"Summer Vacation"

"Summer Vacation"

It was a tranquil summer day. The sun was shining brightly in the periwinkle heavens with a soft gentle breeze. Right now, next to a large obsidian lake, a great gathering was seated. Standing underneath a rose archway was a man and a woman holding hands. It looked so romantic in the summer sunshine and natural beauty of the mountain landscape.

"Do you Jaden Yuki take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife? To love, honor, and cherish for all time. To stand by in both sickness and health, richer and poorer. To have and to hold till death do you part?" asked the handsome priest.

"I do."

"Do you Arianna Brooks take this man to be your lawful wedded husband? To love, honor, and cherish for all time. To stand by in both sickness and health, richer and poorer. To have and do hold till death do you part?"

"I do."

"The bride and groom have personal vows they would like to say first before they exchange rings. Jaden, you may go first."

"Thank you. Arianna you have been my best friend from the moment we have met. No matter what challenges or dangers we faced you stood by me. You rescued my soul and restored my spirit. I can't imagine not living another day without you by my side. Today you and I are one."

"Arianna your turn."

"Jaden, you have been my guiding light in a world of darkness. When others saw a helpless girl you saw the strong woman within. You have risked your life for me more times then I can count. I don't know what the future holds for us, but I know that I'd rather die then live another day not being your soul mate."

"The rings if you please," the pastor instructed. The best men Hassleberry and Syrus handed Jaden the ring while Blair and Alexis, maids of honor gave Arianna hers. They were customized gold and jade bands with two hearts intertwined and a phoenix on top. Jaden took the ring and placed it on Arianna's finger while reciting "With this ring I bewed."

Arianna gently slipped the band onto her grooms' finger, on top of the ancient vein of love that resided there according to Egyptian mythology. "With this ring I bewed."

"By the power invested in my by the church, and the city of Domino, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride," he said, closing the bible up and smiling as the couple kissed. A loud roar of cheer echoed throughout the land as the guests clapped happily for them.

It was the first week of summer vacation. So the whole gang was here to celebrate the happy occasion. One and all were in attendance for this wedding ceremony. The original gang and their families, along with the GX gang, in addition to the Court, were all enjoying the first week of freedom at the Moto's holiday home, the perfect place to have a wedding.

Seymour used his illusion powers to generate a romantic fantasy for the couple. Then Joei used her fire power to produce multicolored fireworks. The other children used their magical gifts as the bride and groom rushed down the lush green hillside. Everyone was cheering gleefully for the new couple.

In next to no time it was time to dance. So Tea and her family led the guests in the dance. Ryo and Atticus handle the music; Terry joined them with his saxophone. Everyone was almost immediately lost in the melody.

"C'mon Terry, it's time you joined the dance," Blaze coxed to his boyfriend after a few songs. Terry looked nervously at his boyfriend. He was still a bit of a klutzy dancer, unlike his graceful partner. But then he smiled as he led him to the dance floor.

Blaze led his partner as they began to waltz on the vibrant emerald knoll. In close proximity of the dancers, were flamboyant blossoms disperse all over. Their enchanting and soothing scents were carried on the gentle breeze. Birds could be heard adding their musical voices to the lovely melodies.

Nearby Ace was trying not to step on Yani's dainty feet. He wasn't a good dancer like his cousin. But that was ok neither was Yani. She was still wearing her locket. It looked like a Millennium Item. A heart shaped golden locket with the Eye Emblem. He spun her around once and began to do a cross between a tango and waltz.

"Nice Wango!" called out his cousin as they danced right into Alexis and Chazz. Down they went and everyone had a good giggle. On the other hand the two couples were blushing a fierce shade of scarlet.

"Watch it you klutz! I'm the GX Champion! I deserve more respect then this!" snapped the dark haired man furiously to the poor teenager.

"Oh Chazz lighten up! It was an accident. Now apologize or I'm out of here!" scolded the blonde as she helped Yani to her feet.

"Sorry," he said gruffly to Ace.

"Thank you," Ace grunted to the jerk. Then he led his girlfriend over to the buffet table for some food. She stuck her tongue out, as they walked away muttering how Chazz was such a jerk. She laughed when she saw Alexis smack Chazz on the head for his rudeness.

Upon reaching the long buffet table they heard someone smacking their lips loudly. They saw it was Z.Z. The young princess was near the middle of the buffet, cramming food quickly into her mouth. She spun around promptly and blushed. She then rapidly cleaned up her face then curtsy, trying to regain her manners.

"You must try the crab rangoon. It's so succulent! It's even better then the shrimp!" Z.Z. remarked contentedly, as she for a second time began to stuff, her face with her favorite food. Seymour was close by enjoying the rich chocolate pudding. With a nod the pair left to find a vacant table.

"I think they make a cute couple, Ace. Don't you agree?" Yani inquired as she tried some of the rangoon herself. She had after all made it, along with a few other dishes for the wedding ceremony. Each person had brought numerous different foods, so Jaden and Arianna wouldn't have to hire a catering service.

"Yeah they do. Sorta like us, huh? I'm gonna miss you Yani. I just don't know what I'm going to do without you," he said holding her dainty porcelain hand. He gazed his melted jade eyes into her rich humble brown ones. Both looked ready to shed tears. Brushing the teardrops from his eyes he carried on in a broken voice. "I got accepted into a prestigious college in Tokyo. I leave for it after summer over," as they sat down at a lavender hexagon shaped table.

Both looked really depressed about being torn apart. Just their bad luck and unfortunately Ace's power was useless here. The pair ate noiselessly for a few minutes not wanting to verbalize more bad news. After about five minutes Yani broke the silence.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Ace," she replied between sliver teardrops staining her faultless features. Ace took out an emerald handkerchief, and wiped the remaining beads of moisture from her eyes. She beamed at him radiantly her perfect teeth shining like moonlight.

With a final sniffle she continued on in a teary tone of voice. "But I've done some serious thinking recently. Furthermore I've decided something important. I'm gonna stay here awhile longer. I'll hang about for my senior year here. I really like this school. Plus I don't want to lose my best friend, Ryo. I never had a friend like her before. Never had a lot of friends back home either," she confessed sorrowfully while toying with her locket.

"Staying?" he said chocking for a moment on his drink. She patted him on the back to help him. He then cleared his voice but still was stunned by her statement. "But you said you're homesick! Why stay here?" he inquired bewilderedly to her. She merely smiled and answered back to him in her sweet honey-like voice.

"Mom and I work it out. I told her the truth. That I'm in love and want to stay a bit longer. She was incredibly understanding. She believes that everyone falls in love, but not many admit it. Then we'll see what happens after I graduate next year. In the meantime we can trade emails, along with chatting vie webcam. Perhaps I'll get accept to a university in the area. So we can still hang out. I love you, Ace. I don't want to lose you," with that said she kissed him most passionately on the lips.

"They look so joyful don't you think, Ryo?" remarked Aster blissfully to the emerald haired maiden, as they waltz nearby to the lucky pair. The dancing colored lights added a magical touch to their dancing.

"I know they're both pleased. I knew already she was gonna stay. Thought transference comes in handy with crises. We also talked about it for an hour or so last week. You know when we're locking up the media center? I recommend that she follow her heart and she did. My, Aster, you sure are handsome today," she replied bashfully to her beau.

"I think you look amazing. You're so radiant today, your beauty blinds me. I've never seen a girl who was prettier then you. So what is your plan for the summer? I'm gonna on an excursion of Europe."

"I'm heading for NASA. I've a strong yearning to see the space program. You know my ambition in life is either to be a musician or an astrometry. So last year I went on a tour of great music makers. This year my other passion will be fulfilled."

"So what will happen to us, milady?"

"Well my birthday is June tenth. So that next week. I'll be seventeen. So we can get a little closer. I've loved you all my life. You're my dream boy and my muse. I'll write to you everyday. I've the finest penmanship in all of Japan."

"I'll write to you everyday. You can also visit in my dreams. We can have a lot of fun with a bit of dream dating," he chuckled as he spun her around.

Laughing while she blushed she leaned in and kissed him. For one moment the whole world faded away and all they'd heard was their heartbeats.

Most of the guest had taken a break from dancing. The Court was busy playing volleyball against the younger children. Maha turned out to be the best one out there. She was creaming Mana who kept missing the ball.

"So you may be a good magician, Mana. But you're lousy when it comes to volleyball. You've to hit the ball with your hands. Not let it hit your head. It isn't soccer you know!" Maha laughed gleefully to the young brunet.

"Hmph! I'm the Dark Magician Girl! I protect the princess and prince! So I'm very powerful!" she shot back angrily. She didn't enjoy being laughed at, even if it was just a friendly game.

"You still are lousy when comes to this game, Mana. It's just not your forte like Duel Monster is," Mahad reassured her gently picking up the white ball. He then showed off a bit, by spinning it on his fingers. All that did was made her a little sourer about the whole thing.

"It's ok, Mana. Just have some fun. We ought to have some after all we've been through. Don't get so upset over such a little thing." Isis told the young girl with a hug. She smiled amorously at Mahad who grinned at the beautiful maiden. Sparks were defiantly between the two.

"Yes let's just have some fun!" declared the remainder of the Court energetically. Meanwhile on the sidelines Shimon and Solmina were cheering for everyone nearby. Solmina had also whipped up some passion fruit drinks. So the two teams took a small break and quenched their thirst.

"Chin up, Mana! You can do it!" Shimon encouraged the young lass. She smiled weakly at him, but looked a little more confident. After five minutes the two team returned to the court. Mahad still had the ball. He tossed it over to the referee, who was none other then Shadi! The old handsome spirit looked like he was having a grand time.

"Ok the current scores for this game are Court fourteen and Neo Gang Kids sixteen. The winner of this game shall play the Royal Egypt Gang," gesturing to Atem, Aziza and Yugi's parents. The six of them were enjoying resting under a large cherry tree. But all looked pumped to play next.

"Winner plays them for the trophy. Now I want a nice clean game from all of you. I've a very vigilant eye. So you better watch it! Court ball! Mahad you serve!" tossing the ball back to the hunky magician. He took the ball and spiked it really good to Uta. She leaped up and smacked it toward Shada and Kareem. The game continued on for another hour before the kids won.

"I'm glad our parents are enjoying themselves." Atem commented from the sidelines as his mother smacked the ball high.

"Yes it's exceptionally pleasurable today. I'm glad we've so many people today with us. Jay sounds like he's having an excellent time. He a good volleyball player, though his specialty is track. Z.Z. is a first-rate competitor as well. She did after all win a gold medal for skating. I expect one day both will be in the Olympics. How is everyone doing anyway, Atem?" asked Aziza as she sipped her lemonade.

Atem stretched his arms, and gazed his piercing amethyst eyes, over the infinite landscape. Taking in what he saw he relayed it to his 'wife' "Well from what I can tell, Aziza, everyone is enjoying themselves. Out on the lake right now, are Ruth and her boyfriend. They're windsurfing. Blaze and Terry are parasailing close by," gazing out at the massive lake. Turning to his left he carried on with his observations.

"Joei and her boyfriend are taking a hike out in the woodland. Joey and Tristan are stuffing their faces at the buffet table. Tea and her husband are still dancing up a storm. Andi and Duke are playing Dudgeon Dice Monsters against Bastian and Roxy."

Yugi then cut in from the right "Kaiba plus his wife are flying kites with his brother and wife. Jaden and his wife are eating their cake. The Ishtars and Rose and Libra are enjoying a calming rowboat ride. The Guardian sisters are enjoying the hotub. Bakura and his wife are running through the meadows laughing. I think Aziza it's safe to say everyone is enjoying themselves. The twins plan to go horseback riding after they finish the game."

"Well as long as everyone happy, that all that matters. Why don't you two duel? I'm going to see how my sister is doing. See you in a little bit." Aziza sat up and dashed in her cheetah form to the house.

"So how about it, aibou? You wanna duel?" Yugi asked with a quick kiss.

"You're going down, Yugi!"

As twilight set in everyone was busy settling down. Tea had just beaten up the boys. She didn't like being called, a helpless cheerleader with stupid friendship speeches. She'd whooped the boys' sorry ass well. She reminded them in their old group each had played their role. Her being the morale one, Joey being the comic relief, Tristan the strength and Atem and Yugi as being the glue.

The grill was smoking with mouth-watering, ribs, hot dogs, burgers and steaks. Close by the GX gang was making smore, ice cream, pie and cakes. The smell reached out into the neighboring forest. Joei and Syrus had been kissing, although dashed swiftly over to join in the extensive meal.

Close behind them was the twins and Kaiba cousin. They'd been out riding the trails on magnificent snowy stallions. Both Uta and Z.Z. had a bone to pick with the boys. They glared at them with annoyances as they dismounted.

"Something the matter, Uta?" asked Jay as he helped off the horse. She smiled at him then got a strange expression on her face. "Jaden Aknamkanon Solomon Moto! I've wait for a long time for one thing from you. But you've not done it yet once! So if you love me just kiss me!"

"Same goes for you, Seymour!"

So the girls yanked their dream boys and kissed them. Their parents were startled by their sudden kisses. But they smiled broadly at the sight of their children first kiss. The boys were blushing immensely from the sudden kiss. Both said at the same time "Boy you sure kiss by the book!" and went back to kissing their dream girls.

In next to no time, everyone was kissing their true loves, as the colorful fireworks above them light up the night skies. The gentle wind carried one song on its breeze on its soothing breath.

Everyone's invited, this is how we live
we're all here for each other
happy to give
All we have we share
And all of us we care, so come on...

Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our brotherly time
We're happy giving and taking
to the friends we're making
There's nothing we won't do

Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our happy to be time
This is our festival
you know and best of all
We're here to share it all

There's a bond between us
nobody can explain
It's a celebration of life
and seeing friends again
I'd be there for you
I know you'd be there for me too...
so come on

Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our brotherly
This is our festival
you know and best of all
We're here to share it all

Remembering loved ones departed
Someone dear to your heart
Finding love, planning a future
Telling stories and laughing with friends
Precious moments you'll never forget

This has to be the most beautiful
The most peaceful place
I've ever been to
It's nothing like I've ever seen before
When I think how far I've come
I can't believe it...and yet I see it
In them I see family
I see the way we used to be

Come on...

Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our brotherly time
We're happy giving and taking
to the friends we're making
There's nothing we won't do

Welcome to our family time
Welcome to our happy to be time
This is our festival
you know and best of all
We're here to share it all

All knew the message of the song all too well. For without family, friend or love life wasn't worth living. So all of them had the greatest treasure of them all. To be with the ones they loved.

The End.