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Sasuke hated walking through the market in other villages. It all seemed so busy and crowded; he couldn't stand this for much longer. Why he choose to go this direction he didn't know, but he wished he hadn't. His eyes turned left to right, eyeing the little shops, looking for shinobi tools of good quality, but finding nothing. He groaned in frustration and pushed his way through once more. How long would it take him to get to the other side?

"Sasuke, over here?"

He turned toward the voice and smiled. Sasuke pushed past one last couple and came into a small open area in the street, a small fountain in the center, "Sorry it took me so long, these crowds are crazy."

"It's alright, did you bring me the tea."

He held it out to her, "Yeah. Scoot over."

Sakura scooted over on the fountains edge, taking the tea, "Sorry to send you in there, but I had such a craving." She smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"How are you feeling?" he had to ask. His wife was two months pregnant with their daughter. The daughter she had always wanted and he didn't want anything to go wrong.

"I'm fine, really. You shouldn't worry so much." She turned to her left by her feet. Haru, their three year old son, slept, leaning his body against the fountain and her leg, a small bear clutched to his chest, "This little guy on the other hand it completely worn out."

Sasuke looked down at his son and smiled before looking at his Sakura, "And where is Akira?" it seemed his eldest son was nowhere in sight.

Sakura pointed to a little tented shop, "He went in there to take a look." She took a sip of her tea and let out an exhausted breath, "We can head to the hotel once he comes out."

He said nothing but wrapped a hand around his wife, placing the other upon her currently flat stomach. Soon she would grow and then their family would get larger. He thought back upon the night she had first asked if they could have a daughter, he wasn't sure they could, but he promised they could try. With help from Tsunade they were able to have the little girl that Sakura had wanted. Sasuke hoped she would look just like her mother.

Her hand covered his as she looked up at him; a smile grazed her lips, "I'm glad you decided to come out with us. I know how you like using your days off to rest and train. So, thank you."

Sasuke let a small smile come to his lips, "Sometimes, I need a day off from training." He leaned in closer, "Besides, I need to stay close to you in case something happens."

She leaned in closer, her smile larger, "You are such a worry wart."

"Only when it concerns you and the kids." He closed the space between them, letting their lips touch softly for a brief moment.

They pulled apart, still holding onto each other, eyes never leaving the gaze of the other until Sakura looked up at the sky, "It's getting late. Where is that boy?"

"I'll go get him, wait here. He's probably just lost track of time." He stood and walked towards the tented shop. Even before he stepped in he could smell the bitterness of herbs mix with the sweetness of flowers, the smell itself almost familiar. He ducked slightly to enter to see his son sitting on the counter, legs crossed, and his hands in his lap. He never noticed his father had walked in, his distraction was the old woman who stood behind the counter that seemed to be telling him a story.

"-and all the ninjas came together and defeated the darkness to save the village that they all loved." The old woman took a deep breath then turned to met his gaze, "Well, I'm sorry to say that you've missed our story." The woman had long silver hair tied back loosely, her skin sagged and wrinkled almost hiding her deep black eyes.

His son turned towards him and smiled, "Dad, Oba-san tells the best stories."

Sasuke approached the counter beside his son, "Well, that's good to know but your mother is wondering where you've run off to." Taking his son by the waist, he picked him up and placed him standing on the floor.

"Sorry dad, I wanted to finish listening to the story." His son hung his head, eyes cast to the floor.

Sasuke put his hand on his son's head, "Don't worry." He turned to look at the woman, "I'm sorry if my son bothered you."

She laughed lightly, "Don't worry about it, I enjoy telling stories, I should apologize for keeping him so long."

He ushered his son to the opening. At the door, his son turned and waved at the old woman, "Bye, Oba-san, thank you for telling me stories." Before Sasuke could catch him, his son had run off to meet Sakura.

He sighed and chuckled lightly, "Well, thank you for taking care of him. Good day."

"One more thing, son" her voice soft and calming. Sasuke turned confused as the woman smiled at him, "Are you lost, Uchiha?"

It was an odd statement to make, but for some unknown reason he felt no confusion. Sasuke looked out of the tent and saw his expecting wife and two children waiting beside the fountain for him. A smile came to his lips at the sight, warmth filled him. He turned back to the old woman, "No, I'm exactly where I want to be."

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