Lenalee snuggled in bed. She mumbled in her sleep, "Lavi..."

Just then, Lavi entered the room and saw the girl still sleeping soundly. He approached her and stroked her cheeks gently. She looked so peaceful, apart from their world of chaos and violence.

"Lavi" Lenalee mumbled again.

"Eh? Isn't she asleep?" thought Lavi, before realizing that the girl was sleep-talking. He giggled. She was dreaming about HIM. "Ah. This is interesting."

"Lavi… where are you?"

"Hmm… let's see. I'm here?" whispered Lavi. Just testing out if she'll answer and much to his surprise, she sure did. "Huh? Where?"

[In Lenalee's Dream

I looked around frantically for Lavi. Where is he?! He is no where in sight, but I hear his voice. "Where are you Lavi?" I called out again.

Lavi smiled. This was getting fun. He held her hands to reassure her.

Suddenly Lavi appeared, holding my hand. "Lavi! I need you. Promise you won't leave me ever again."

Lenalee's grip on his hand tightened. "Promise."

I smiled and wrapped my arms around Lavi.

"Woah!" exclaimed Lavi at Lenalee's sudden action. She could still hug him in her sleep?! And was still mumbling his name. Lavi giggled. "Lenalee?" he called. In reply, she murmured a small "huh?"

"Eh… do you think I'm hot?" Lenalee still asleep, smiled faintly. "Yes. You're so hot…" she whispered. "Mmm… especially your eye(s) and well-built chest."

Lavi smirked. Ah, and all these while he never knew. This was sure going to be of much 'use' in future or maybe just later.

"Lavi, do you love me?"

"Yes. I do very much and remember that I will always be there for you." He whispered into her ear before leaving the room. He was starting to feel weird talking to someone who was asleep.

Lenalee flinched at the lost of heat.

"I'll be there for you…" and his voice trailed off. Once again she was alone. He had disappeared.