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Summery: 15 years has passed since he left Konoha. While in a village market he finds himself in a small shop were an old woman gives him a special stone that is meant to give someone a view at a life they could have had. He wishes on the stone to see what life would have been like if he had never left Konoha and when he awakens hr finds himself in a life he would have never dreamed of. Could this new life be the happiness he always wanted and can he find a way to keep it even after the stones magic wears off...

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What Could Have Been


Uchiha Sasuke walked into a village in Fire Country, nearby his childhood home. This was as close to that place he would get. He couldn't go back, not even if he completed his goal of killing his brother. There was nothing really left for him there. How long had it been since he had last seen them. At the age of 28 he knew they had probably forgotten him already. Fifteen years was a long time.

He wandered into the market place, which was a big mistake. The noise and the crowd soon began to string on his nerves. The whole place was filled with common folk buying, selling and trading. He would only give side glances to some of the stands that sold weapons and other shinobi tools, but nothing kept his eyes.

He wasn't sure how long it took him to cross over the sea of people till he was able to reach the other side of the market. He would find a hotel and rest up, that was his plan.

Just as he was about to leave market grounds he heard a faint voice.

"You seem lost Uchiha Sasuke."

The sound of his name made him stop. No one here should know his name. He turned to see a small stand that held no people in front of it. A dark cover left only a small opening into the curtained space. The sign above it read: Mystic Items.

He must have imagined it. As he turned to leave, the voice sounded again.

"If you are lost, maybe I can help you find your way."

He turned back to the stand. Now he knew he didn't imagine it. He walked over to the opening, ducking his head he stepped inside. A small old woman sat behind the counter. Her hands neatly folded in front of her as she smiled at him with a mouth that did not have a complete set of teeth. She lifted her hand and pointed one of her long bony fingers at him, "It is about time that you showed up Uchiha." She shook her head, "I've been waiting an awful long time."

What was this woman talking about, she must be insane. He placed one hand on the hilt of his blade, "How do you know my name, old woman?"

She only continued to hold her smile, "I know much about you. My visions are never wrong and you have been in them for quite some time." She gave a horse laugh, "Tell me now, have you succeed in your goal to kill that brother of yours?"

Sasuke anger grew, "Stop speaking as if you know me." His voice hard and stoic. How dare this woman speak to him this way.

"I have no intention to get involved with your tragedy; I only do as these visions of mine tell me to, so calm yourself Uchiha." Her own voice growing impatient. She reached behind the counter, causing him to pull his sword from its seethe. Her eyes met his with a smile as all she brought out was a small box, no bigger than the palm of her hand. It was made of wood and held designs that he did not recognize. The golden latch that kept it closed was a construction of three blossoms. The old woman placed a finger on the box, "In this box is what you want."

"How do you know I want what's in there?" he pointed the blade at her, his voice cold and hard.

She still held her smile, unafraid, "Because I just know." Her old fingers flipped the latch on the front of the box, and she turned it around. Sasuke lowered his sword but did not put it away. He watched her with careful eyes as she lifted open the lid and reveled what to be an ordinary stone placed on a chain of braided silver. Her old fingers struggled to pick it from the chain, but she managed to grab it and lift it from its containment. The stone its self was a blood red and smoothed down to look like glass. "These stones are very rare, you are lucky it called for you. Its magic is most powerful indeed."

Sasuke's curiosity grew as his eyes watched the stone swing lightly back and forth in short strokes. He couldn't take it, "And what does the rare stone do?"

She smiled again, "I was wondering when you were going to ask. This stone is meant to show a life that could have been, maybe a life that was meant to be. Some call it a "What if" stone, others, a stone of dreams. No one is really sure."

"And what would I do with such a trinket?" he asked mockingly. She had to be trying to mess with him.

"There was a time in your life you were given a great choice was there not, one that decided your fate and future, Have you never pondered what would have happened had you chosen the other path? What could have been between you and the lovely maiden you left behind, or how much stronger you were compared to your best friend?" she lifted the stone with her other hand and clasped her fingers around it.

She couldn't be talking about leaving Konoha, how would this woman know of that? How did this woman know about Sakura and Naruto? It was true he had thought about it once or twice, about the life he could have had as a leaf shinobi. "How do you know all of this, about me and my past?"

I've told you, I know much because the spirits wish me to. They grant me dreams and visions to aid lost souls," she met his eyes, "like yourself. I know one thing for sure; this stone belongs to you, for it calls to you. That is why you are here now. Sooner or later you would have crossed paths with it."

Reaching out her hand to him, he did the same letting her drop the blood stone in his hand. Blood on his hands was not a new image to him. "Why do they wish me to have this, I have no use for such a thing?"

She only smiled, "Well they must think you do, now go. You have much to learn about life."

He sheathed his sword once more and with a nod he left. All he could think about as he walked down the street was the stone and old woman. The old woman must have been pulling his leg. There was no way that this thing worked. But how did she know so much about him? This could all be a trap. If it was, he would deal with it later.

It wasn't long till he decided to turn in for the night and find himself a hotel. As he laid in bed he pulled out the stone and admired it. A single tear drop of blood no larger than the size of his thumb placed on a silver chain. It was quality work, the jeweler who worked on this.

"I really do wonder how different everything would have been had I stayed in Leaf with Sakura, Naruto, and the rest of the rookie 9." Sasuke clutched the stone in his hand. He didn't know what to expect. Deep down he hoped he could catch a glimpse at the life that could have been, but nothing happened her remained on the bed in the dank old hotel room. He laughed at himself, how could he even consider what she said true? He placed the stone once more in his pocket and lay back on the bed. He didn't want to think about it anymore. Shutting his eyes, he let himself fall into a deep sleep…

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