An Introduction To Monsters

Before one reads the profiles of the numerous beasts that are detailed in this manuscript, one should know the basic facts about monsters. Some monsters, despite their name, are actually ordinary animals, that happen to be dangerous. This sentence might make one wonder, 'What is a monster? Are all dangerous animals monsters?'

Here are the hard facts about monsters, which few know about, and even fewer have actually confirmed.


How does a monster come into this world? They do not reproduce, or garner relationships among themselves, so how is this possible? The truth is, monsters are the corrupted souls of living beings, such as plants and animals. Upon the demise of its host body, a soul will then be brought to the Final Judgement. Should it fall foul on the Judgement, it shall be sent down into the Dark Abyss, a pit of shadows where thousands of monsters are imprisoned, and nightmares are brewed.

The soul will be fought over by the monsters, who all wish to corrupt another soul in their own image. The first monster to touch the soul, will be the type of monster the soul will transform into. Only the souls with the strongest will can supress the metamorphosis. Occasionally, a soul could slip past the hordes of battling monsters, and fall further into the depths of the Abyss. These souls will most likely be morphed into the most vicious of monsters, such as the Ash and Behemoth, who reside only in the darkest depths of the Abyss. If it actually falls all the way to the bottom of the Abyss, it will remain untouched for the rest of eternity, in a realm of darkness where the spirits of lost hope and broken hearts spread their sorrow.

The newly-corrupted soul will then enter into a state of metamorphosis, whereby it will resemble a mass of amber-colored crystal. It will then remain dormant until eighty-thousand full moons have been eclipsed. Upon the death of a world, all the dormant souls it spawned will be frozen for eternity, becoming nothing but the purest crystal. Ancient lore claims that the magnificent crystal formations of Memoria's Crystal World are actually composed of thousands upon billions of these frozen souls, which live on only as memories.

When the corrupted soul is dormant no more, it will return to the world from which it was spawned. It is now a monster, in full form. The new monster will then try to locate its own kind, in order to ensure its survival. It's a monster-eat-monster world out there, and they are smart enough to know at least that.

Regarding the intelligence of monsters, they are, as their names suggest, monsters. They are driven by the most basic of instincts, and the most primal of urges. All they know are the urges to hunt, kill, and eat, despite the fact that they are non-living and hence do not require nutrition.

There have been several monsters over time that were notable for their kind doings. Firstly, Master Gizamaluke, who currently resides in Gizamaluke's Grotto. He originally was a soul corrupted by Deathguise, but whose strong will partially overcame the metamorphosis. There also was the Ragtime Mouse, a monster who bestowed gifts upon those who could correctly answer his hare-brained questions. Finally, there are also a group of friendly monsters, such as the Friendly Jabberwock and Friendly Yan. They are part of a group of eight friendly monsters, that are bound to the cursed Eidolon Ozma, to restrict its magical abilities. Without them, it will be fully powered, and unstoppable.Together, they are called the Gaia Zodiac. In fact, each of them has a year dedicated to each of them.

Now that my reader(s) are more educated in the world of monster knowledge, it is time to explore the individual monsters and their traits. If one wishes to be a monster-fighter or hunter, one should be prepared, with as much knowledge as possible. However, this is only half the battle won, as fighting monsters, is one-half knowledge, and the other one-half, experience as well as instinct.

Ipsen Ornitier