Well, I'm here to pick up Itachi. We're going to another party." He grinned that stupid, beautiful grin. "But I had to come a little early to make my appearance here! Now who's supposed to kiss me?" he asked and pointed at the bottle on the floor.

"Nobody. You're supposed to pick a person in the circle to kiss." Sakura said and fluttered her eyelashes as well, obviously trying to become the one kissed.

"I get to pick?" Naruto raised an eyebrow and looked over the little crowd. Sasuke turned his eyes away. He didn't want to see Naruto kiss one of the girls. He was therefore very surprised when he felt a hand on his chin turning his face towards him. Naruto was on his knees, leaning on one arm. He gave Sasuke a smirk, surely picked up after becoming a frequent guest at the Uchiha-manor. He never used to do it before.

Naruto's lips were incredibly soft. Sasuke's eyes fluttered closed. There was no way of keeping them open. He had to close them. It was all too much to take in eyesight as well when so much emotion filled him. Naruto was kissing him. Not just a peck on the lips, even though that would have made Sasuke's knees buckle even though he was sitting down. No, Naruto was really kissing him! He sucked on Sasuke's bottom lip, sweeping his warm tongue over it. Massaging them, nibbling a little. Sasuke's first kiss was perfect. The god Uzumaki Naruto took his first kiss! Sasuke couldn't think. All he could hear was his heartbeat, which was trying to take a lifetime's heartbeats and push them together in one minute. The god Uzumaki Naruto was kissing him! He was doing the best he could to kiss Naruto back.

"When you're done molesting my brother, we can leave." Itachi said, leaning on the door frame. Naruto broke the kiss and Sasuke had to stop himself from throwing his arms around the blonde's neck and kissing him again. He couldn't take his eyes away from that beautifully tanned, scarred face, with pools of blue made to drown in. His heart refused to slow down.

"Okay. I'll let you know when I'm done." Naruto grinned. Sasuke's heart beat, if possible, even faster. Was he going to kiss him again? Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Let the kids play their games. I thought you were going to pick up TenTen tonight?"

"Sasuke is prettier." Naruto argued, but stood up. Sasuke couldn't breath properly. Naruto thought he was pretty! Prettier than TenTen! One of the prettiest girls in the entire school!

"Happy birthday, little brother." Itachi flicked his forehead, making him come back to reality.

"Happy birthday, baby!" Naruto winked. Sasuke thought he was going to pull a Hinata and faint.

'He called me baby!' Sasuke stared after the two older boys making their way out of the pool house. Sasuke touched his lips with his fingertips, his eyes still wide. When they disappeared around the corner, he looked at the rest of the circle. All of them stared at him.

"Something you've forgotten to tell us, Uchiha?" Shikamaru smirked. Kiba started to laugh. Shino seemed to smirk, but Sasuke wasn't sure since he turned his face away, hiding it behind his collar.

"He stole Sasuke's first kiss!" Ino shrieked.

"But I was supposed to do that!" Sakura whined. Hinata had already fainted.

Gaara leaned closer to Sasuke with a smirk and whispered into his ear. "You're going to turn into that man's bottom one day, baby."

"Shut up!" Sasuke pushed Gaara away and got up. "This was the worst game you could ever come up with, Haruno!" he sneered and went out. He hurried past his partying schoolmates into the house. He practically ran to his room and slammed the door shut. Being Naruto's uke? A picture flew through his head of a sweaty Naruto on top of him.


Oh God…

"I'm in love with the god Uzumaki Naruto…" Sasuke whispered to himself, running his fingertips over his lips. Then he became horrified. A boy being in love with another boy? That was not perfect.

Uchiha Sasuke decided that he was going to become the god Uzumaki Naruto's boyfriend when he was sixteen years old. He made up his mind over the summer vacation. But the first time he tried, he failed miserably.

"Naruto." Itachi walked up to Naruto and dragged him away from Sakura and their make-out session against the wall. "Would you mind helping me out?" Itachi asked and kept a firm hold on his friend's wrist.

"Do I really have a choice?" Naruto asked and looked back at Sakura. She looked disapprovingly after them. "She's going to bite my head off for this, you know." Naruto informed.

"Sasuke is more important than Haruno."

"What about Sasuke? And you know, she's been my girlfriend for half a year now. How about calling her Sakura instead?"

"Sasuke is wasted, you need to take him to his room."

"Why me? You're the brother."

"Exactly. He doesn't listen to me." Naruto knew that was complete bullshit. "He listens to you though. There he is." Itachi pointed towards his younger brother standing together with his friend Gaara. Sasuke was leaning on the shorter boy for support. He was swaying a lot and Gaara had some trouble keeping him on his legs.

"God damn it, Sasuke…" Naruto mumbled and made his way over to the two younger boys. "Having fun, Sasuke?" Naruto asked smiling as Sasuke tried to focus his eyes on the blonde.

"Naruto…" Sasuke smiled, his eyes glazed from the alcohol. "Could you get me another drink? Gaara doesn't want to."

"Why don't you get one for yourself then?" Naruto asked. Gaara threw him a glare.

"Because he can't walk, that's why."

"Oh, Sasuke…" Naruto shook his head. "Come here." Sasuke's face turned red. Was it alcohol or something else that made him blush? Naruto pulled Sasuke into his arms. "If you can't walk, that's a sign you shouldn't drink anymore. You hear that?" He pushed some hair out of Sasuke's face and looked him in the eyes. Sasuke swallowed and nodded, gripping tighter onto Naruto's shirt. "Come on, let's get you upstairs."

"U-upstairs?" Sasuke whispered.

"Party's over. You need to get to bed."

"You'll take me to bed?" Sasuke trembled in Naruto's arms.

"I'll take him." Gaara said and tried to get Sasuke back into his arms.

"No…" Sasuke pushed Gaara away.

"Sasuke, you're too drunk."

"You'll never get him up." Naruto shook his head. "You're to small, Gaara. Sasuke is bigger than you."

"I'll manage." Gaara growled.

"Take me to bed, Naruto…" Sasuke breathed into Naruto's ear. "And I don't want Gaara to follow."´

"I'll take him." Gaara said again.

"He doesn't want to. Stay here and enjoy yourself. Just because the party is over for this party animal, doesn't mean it has to be for you." Naruto laid one of Sasuke's arms around his neck and laid one of his own around the boys waist, holding him up and helping him walk towards the stairs. He managed to get him there, but then it got harder. Cursing under his breath, Naruto put his arm behind Sasuke's knees and hoisted him up bridal style, starting to walk up the stairs. Sasuke started to giggle. Naruto couldn't help but snort at the sound of it. Sasuke would be mortified if he remembered in the morning.

"Such strong arms, Naruto…" He whispered, quite loudly, against Naruto's ear.

"My, my, Sasuke. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were coming on to me." Naruto smirked. Sasuke stopped giggling.

"Who says I'm not?" Naruto's smirk faltered. He didn't say anything. He walked up to Sasuke's door and opened it. He walked inside and put Sasuke down on the bed.

"Go to sleep Sasuke." Naruto said and turned to leave.

"Who says I'm not?" he asked again looking at Naruto's back. Naruto stopped by the door.

"Stop saying stuff like that Sasuke. You're drunk."

"I know I am. Doesn't make what I'm saying less true."

"It don't make any sense."

"Of course it does." Sasuke sat up. "Of course it does! I've been in love with you for years! Are you so dense to not have noticed? Stupid moron…" Everything in the room spun and Sasuke held his head between his hands, as if that would make the room steady again.

"Go to sleep, Sasuke." Naruto started to walk again.

"Naruto!" Sasuke got out of bed and took two steps before falling to the floor. Naruto turned and looked at him. His face expressionless. He walked back and took Sasuke up in his arms again. Sasuke threw his arms around his neck and refused to let go as Naruto put him down on the bed.

"Let go of me. Stop acting childish."

"I'm not. I'm not a child."

"You're sixteen, Sasuke. It's too young for me."


"I have a girlfriend, Sasuke."

"I don't care. And she's only one year older than me anyway!"

"Let go of me."

"No. No!" Sasuke pulled backwards, making Naruto lose his balance and fall on top of him.


"I've dreamt about having you in my bed, Naruto. About you on top of me, whispering my name… I never thought it'd be like this though…" Sasuke buried his face in the crook of the blonde's neck.

"You have to let me go." Naruto grabbed Sasuke's elbows and pulled his arms away from him.

"How am I supposed to let you go?" Naruto looked into Sasuke's eyes. He swallowed. The cute little Sasuke from when the Uchiha's got to Konoha was gone. This Sasuke… This Sasuke was dangerous. "Tell me Naruto… How am I supposed to let you go? I've been in love with you for years. I've had no chance of forgetting you since you come here almost every single day… I've dreamt about you coming here to meet me instead of my brother. Of you wanting to come here for me. To come and lie in bed with me…"

Sasuke's face was all red now. From alcohol and blushing. Naruto swallowed. "You couldn't even walk up here yourself. You'll forget this until tomorrow. I'll forget it too." He tried to get up but Sasuke grabbed his shirt and gave him a rough kiss. Tears were falling from Sasuke's eyes now.

"Don't forget about me…" he whispered. "If you're going to forget about somebody, forget about that pink-haired bitch. I can make you feel so much better than her. Right, Naruto?" Sasuke pushed his hips up against Naruto's body. "I'll do anything you want me to do. Anything…"

"Don't call Sakura a bitch, Sasuke. I love her."



"Why do you keep lying to me?" Sasuke cried out and tried to hold on more when Naruto pried his hands away. "I'll do anything for you Naruto! Does she do that?" Sasuke yelled as Naruto walked over to the door. "Does she?" Naruto didn't answer. He opened the door and was just about to walk out. "She only got together with you because you're the captain of the team!" Sasuke yelled. "Everybody knows that but you! You fucking moron! You idiot!"

Naruto stopped. His hand still on the handle. He smiled and turned around. "I do know that. I know she didn't love me at first but I know she's in love with me now."

"You should have somebody who loves you for you! Not because that you're the captain or that you'll inherit one of the major companies in Japan! If you walked down there with that smile on your face…Would she be able to see that it's fake?" Naruto didn't answer. "If she can't then she doesn't love you enough." Naruto turned again and walked out. "If I went down there and put a move on her, she'd dump you in a second! She's obsessed with me and you know that!" Sasuke yelled after him. The door slammed closed. Sasuke stared at it like it had betrayed him. He fell backwards on the pillow and cried himself to sleep. It didn't take long. He was wasted, after all…

The smile on Naruto's face didn't falter as he walked downstairs. He smiled at everybody and everybody smiled back. Had he gotten so good at acting? Or perhaps they saw but didn't care? He saw Sakura in her pretty red dress. She was talking to Itachi and Deidara by the bar. He walked over to them, smile still on.

"Hey, baby!" Sakura said and kissed Naruto's cheek. Naruto's smile twitched. She didn't see. Why did Sasuke see while she didn't?

"Naruto?" Deidara said.

"Hm?" Naruto turned his head to his two friends and looked at them. He looked at their worried faces. They saw.

"Something wrong, un?" Deidara asked and ran his fingers through Naruto's hair, something he only did to Naruto and Sasori. Deidara was a very touchy-feely person but only to certain people. Naruto was amongst them.


"Liar." Itachi said. Naruto looked at his best friend. He and his younger brother were so alike.

"I'm a little worried about Sasuke. He didn't feel too well."

"Sasuke is sick?" Sakura asked, obvious concern in her voice. Naruto turned to look at her. And he kept looking.

"Naruto…?" She frowned. "Sasuke's sick?"

"Yes." She put down her glass immediately.

"I should go and check on him." Naruto grabbed her wrist.

"Don't. Leave him alone."

"Are you jealous, Naruto?" She cooed. "Don't you know that you're the only one for me?"

"Is that why you have been throwing him glances all night? And for the last six years?" He asked. Sakura froze. "What? You thought you were discreet? And no, I'm not jealous. I just don't want you to go into his bedroom. He needs to sleep. Not that you know where he has his bedroom, now do you? Or maybe you do? Wouldn't surprise me." Sakura stared at him.

She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Naruto had never spoken to her like this before. "Okay, no more alcohol for Naruto either, un." Deidara forced a laugh. He grabbed Naruto's wrist and pulled his hand off Sakura's. "Let's go home, Naru. You can sleep in my apartment tonight. Your father won't be happy if you come home to wake him up again. Un."

"I'm only worried for Sasuke's health, Naruto." Sakura said and shook her head.

"He doesn't need your worries. He's better off without them. Maybe I am too." He put his arm around Deidara's waist and pulled him along, away from Sakura and Itachi.

"Wait, Naruto! Let go of me! Sasori won't like this, un!" Deidara said as they disappeared among the crowd.

"Don't worry. He's drunk." Itachi emptied his glass. "He's just worried about my brother. Tomorrow everything will be back to normal."

"I love him. You do know that, right?" Sakura looked at Itachi with pleading, teary eyes. Itachi looked back with cold, dark eyes.

"Are you referring to Naruto? Or Sasuke?" he turned and left, not awaiting the now crying girl's answer.