Four to Love


Disclaimer: This isn't mine, as you all know

"My daughters are meant for something important." A beautiful woman with dark brown hair and grey eyes said, gazing down at the four baby girls. "They aren't meant to be here."

Her gaze flickered to a young man seated across from her. "The day I had them, four dates flashed in my head. These are the years my daughters need to be dropped off, so to say. I don't know why, but there is something to big for me to stop."

She gazed at her daughters once again, then turned around. "Albus, there is something important about dropping these girls off in the right time. Please do what I say, and-" She winced, "Please make sure that somehow, they know about each other."

Albus nodded, then gently picked up each baby.


I put each baby in the time their mother requested. The first born was in the first time, the last in the last. Hopefully, I would be able to tell each girl about their mother, and about their sisters. The timeline wasn't that far apart…

But if I couldn't, maybe there would be someone who could.