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Grimmjow walked into the bedroom and let the fire extinguisher fall to the floor.

"Gri…Grimmjow?" Ichigo quickly turned his head to his lover and looked straight into his blue eyes. "What are you doing here?"

Szayel came right after Grimmjow and put his hand in front of his mouth at the sight. He glanced over to his ex-colleague, who just looked as shocked as him. The teal-haired man really didn't know what to say, his mind was simply blank.

Ichigo quickly grabbed his shirt that lay beside him and put it back on. His flesh had a bright shade of red, his face was flushed, sweat drops rolled down his forehead. Just a minute ago, he was shirtless, his chest was moving up and down, and his breathing was heavy.

"Grimmjow, I can explain everything, please don't misunderstand," Ichigo stuttered, looking for his pants, that were somewhere on the floor. Ichigo only wore his underwear.

A small, old man, about fifty years old, was kneeling on the bed and followed every movement Ichigo made. Then he looked at the two men who just broke down the door with a fire extinguisher and who were standing there and looking at his host who seemed to be very irritated.

"Ichigo-kun, who are these people?" the old man asked calmly, pointing at the intruders. Grimmjow and Szayel snapped from their absence of mind and came back to reality. Grimmjow ran his hand through his hair, a movement he did to calm down and stepped closer to the bed.

"Ichigo, what the fuck was that old man doing to you just now, don't tell me you let him…," Grimmjow paused his sentence here. "…touch you."

Ichigo's eyes widened. Grimmjow's expression at that moment was a rare one. It was just as rare as finding a four-leaved clover, or winning a big amount of money at the lottery. Grimmjow looked somewhat disappointed, and sad. Ichigo felt guilty. He couldn't lie anymore, now was the time to tell his lover the truth.

Ichigo went over to Grimmjow. "I…," he started but Grimmjow interrupted him, asking: "I asked you, did that fuckhead touch you or not?" The orange-haired boy's look trailed to the side, and with a visible blush, he answered: "Yes, he did, but…"

Suddenly Grimmjow dashed to the bed, grabbed the old man by his collar (strangely enough, he was fully dressed) and was ready to punch him as hard as he could. "Nobody touches Ichigo, except me," the teal-haired man growled with a dangerous aura surrounding him.

Before Grimmjow could land his punch, Ichigo came to the old man's rescue and held back his lover's arm. "Please Grimmjow, don't, he didn't do anything, he's innocent!" Ichigo pleaded, trying his best to stop Grimmjow.

Grimmjow shot the younger one an enraged look. "Why are you stopping me, this guy's a pervert, he...," he screamed.

"Because he only touched my feet, that's why!" Ichigo yelled back.

Now all eyes were on the orange-haired boy. Grimmjow slowly came down from his bout of temper and stared at Ichigo. Szayel took off his glasses and cleaned them with his shirt, then he put them back on and blinked at the youth.

"What?" Grimmjow asked.

Ichigo pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "That old man's a foot fetishist, all he wanted to do was contemplate my feet and massage them a little."

Grimmjow let go of the old man, who fell back on the bed. "Ichigo-kun is right, he's saying the truth! I love feet over anything," the man said and scratched the back of his head. "And Ichigo-kun's feet are just beautiful, so I couldn't resist giving them a massage!"

Grimmjow looked at his lover with a raised eyebrow. "Okay, so this guy's a freaky foot fetishist and he gave you a massage." Ichigo nodded. "And why didn't you have any clothes on? For a foot massage, you could simply just take off your shoes and your socks," Grimmjow stated, suspiciously looking at him. "And you looked pretty…sexed up."

Ichigo's blush from before returned to his face, and he tried to explain the situation by articulating wildly with his hands, but he just couldn't bring out a correct sentence. All of this was simply embarrassing for him. Instead the old man answered for him.

First he cleared his throat. "Young man, I used reflexology, which means that I press on certain points of the feet to get a reflex on another part of the body," he said, smiling with satisfaction. Then, he gave Ichigo a little sign, telling him to come to him. "Let me show you what I mean," the old man added.

Ichigo hesitantly went over to the bed, feeling Grimmjow's eyes on him. He sat down and lifted his foot. The old man carefully took the foot into his hand and caressed it a little, as if it was a cat or something precious. Then, he put his finger under the talus bone and pressed. Suddenly Ichigo twitched.

Grimmjow and Szayel couldn't believe that massaging feet could actually provoke such reactions. The old man kept pressing on other points, and Ichigo started panting. "As a professional reflexologist, I know every reflex point by heart," the old man proudly said, fully concentrating on Ichigo's foot. "The first point I pressed is normally related to the prostate, which is why Ichigo-kun started being stimulated and feeling hot," he explained.

Szayel finally made a step forward. "But I thought that it was not scientifically proven that reflexology actually has a beneficial effect," he said. "Yet since you're a foot fetishist, you must know what you're doing, and we have just seen that it actually works, right Grimmjow?"

"Szayel?" Grimmjow asked. The pink-haired man gulped. His tone didn't sound very good. Grimmjow picked up the fire extinguisher from the floor. "Hold Ichigo back so that I can beat this little perverted foot fetishist into a bloody pulp," he announced walking to the bed.

Szayel mentally screamed, he didn't want Grimmjow to murder a harmless foot fetishist, and he knew that the teal-haired man was capable of doing so. "Grimmjow, please, violence is never a good solution to problems, so let go of the fire extinguisher and calm down," he said in one go, trying to reach for the fire extinguisher. "And they didn't have sex anyway, it was a big misunderstanding, so what's the problem?"

The fire extinguisher was thrown on the floor. "Would you like seeing another person sexing up your lover?" Grimmjow yelled. Szayel immediately retreated and kept his mouth shut. "And what the hell, that old pervert is not allowed to touch any part of my strawberry's body, not even his feet!" After that statement the old man let go of Ichigo's foot and rested his hands in his laps. The teal-haired man massaged his temples then let out a loud sigh.

"Szayel and foot fetishist, get out, I need to talk with Ichigo under four eyes," Grimmjow demanded coldly. Szayel obeyed immediately and rushed out of the room, and the old man stood up, gave Ichigo a little nod and walked towards the door. Then he stopped and turned around with a smile.

"You two are a little tensed, want a foot massage?" he asked nicely. "No thank you, now get the fuck out!" Grimmjow yelled. The foot fetishist shrugged his shoulders and left the room.

Ichigo couldn't stand the awkward silence between them. He didn't know what to say, he was afraid that Grimmjow could grab the red fire extinguisher and throw it at him, but he could feel that he was holding back his anger. He looked up and saw blue eyes staring at him, waiting for him to say something. The orange-haired boy clenched his fists, plucked up all his courage and stood up.

"Grimmjow, I'm sorry for not telling you about my job in the host club and for lying the whole time," he said in one go, trying not to avoid his lover's stare.

"Why the host club, why not something else?" Grimmjow asked.

"You worked in this host club before, Grimm, you should know how high the salary is," Ichigo answered. Suddenly Grimmjow walked to where Ichigo was and grabbed the boy's shoulders.

"Do you actually know what that bastard Aizen could have done to you?" he screamed.

"I'm not a kid anymore, I can defend myself and I make my decisions myself!" Ichigo answered, pushing Grimmjow away. "And as you can see, I'm fine right now!"

Grimmjow reached for Ichigo's arm and pulled him into his arms. He hugged him tightly, and Ichigo gasped.

"I was so worried, you know that?" Grimmjow said. "I thought your client was one of those assholes who would try to rape you, but it turned out that he was just a crazy foot fetishist." Then he let go and looked straight into Ichigo's chocolate brown eyes. "Promise me that you will never let someone else touch you like I touch you, Ichigo."

Ichigo blinked a few times then laughed. Grimmjow raised an eyebrow. "You sound a little corny, you know that?" he explained. "And of course I promise you that," he added, lovingly hugging the taller man. Grimmjow couldn't hold back anymore and threw himself and Ichigo on the bed.

"Now tell me, what do you need an additional job for?" Grimmjow asked putting all his weight on the younger man. Ichigo tried to push him away and draw breath. "I wanted to buy us a flat," he answered with a grin. Now he curiously waited for Grimmjow's reaction. Grimmjow stopped moving and his eyes widened. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came. Then he grabbed a pillow and pressed it into Ichigo's face.

"What the hell was that for?" Ichigo yelled after smashing the pillow away. "Shouldn't you be happy?" Then he grinned at the sight in front of him: A major blush covered Grimmjow's face, and he looked very confused. Ichigo couldn't hold back his laughter, it was just too...cute! Suddenly Grimmjow jumped at him and pinned him to the bed.

"I really didn't see that coming, Ichi," Grimmjow said, with a grin on his face. "I'm so happy right now, I could fuck you into this mattress, and I think that's what I'll do," he huskily added. He attacked Ichigo's lips hungrily, and without hesitating Ichigo opened his mouth and let Grimmjow's tongue slip inside. Yet this time, he wouldn't let Grimmjow be the only dominant one in this game, he'd fight with him on even ground. He slung his arms around his lover's neck, lifted himself and passionately kissed back. He wanted to absorb the air Grimmjow was breathing, his warmth, even his sweat. Suddenly Ichigo's eyebrow twitched at that last thought.

He broke the kiss and frowned at his lover, who was annoyed by the sudden interruption. "Grimmjow, you smell!" Ichigo complained. "You smell like you just came out of the gym, seriously, take a shower!" With this he pointed at the bathroom. Grimmjow pouted.

"You're not being romantic at all, Ichi," Grimmjow mumbled. "What did you expect, that I smell like roses after running from your house, through the whole city, to this damn hotel?" He stayed in his position and didn't budge. "Grimmjow, I don't want to have sex with a skunk," Ichigo retorted. Then an idea came to his mind. "Why don't we take a shower together?" he suggested. A devilish grin appeared on the the teal-haired man's face. "I take that as a yes," Ichigo mumbled, so they both got up, and Grimmjow already threw off his clothes while rushing to the big bathroom. Ichigo chuckled and undressed too. He was happy that everything was back to normal.

"Let me scrub your back, Grimm," Ichigo said, getting another little stool. The giant hotel bathroom was a typical Japanese bathroom. Hot water was running into the bath tub, and Grimmjow and Ichigo were rinsing themselves with washbowls. Ichigo got out a sponge and started scrubbing Grimmjow's back with soap. The teal-haired man relaxed and hummed happily. Ichigo loved looking at Grimmjow's attractive back, he made sure to clean every inch of it. Then he slipped his arms under his lover's and scrubbed his muscular chest. Grimmjow chuckled when Ichigo's hands wandered down to his waist.

"We're being very offensive tonight, Ichigo, aren't we?" Grimmjow noticed. Ichigo grinned. "I'm simply cleaning you up, is that a problem?" he answered. Ichigo smirked, let the sponge fall and fondled Grimmjow's manhood. 'This time I'll play the dominant part,' he thought, starting to slowly move his hand up and down. Grimmjow chuckled and turned his face to look at Ichigo.

"You're so hot when you're trying to play the dominant part," Grimmjow said. "Remember what I do after jerking you off?" he playfully asked. Ichigo understood what he meant. He stood up, kneeled down between Grimmjow's spread legs, and looked up at his lover. He remembered the first time he gave Grimmjow a blow job: Renji had given him some advice and had trained him with a banana. Ichigo chuckled at that.

Ichigo noticed that he wasn't as shy as before when it came to sex with his lover. Normally, if Grimmjow would have asked to give him a blow job, Ichigo would have hesitated and worry about how to do it. Yet this time everything went automatically, like in a porn movie. 'Not that I watch porn movies,' Ichigo thought. 'Time to make this wild cat purr.'

First he licked the tip of the head, then he worked on the shaft, that started getting very hard. He could hear Grimmjow panting, which was a good sign. Ichigo wanted to look up to see his lover's expression, but held back. Then he took the whole member into his mouth and bobbed his head up and down. This time Grimmjow gripped some orange-hair, and mumbled some incomprehensible words. Now it was time for Ichigo's secret weapon. While licking the tip of the head and holding the shaft, he shot up his sexiest look, while moaning a little, which was supposed to bring Grimmjow to the edge. And it was a success, because in that moment the tea-haired man twitched and was about to come. 'Oh no,' Ichigo thought. 'This time I won't swallow that nasty shit!' Ichigo quickly separated his mouth from Grimmjow's manhood. Yet now, the cum didn't get into his mouth but on his face and hair.

Ichigo touched the white sticky substance with the tip of his fingers and grimaced. "This is disgusting," he said. Grimmjow chuckled while coming down from his high, leaned down and kissed his berry. The he licked away some cum that landed under Ichigo's eye. "Grimmjow, yuck!" Ichigo screamed. "I'm simply cleaning you up, is that a problem?" the teal-haired man answered with a smirk. Ichigo blushed furiously. Grimmjow was just too damn sexy!

They then jumped into the bathtub where Grimmjow, while they were kissing, tried stretching Ichigo's entrance with two of his fingers. The orange-haired boy got so horny that he pushed Grimmjow down, positioned his entrance over his lover's cock, and let him self fall. He tried to ignore the pain at first, he knew his entrance wasn't prepared enough for this sudden intrusion. But he missed having sex with Grimmjow; sex became one of the most important things in his life. With sex he could show how much he loved Grimmjow, and it was addictive.

Grimmjow was completely surprised by Ichigo's behavior. Of course not in a negative way. He loved the fact that Ichigo wanted to try out bath tub sex. "Ichi, you're so tight," Grimmjow said, holding the boy's hips and pushing them up and down. Ichigo didn't answer, he just panted and gave his best to please the teal-haired man. Then he twitched after his prostate got hit. That was the feeling he wanted to feel, it was the most exciting part of the whole thing. He thrust down harder and faster, calling out Grimmjow's name. The teal-haired man smirked and decided to switch positions. He pushed down the boy so that he was underneath him, and thrust as fast as he could, aiming for that heavenly spot. Ichigo noticed the sounds the water around him caused, and blushed. Everything started getting blurry around him, so he bent up to his lover, put his arms around his neck and mumbled Grimmjow's name. Finally he came, and his vision went all white. Grimmjow came shortly after and didn't let his berry go.

They both came down from their sex highs, relaxing in the hot bath tub. "Grimmjow, I missed having sex," Ichigo admitted with a smile. Then he looked up hazily and said: "Quiero tener sexo con vos...otra vez*." Grimmjow laughed and hugged his berry. "How can I forget the free Spanish lessons in Las Noches," he said. "Of course we can have sex again, dummy." They got out of the bath tub and dried themselves with towels. They went into the hallway and noticed that the door of the room was crushed. And they saw pink hair.

"Szayel, you're still here?" Grimmjow said, leaning his head outside. Yet there was no answer, because Szayel was unconscious because of major nose bleeding. Ichigo chuckled, ran back into the bedroom, and came back with something in his hand. "What are you doing?" Grimmjow asked. Ichigo put his index finger on his mouth, telling him to be quiet. He got out his phone and started taking pictures of the unconscious Szayel, who had blood all over his face. Now the two men started giggling, and this time Grimmjow went back into the room and came back with a ballpoint pen.

After the little photo session, they tried to put back the door in its original place and placed Szayel in front of the hole. Then, they made a little race to the bed and round two was about to start. This time they tried all kinds of positions: Some were new to Ichigo, like the Bent Spoon, the Bent Knee or the Scissors position, but what he found really embarrassing, but interesting, was 69. Once Ichigo even tried to be at the top and let Grimmjow be the bottom, but the teal-haired man refused and continued fucking his berry. They went on for hours, and enjoyed every moment of it.

"Good morning, Ichi." Ichigo opened his eyes and smiled. Yesterday was the hottest night he had had in his entire life. Although all his muscles were numb he still was happy. Then he noticed the breakfast in front of him. "Did you order this?" Ichigo asked. Grimmjow shook his head and continued eating his scrambled eggs. The orange-haired boy then noticed a letter on his tray. He opened it and read it. It said:

"Dear Ichigo-kun, as a thank you for letting you massage your wonderful feet, I have paid your room. I hope you enjoy your breakfast."

Ichigo chuckled and attacked the yummy-looking meal in front of him. While eating, Ichigo asked: "Is Szayel still out there?" Grimmjow shook his head and answered: "No, he woke me up with a scream, and I found him washing off his face in the bathroom." The orange-haired boy laughed. "We shouldn't have overdone it with the ballpoint pen, it will take days until he can wash out the drawings we did on his face."

"That bastard deserved it," Grimmjow said, putting an arm around his berry and leaning in to kiss him. Suddenly Ichigo leaned to the front to put his tray away and stood up. Grimmjow growled at his non-successful kiss attempt. The orange-haired boy walked over to his bag and got out a paper.

"Grimm, remember the apartment I told you about yesterday?" he asked. "Yeah," Grimmjow answered. "So where are you planning to move to?" Ichigo held out the paer to his lover. The teal-haired man took it. He read it and gave his berry a questioning look.

"This is a flight reservation for two tickets to Vienna," he said. "What does this have to do with the flat?" Ichigo grabbed a newspaper beside him and whacked Grimmjow's head.

"And do you remember the application I sent to this medicine university?" Ichigo asked with a grin. Grimmjow looked at him with wide eyes. "Don't tell me you got accepted," he said. Ichigo nodded with excitement. "And I they offered me a place in Vienna!"

Grimmjow needed some time to realize what was actually happening. "So you're telling me to come with Vienna?" he asked. Ichigo nodded. "And when did you get these tickets?"

"Yesterday, after I came home from the zoo," Ichigo answered. "At first I wasn't sure if I should go abroad or not, because it would tear my heart apart if you were so far away from me. So I decided to take you with me, and we can start a new life in Europe."

Grimmjow got out of the bed and hugged his berry. "You are nuts, you know that?" he said, cuddling himself into the orange hair. "But I'll come with you." Ichigo looked at him with a smile. He lifted his head to kiss the teal-haired man, but then he noticed a cleaning lady watching them in the hallway. Ichigo parted from Grimmjow and blushed furiously. "Maybe we should put on some clothes and check out, shouldn't we, Grimmjow?" the orange-haired boy said, quickly looking for his clothes and apologizing to the surprised cleaning lady, who actually would have liked to watch more.


One week later the information was spread across the zoo. Everyone wished Ichigo good luck for his studies in Europe, and they all traded email addresses to stay in contact. Ukitake even gave a little farewell party for him.

"So, when are you two leaving?" Renji asked. "We're leaving end of September, since my studies start in October." Suddenly Yoruichi and Urahara entered the meeting room, where the party was held, with a box that was wrapped in flashy colors.

"Where's our little soon-to-be doctor?" the purple-haired woman asked with a grin. Ichigo waved at them. "This is a gift from Kisuke and me, as a sign of our friendship," she said, handing over the box. The moment Ichigo wanted to take it, the pair smirked and let the box fall to the floor, and the content of it was now on the floor. Everyone in the room looked and Ichigo and Grimmjow gasped.

Various sex toys were spread on the floor: two vibrators, cock rings, a whip, anal beads, a bondage set and two packs of flavored condoms. "Wasn't this what you guys recommended?" Yoruichi asked wickedly. "We searched so hard in getting these, you know," Urahara said behind his fan. Everyone around them giggled, and Ichigo and Grimmjow quickly put the things back into the box and blushed. 'That bitch did that on purpose,' they both thought. "Th-thank you, Yoruichi-san," Ichigo said. "And Urahara-san."

At the end of the party, Rukia came to Ichigo and hugged him. "I'll miss you," she said. "Don't forget to send me those Mozartkugeln (A/N: ball of green pistachio marzipan covered in a layer of nougat)." The orange-haired boy nodded and patted Rukia's head. More goodbyes followed and Ukitake gave him his last salary. Ichigo bowed deeply in front of him and thanked him for letting him and Grimmjow work in his zoo.

"You shouldn't thank me, you should thank, Yamamoto-sama," he answered. Ichigo sweat-dropped. Then they left the zoo, and Ichigo turned around to look at the Karakura Zoo once more. He would never forget everything experienced in there, and all the nice people he met. Suddenly Grimmjow took his hand.

"It's not like you're never going to see it again," he said with a grin. Ichigo blushed a little. "Come on, let's go."

"Ichigo, how did you tell Aizen about all this?" Grimmjow asked while walking to his lover's house. "Well..," Ichigo answered.

In Las Noches, Aizen was seated in his office and read the letter Ichigo had left there for him. A little tear rolled down his face, and Tousen was there to wipe it away. "And another sweet duckling leaves me," he said. Then he flipped his fingers and Gin came out from the dark.

"Gin, please send Kurosaki Ichigo his last salary and add a little bonus," he demanded. "And please post this picture on my MySpace site," he added. Gin looked at the picture and giggled. "Isn't Szayel going to be upset about this?" he asked. Aizen didn't answer. Then he looked at the second picture Ichigo left for him. And another tear rolled down his face. "Isn't he just adorable?" he asked Gin and Tousen. "He gave me this a farewell gift, such a good boy." Gin looked over Aizen's shoulder to see the picture and sweat-dropped. 'Is that the reason why he's sending Kurosaki a little salary bonus?'

"Which picture did you give him?" Grimmjow asked. Ichigo blushed. "One where I'm about six years old, in a bath tub with a squeaking duck," he answered. A vein appeared on Grimmjow's forehead. "Why didn't I get to see those pictures," he complained. Ichigo promised him to show them to him one day.

Grimmjow emptied his apartment and stayed at Ichigo's house for some days. Nel, who lived there too, stuck to Ichigo non-stop and didn't want him to leave, or she begged him to take her with them. Karin kept saying that is was time for Ichigo to leave the house and start a new life somewhere else, but secretly she's miss her big brother. Yuzu cried quite often but was happy for Ichigo, she even wrote down some recipes for him. And Isshin, happy that his son was going to be a doctor, tried to beat him up every time he saw him, and he would hug the Masaki poster more than before.

The teal-haired man liked living with this family, yet the only thing that upset him was the fact that they weren't allowed to have sex. "Grimmjow, still a couple of days, then we're in Europe," Ichigo said. "Alone," he added with a smirk. Grimmjow smirked back. He just couldn't wait any longer.


Time went by quickly, and now Ichigo and Grimmjow were at the airport. Ichigo got hugged by three little girls at once, and he tried his best to stop their crying.

"You're going to marry Nel one day, okay Itsugo?" Nel said, looking up at her love with teary eyes. "Now you have to concentrate on school, then we can talk about marriage," he answered. Suddenly he felt something on his leg. "Bawa Bawa, stop humping Itsugo's leg," Nel demanded.

Chad, Ishida and Inoue who came with to say goodbye to their friend, wished both of them good luck. "Good luck with Ulquiorra," Ichigo told Inoue and gave a wink. Inoue blushed furiously and wondered how he knew that they were dating.

Isshin kicked his son one last time, and Ichigo punched him as hard as he could. Then Isshin went over to Grimmjow and took his hand. "Take good care of my beloved gay son, protect him from perverted molesters," he begged. Grimmjow smiled and answered: "You can count on me, Kurosaki-san, Ichigo is in good hands." Isshin hugged him, and soon fell to the floor after Ichigo rocketed his hand carry at his head.

Ichigo and Grimmjow waved goodbye one last time and turned around to enter the plane. Once they were seated in economy class, Ichigo took out one of his favorite Shakespeare plays and started reading. "Don't you wanna have airplane sex?" Grimmjow asked huskily. The answer he got was a book smack in his face. "Forget it," he answered. "But we can have airport sex," he added with a smirk. "Now let me read."

After some hours, Ichigo finished his book and looked at his lover. "You know, I've been thinking," he started. "We've become a couple the day we met, isn't that crazy?" Grimmjow looked at him and thought about that. "You're right, it is nuts," he answered. "And we've been through some crazy shit," Ichigo added, giggling. "After the day I met you, my life has started being like this, and I love it this way," he admitted, kissing Grimmjow softly. "Thank you."


Ten years later

Ichigo had finished his medicine studies and now worked as a pediatrician at the local hospital. He mastered the German language quickly and liked his life in Vienna. Grimmjow, who was still learning German, started working as a bouncer and got an additional job in a Japanese restaurant as a waiter. Their flat was located near a big shopping street, so in case they needed anything, they didn't have to walk very far.

"Grimm, I'm home," Ichigo said, as he entered the apartment. Grimmjow was on the computer. "Hey Ichi, check out what I learned today: Ich liebe dich," he said proudly. Ichigo kissed Grimmjow and answered: "I love you too." Then Grimmjow changed the subject: "Be they way, Nel's online, she wants to talk to you." Ichigo quickly pushed Grimmjow off the chair and put on his webcam. "ICHIGOOO, how are you?" Nel screamed happily, after seeing her love. Yes, even after ten years Nel still had feelings for the orange-haired man. "Ichigo, looked, my breasts are even bigger now," she said, gripping her breasts with her hands. Ichigo blushed. Nel had grown tall and beautiful, various boys were after her, but she would always reject them and say that someone else promised to marry her.

"So, are we going to marry, I'm old enough now," she asked, giving a seductive look and pose. Ichigo wanted to answer, but Grimmjow pushed him away and screamed: "How often do I have to explain this to you, I'm Ichigo's lover, so stop talking about you marrying him!"

"Oh shut up Blue, I'll never lose to you!" Nel answered with a pout. "Okay, guys, stop," Ichigo interfered. "So, what's new in Karakura?" he asked instead.

"Orihime and Ulquiorra are awaiting their second child, cool right?" she said. "And guess what, Karin-chan has a boyfriend, and Yuzu's bringing out a cook book, and she already sent you a copy." she giggled. "I sent you a picture of me where I tried on a new bikini, I hope you like it!"

"I think it's enough now," Grimmjow mumbled. "Bye Nel!" Ichigo said. "Nooo, Ichigo, I miss you!" Nel still cried, but Grimmjow already turned off the webcam. The teal-haired man hugged his berry from behind.

"Today was your day-off, so what did you do, Grimm?" Ichigo asked.

"I tried fixing our bedroom and threw out some old stuff," he answered, starting to kiss Ichigo's neck. "Do you have your doctor blouse with you?" he asked.

"Yes, I have to wash it, tonight," Ichigo answered.

"Can you leave it on tonight?" Grimmjow asked with a smirk. Ichigo gasped as Grimmjow put his hands under his lover's shirt. They started kissing and walked into the bedroom. Suddenly Ichigo stopped as he saw what Grimmjow had thrown away.

"You bastard, you threw away my Shakespeare books!" he yelled. "I hate you!"

No, the truth was, he loved him, and he loved Grimmjow the same way he loved him ten years ago, and Grimmjow felt the same way. They often quarreled about stupid little things, but they would make up with sex afterwards.

Pheromones are a great thing, aren't they?

*Quiero tener sexo con vos...otra vez: I want to have sex...again. (This has been corrected thanks to John M. Nox! Thank you! Why did I choose Latin instead of Spanish at school?!)

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