This story you're about to read "Welcome to our Family", is my fourth "Yu-Gi-Oh!" fanfiction. It will be part of what I regard as continuity within the show, in addition to my first two fanfics concerning "Yu-gi-oh!": "Atem's Key", my first one-shot which took place 6 weeks after the end of the show and it's follow-up, "Aibou", that took place 6 months after the first story events.

My masterpiece, "If my heart had wings", wasn't part of the show and was a stand-alone. I still hope it can be made authentic, for I believe that's than good enough. The stats on it prove that point all too well.

The major theme of this story is about family. So it's dedicated in honor of my real family. "The Yu-gi-oh! Sisterhood". The Sisterhood is made up my friends I've made form the various websites I'm a member of. The Crest in addition to what I want from this Sisterhood can be seen on my Deviant Art page. If you type in at Google my name "Kelsey Shevlin" that will take you directly to my page, I'm afraid I'm unsure how to give a link to it else wise. Also one member from Youtube named Spiritkitten did an amvs to both Aziza and Queen Samira my hit OCs if you like to see them.

That being said, a great deal of my online sisters and brothers will be seen in the story, addition to having their own OCs having cameos appearances throughout the story. Additionally, any and all ideas will be taken into account to help this story from the Sisterhood and the readers themselves.

I would greatly appreciate it if you left somewhat detailed reviews other then say "Update Soon" that drives me nuts.

I'll let you know who from what and why they're chosen as the story progress. Gomenasai or I'm sorry for such a long break between stories. I've had a really bad case of writer block and a lot of stress pertaining to both with my 'blood' family as well as my employment.

But know this: I'm loyal, loving, and very good to everyone in my Sisterhood. I give good advice and I'm there when anyone needs me. I've done my best to be a friend and sister and help inspire others and just be a good person.

I don't have possession of anything of Yu-Gi-Oh! or Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. I'll never really like that as a show, but a few choice characters I can love as people, but the show? You've got to be kidding, it's such a joke! In any case as I was saying in this brainless proclamation, aside from my own characters, in addition to with the permission of my Sisterhood their names as well as their own only one of its kind breathtaking characters.

I've come to loathe this so much, I could scream without end. C'mon! By now we're acquainted with the aggravating piece of information, that we don't 'own' anything! This is just done for fun! We don't need to keep repeating it like we're a broken record! Besides there's little to no originality left in the world, so who cares?

We furthermore, don't if truth be told, need ratings for the reason that a 3 year old knows precisely what blood along with gore is. We can't keep trying to pretend life's a damn fairytale, because it isn't one won't ever be one!

I strongly accept as true the reason anime is more liked then American cartoons is because they don't sugarcoat every thing so much that you get diabetes. We should embrace both the shitty side of life along with the loving side of life. I've learned to accept same sex relationships in addition to a hell of a lot more then that from watching shows like Yu-Gi-Oh!, so c'mon get with the 21st century already and burn the fairytale junk already.

What's more, just about every OC is a Mary Sue or Stu. Why? Because I've seen an analysis article and it's impossible not to be one! So people I've had enough with these bogus things such as 'copywriter' 'rating' and all the other shit. It's just pointless, extremely utterly pointless.

For the reason that if those anonymous jackass keep doing what they've been doing, making it virtual impossible for anyone to do anything on the Internet, well they might as well just shut down the internet for good because they've just about done it already.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy the story.