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Rating: NC-17

Anime: Bleach

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach, belongs to Tite Kubo

Summary: Ichigo Kurosaki finds a job in a zoo, and there he meets a lot of new friends and a sexy lover! GrimmjowxIchigo, yaoi, fluff, AU, lemon in later chapters.

It was a beautiful day, the sky was blue and it was the time where everyone would be in a good mood. Yet there was someone who didn't carry a smile on his face, instead of that he had a frown. It was Kurosaki Ichigo, an eighteen-year-old boy living in Karakura Town. He had unruly, conspicuous orange hair, and his body type was slim but muscular.

He still lived with his family: His father Isshin was a crazy guy with a goat-beard, who loved giving his beloved son surprise air-kicks; his sister Yuzu was a cute, caring girl with professional cooking abilities, and last but not least his other sister Karin was a self-confident, brave but most of the time in a bad mood, she didn't really show her emotions. Ichigo's mother Masaki passed away years ago, she loved her family and everyone loved her. Isshin had a giant poster of her in the living room and always talked to it when something special has happened in the Kurosaki family. You could say that it got never boring in this house.

One day, while having breakfast, Isshin suddenly looked at his son with a severe look. "Ichigo, my beloved son, it is time for you to get a job." Ichigo's eyes widened. "Dad, I just finished school, and now you already want me to look for a job?" "I already found you the perfect job, check this out!" Isshin, ignoring Ichigo's death glares, got out a little paper from his pocket and gave it to his son. Ichigo scanned the paper and looked up to his dad with a surprised look. "Karakura…Zoo?" "EXACTLY! ISN'T THAT AWESOME? You should thank your dad!" Isshin then tried to embrace his son, but Ichigo just kicked his dad in the face in response. "Forget it, you crazy old fart! Now way am I gonna work in a zoo!" Ichigo was about to go back to his room with his usual frown but suddenly his dad put a hand on his shoulder: "You know…the salary is pretty high…if you earn enough money, I would maybe allow you to buy yourself your own apartment." Ichigo suddenly froze and looked at his dad with a grin on his face. "Alright, I'll do that stupid job." He then went back to his room and Isshin showed his two daughters the victory sign and hugged the Masaki poster. "Our son is growing up, Masaki!"

Ichigo laid in his bed and smiled to himself. After finishing school he wanted to move out from his house and start a new life in his own apartment. Yet his father didn't allow him to go, because he wanted to protect his one and only son from evil people. "How over-protective that old fart is" Ichigo thought. But he didn't understand why Isshin suddenly changed his mind, well, who cared, the main point was that Ichigo now was a free man. Okay, not really, since he still had to earn his money in that zoo. Ichigo looked out of his window and wondered how his first working day would be, which was tomorrow. He shut his eyes and fell asleep with a smile on his face.


In the morning Ichigo wasn't nervous at all. He picked a red polo-shirt and a pair of jeans to wear, took a quick shower, brushed his teeth, rushed down to the kitchen, ate his breakfast that Yuzu made for him and went out of the house after dodging one of his dad's kicks. On his way he looked at the paper his father gave him and sighed. "I hope I don't get a tough job" Ichigo thought.

After twenty minutes Ichigo stood in front of his new working place. The entrance consisted of two giant gates out of steel and giant letters saying "KARAKURA ZOO". Ichigo looked up with opened mouth and surprised look. He then walked in and looked for the information centre. He quickly found it and looked at the two people sitting behind a desk. One was a young girl with short blond hair, she looked a little boyish, and the other one was a man with black hair with a ribbon on his forehead and a goat-beard. "Hello, how can I help you?" The girl smiled at Ichigo. "Well, I got a job here and I would like to talk with the chef of this zoo." "Oh, so you're the new guy I heard of, ne? Just go to that office there right behind you and you'll find our boss." Ichigo nodded. "Thank you very much…" He looked at their name tags "…Kotetsu-san and Kotsubaki-san." They smiled at him and winked. "You can call me Kiyone, and this is Sentarou. Nice to meet you…?" "Kurosaki Ichigo, nice to meet you." Ichigo gave a wink and went to the office.

The office was bigger than Ichigo thought. There were a lot of doors and he didn't know where to go. He walked in the corridor looking at each door. Every door had a metallic tag on it with names. Ichigo checked out the names and was wondering which guy was his new chef. Suddenly he felt to hands resting on his shoulders and let out a scream and turned around with a freaked out look on his face. "Oh my, I didn't mean to scare you. You must be Kurosaki Ichigo, your father called me to get you a job. I'm Ukitake Jyuushiro, your new boss. Nice to meet you!" Ichigo was calmed down by Ukitake's warm smile and shaked hands with his new boss, who seemed to be very friendly. Ukitake had long white hair and brown eyes, and he was dressed in a suit. Ichigo always thought that a boss would be mean and try to make life a living hell for his workers, but apparently he was wrong.

The two men arrived in the boss's office and Ukitake told Ichigo to take a seat. "So Ichigo, your father told me everything about you. According to your school files you were a very good pupil and no bothering behaviour has been noticed. Apparently you are not specified with animals, this is why I will have to give you a cleaning job." "Does that mean that I have to clean the animal cages and stuff like that?" "No, actually you have to just pick up all the trash the visitors leave behind." "Oh…okay." Ukitake gave Ichigo some papers that he had to sign, and after that he stood up and smiled at his new employee. "Well then, before starting your first day, I'll show you the zoo." Ichigo nodded and followed his boss. They went out of Ukitake's office and went into an empty room. On one wall there was a giant picture of an old man with closed eyes and a long white beard. "This fellow man is the founder of this zoo, he was a respectful man. His name was Yamamoto Genryuusai." Ukitake looked at the picture with eyes full of respect and bowed, Ichigo did the same as his boss. It kind of reminded him of his dad talking to the Masaki poster.

They left the room and walked down the corridor. "There are several supervisors here. Kyouraku Shunsui is your vice-chef, I would like to introduce you to him, but at the moment he's not here. Oh well, follow me, I'll give you your uniform and your equipment." Ichigo followed his boss and received his new uniform. The shirt was dark blue and long sleeved. On the back of the shirt there was a "KARAKURA ZOO" print, and in the front he had a name tag with "KUROSAKI ICHIGO – CLEANING FORCE" on it. "Okay Kurosaki-kun, off you go! You can start in the East part of the zoo." "Thank you very much, Ukitake-san" Then Ichigo was left all alone. "This shouldn't be too difficult" He grinned and made his way out of the office.

Ichigo checked out the East part of the zoo on a map he got from Ukitake. In this part there were crocodiles, giraffes, elephants and wildcats. Ichigo felt the urge to go look at these animals, but he HAD to work. He looked left and right and didn't notice any lot of visitors, it was still too early for visitors to come. "There isn't any trash anyway, I'm sure Ukitake won't mind if I go check out some animals. We are in a zoo, aren't we?" Ichigo laughed and felt a little childish. He hasn't been in a zoo for years, and it was just natural to be curious about animals. But who cared? He then headed towards the wildcat department, which was the nearest from where he was.

Ichigo was really excited, now he really felt like a little child. He pressed his forehead against the glass that separated him and the lions. "Such cool animals. A pity they're sleeping in the moment." He then moved on and froze. He stood in front of the most elegant animal he had ever seen in his life. It was a black panther with ice blue eyes. The wildcat stared at Ichigo and Ichigo stared back. Suddenly a voice interrupted the silence. "Panthera, belongs to the Felidae family. Ya seem to be interested in this wildcat, huh?" Ichigo quickly turned around and didn't know what to say. A teal-haired man stood in front of him, he was pretty big and muscular. "I-uhm-well-I…" Ichigo felt really embarrassed. "Shouldn't you be working, Mister Cleaning Force?" The man with clear blue eyes pointed at Ichigo's name tag. Ichigo blushed heavily and frowned at the other. "My name is Kurosaki Ichigo." "Mine's Grimmjow Jaggerjack, I work in the wild cat department." Ichigo looked to the side and still was blushing. "Listen kid, you don't have to feel embarrassed or somethin'." "I'm NOT embarrassed." "Oh really? Then why are you turning red? Have a fever or somethin'?" While saying that Grimmjow approached his face and put a hand on Ichigo's forehead. Ichigo quickly moved away and went towards the exit. "I'M FINE, OKAY?!" Grimmjow just stood there and thought: "Weird kid."

"What the hell is wrong with me? First I'm staring at a panther, then I start turning red because of a hot teal-haired guy working in the wild cat department. He just touched my forehead, what the hell?!" Then Ichigo froze. "Did I just think…he was…hot? OH MY GOD, no, no, no, NO! Ichigo, you are not gay! You are a straight, normal eighteen-year old guy who works as a stupid cleaning force in a zoo." After ten minutes walking in circles on front of the wild cat department, Ichigo continued his way and decided to go check out the elephants. "I just hope there's no weirdo like that Grimmjow guy working in there" Grimmjow's face suddenly popped into his mind and he shaked his head and went into the elephant department with a big frown on his face.

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